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Sell Droid DNA
Trade in Instructions
1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your account before shipping.
Sell Your HTC
Droid DNA


There are varieties of smartphones and other gadgets available in the market today. Little wonder why people are always pursuing the next best thing - this time, an upgrade in the device. Pursuing this pleasure may not be as cheap as expected, as the best things aren’t cheap. However, there is a way to go about this with little or no stress.

You can sell your HTC DROID DNA or trade in HTC DROID DNA on Gizmogo at the best and affordable prices. Do you want to earn extra cash? Sell HTC DROID DNA for cash here. Do you want to get an upgraded device? Trade in HTC DROID DNA for another device.

Are you curious about how this happens? Let's proceed to the overview and other parts to see how you can sell HTC DROID DNA for cash or trade HTC DROID DNA from the comfort of your home.



At first glance, the HTC DROID DNA looks like a regular smartphone. However, a closer look will make you notice how attractive this device is with its signature Verizon red highlights staring at you. The strips make this device look sexy and pretty enough to covet. It also boasts of big, bright, and colorful 5-inch Super LCD 3 screen that makes viewing graphics, videos, files, and other things easy.

The HTC DROID DNA measures 5.6 inches tall by 2.7 inches wide; making the device large yet thing at the same time. On top of the screen is a 2-megapixel front-facing camera that can shoot a 1080 HD video. Underneath, there are three capacitive buttons for Android functions.

The right side houses a long volume bar, and up top are a power button, headphone jack, and SIM card slot. This device lacks an SD card slot and a removable battery.

In summary, the HTC DROID DNA is one device you don’t want to miss out on. The camera department does not disappoint as it captures images as clear as a perfect 8-megapixel camera can. The combination of stylish design, extremely good looks, amazing performance, good camera, and a lovely screen are some of the things this device promises its users among other things.



While trying to sell your HTC DROID DNA or trade in HTC DROID DNA, there are some things you need to be informed about. First, you need to be aware of the depreciation factor. Thus, you can’t sell your HTC DROID DNA for the same price at which you bought it. Next, it is wise to know the exact thing you want when you sell your HTC DROID DNA.

Do you want to sell HTC DROID DNA for a device of lesser quality? Or Do you want to sell HTC DROID DNA for a device of higher quality? The most important thing of all is to know what exactly you want by the time you decide to sell your HTC DROID DNA. This will prevent you from being confused, as well as help you choose correctly and wisely when you sell HTC DROID DNA.


Sell HTC DROID DNA for cash 

There are two options available when you sell your HTC DROID DNA. You can either sell HTC DROID DNA for cash or trade in HTC DROID DNA for another device. The choice is entirely left to your discretion. However, something you can be sure about is the rate and deals that are offered on Gizmogo. You will always be offered a fair and good deal no matter what option you go for when you sell HTC DROID DNA with us.



Before you can proceed to sell HTC DROID DNA here, there are some standards your device has to meet. For instance, you should not sell HTC DROID DNA that is on the verge of crashing. These things do not only help you get good deals but also protect your privacy. The following are the criteria your device needs to meet before you can sell HTC DROID DNA here.

You can only sell HTC DROID DNA if it is original.

Unlock and disable all passwords.

All features and keys must be functioning properly before going ahead to sell your HTC DROID DNA.

The Operating System should be as good as new.

There should be little or no scratches on when you sell your HTC DROID DNA.

Clear off any record of your use from the device.

Sell HTC DROID DNA only if it is neat enough.

Features and Capabilities

The following are specifications and technicalities that describe the HTC DROID DNA. These will help you attract potential buyers and sell HTC DROID DNA.



Size and weight info

Width - 70.5 mm (2.776 inches)

Height - 141 mm (5.551 inches)

Thickness - 9.7 mm (0.382 inches)

Weight - 141 g (5 ounces)

Volume - 96.42 cm3

Water-resistant info


Display info

Super LCD 3 Technology

16:9 aspect ratio

1080 x 1920 pixels

441 PPI

24-bit color depth

69.56% display area



Scratch resistant

Corning Gorilla Glass 2

Memory card


Chip info

Operating System - Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

System on Chip - Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064

CPU - Krait

CPU bits - 32 bit

Camera info

CMOS BSI (backside illumination) sensor type

LED flash type

3264 x 2448 pixels

7.99 MP


Continuous shooting

Digital zoom




Exposure compensation

Face detection

White balance shootings

Scene mode

Video info

1920 x 1080 pixels

2.07 MP

30 frames per second

Video info - H.263, H.264, AVC, MPEG-4









Every step stated above is to help you sell your HTC DROID DNA. They are quite easy to follow and do in little or no time. As long as you are here for the right reasons, you can always sell your HTC DROID DNA on Gizmogo. All you need to do is go with the process and you can sell HTC DROID DNA for money or an exchange of device.