The 2024 Laptop Buying Guide: Navigating a New Era of Choices

Picking your way through the rapidly changing world of laptops as late as 2024 will be like navigating a new galaxy: fun, but endlessly confusing. In the early days of laptop computing, the choices were pretty easy: Windows, Chromebook or MacBook, right? Now we all live in a much more interesting universe of possible ways to select a laptop in 2024 – especially amid the rapidly evolving AI upheaval.

The Dawn of a New Age: Choosing Your System

You need to choose between Windows, Chrome OS or macOS as your OS of choice – and that’s before you’ve even really looked under the bonnet. But that exploration can be more fraught than usual these days, particularly regarding what happens in the Windows ecosystem. The addition of Arm-based processors from Qualcomm, and new groundbreaking products from Intel could mean that the Windows experience, for better or worse, could be changing dramatically.

Snapdragon X and the AI Uprising

With Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X series unleashed, machines promise a new world of next-level performance and battery life, paired with full-on AI smarts. Walk carefully though, for these Snapdragon X laptops, impressive in specs if not full-on shiny, are a new Windows because of their Arm architecture. They’re meant to run all the traditional apps as before, but some programs will require emulation – so that small performance and compatibility gap looms, especially with big AAA titles.

Intel and AMD: The Traditional Titans

In contrast, Intel and AMD remain strongholds of the ‘normal’ Windows world. Their latest chips serve to constantly extend the legacy of x64 system compatibility. They allow the longtail of Windows apps and games to keep growing, thriving and running just as users have grown to expect.

Intel's Lunar Leap

So Intel’s Lunar Lake is a sea change, a brazen attempt to marry the worlds of power and efficiency. The built-in RAM is the biggest surprise here – it should mean better performance, but also less flexibility when it comes to upgrades. It hints at the possibility of laptops that can deliver both power efficiency and performance, like a MacBook Pro.

The Evolution of Chromebooks

Even Chromebooks aren’t immune to this ongoing process, and the Chromebook Plus programme serves as one of the most obvious delineations of good and great when it comes to picking Google Chrome OS-powered PC products.

The Steady Ship: Apple's MacBook

The MacBook line is the oasis of stability in a chaotic sea of cutting-edge devices. Apple’s M-series processors are now what ARM based processors should have been from the very beginning: efficient, powerful, and leading the way. Despite the barrage of new options, picking a MacBook remains just as easy as it has since the M1 hit the market and demonstrated what can be accomplished when power and simplicity are melded into a single package. If you are looking for a laptop that offers a balanced mix of power and simplicity, the MacBook is still the one to get.

Snapdragon X, Windows on Arm, and the AI Frontier

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X series and Microsoft’s AI-first computing push via Copilot Plus PCs look to be creating a new chapter for laptops, uniquely combining the best of old-school computing with the hyper-fast capabilities of AI – think live translation and AI-powered content creation.

The Heart of Creativity and Business: Intel, AMD, and Beyond

For creators and business users, the decision becomes a little more nuanced. Snapdragon X and Windows on Arm might herald a new era – but Intel and AMD familiarity, as well as Windows and the traditional software ecosystem, will remain essential for many users who rely on extensive software suites and heavy compute demands.

Navigating Your Path

How to make the right laptop purchase decision in 2024 is a question that depends on what’s important to you in a world of choices.

  • Homes could vary in versatility across all the spectrums, price and basic functionality being the deciding factors.
  • Gamers will gravitate towards offerings from Intel and AMD, and watch with one eye on the evolving ecosystem around Snapdragon X.
  • Students have never had so many options: the Chromebook Plus models are absurdly lightweight and efficient; MacBooks are still the benchmark in portable power, and Snapdragon X laptops (from Windows and other brands) are just getting started.
  • Business people should stay with the Intel and AMD road for now, at least until it is clear how Snapdragon X systems will function and what they will allow.

The Essence of Choice in the Modern Age

Ultimately, late 2024’s laptop scene represents the very definition of a modern personal computer: uniform, rapidly-changing, and ever-more perplexing. This guide should now ensure that the search for the ideal laptop from this menagerie becomes an informed voyage of device discovery, rather than a haphazard search for your unique star.

About Laptops

Yet the humble laptop of the future is at a crossroads of innovation – in the traditional speeds and powers of Intel and AMD, or the low power and AI smarts of Qualcomm, or Apple’s product-vision reliability in the MacBook. Whatever the year, laptops will keep evolving and becoming part of our digital lives evermore, and the best way through this digital landscape is to know what laptops can do for you, beyond what they can do.

Jun 17, 2024
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