The Alluring Drive of Tomorrow: 2025 Polestar 3 Review

The evolution of vehicles runs at a rapid pace, and this is particularly true of electric vehicles. The 2025 Polestar 3 is the latest entry in this ever-evolving procession of vehicles, combining the best of Scandinavian luxury with futuristic eco-conscious sustainability. Perhaps this automotive paradigm shift to its 3rd iteration is the one that adds aesthetic pleasure, the acme of vehicle performance and eco-conscious manufacturing to the list of what an EV can be. Take a look at this vehicle that might change what we come to expect in one of the latest shapes of transport.

The Electric Marvel Unveiled: Introducing the Polestar 3

Polestar is taking its first shot at the stars with the Polestar 3; its small constellation of electric cars has just gained a third member that the Swedish car-maker hopes will leap ahead of its two sister ships and engender a trio of EV crossovers delivering ‘range and pace and refinement unlike anything that has come before’. Sandwiched between the minimalist promises of its two elder siblings and the faster, further futures they have procreated, the Polestar 3 is a contender in that crowded EV space, already full of hungry young stars. Adapted from ‘Smile, Smile’ by James Attlee, published by The Lines.

Under the Hood: Power Meets Efficiency

An insatiable appetite for power and efficiency? You bet. On an impressive 111-kilowatt-hour battery that powers dual motors, the base model offers 489 horsepower and a stunning 620 lb ft of torque. Get the Performance Pack and you increase both: to 517 hp and 671 lb ft, though you’ll lose a bit of max range. The EV tops out at a stout 315-mile range, dropping slightly (to 279 miles) with the added performance – a bit of lag for the power boost, but arguably worth the large gains. With DC fast charging adding 80 per cent to the tank in just 30 minutes, the Polestar 3 is both exciting and practical.

A Confluence of Elegance and Practicality

True to its Polestar heritage, the 3’s design language is minimalist, space-age and immediately recognisable, while the cabin’s unique use of recycled and recyclable materials is a testament to the brand’s core principles, without compromise to luxury, especially with an abundance of storage space and a layout that’s undoubtedly geared towards human needs, with a central touchscreen that’s sized in a vertically oriented picture frame, complemented by a small gauge cluster, both of which help orient the driver.

The Spanish Road Test: Refined Performance in Every Aspect

The Polestar 3 excels at it, too, a city car, a country car, a car that can traverse a country city in environments as varied as city streets, the slow medium of the country, and the mountainous and frenetic fast lane of the hills. In commuter clothing or sport-utility fulmination, the 3 is a countertenor, an opera singer who is also a rocker, a family car as well as an inducement to have sex.

The Polestar Difference: Tech-Savvy and Eco-Focused

A thread of philosophical commitment runs through everything about Polestar’s first mass-market vehicle – its commitment to innovation and to sustainability. From the eco-friendly materials that make up its substance to the UI, designed over Android Automotive, which is intuitive and fully configurable, the 3 maps out the brand’s ethos. With Polestar already set to launch APPLE CarPlay – reflecting its understanding of the modern consumer’s needs to be integrated – the 3 exists as a manifestation of Polestar’s future thinking.

Embracing the Future: Competitive Edge and Market Position

Pricing starts at $73,400 for the 2025 Polestar 3, placing it in the heart of the luxury EV crossover niche. With its exhilarating driving dynamics sandwiched between everyday usability and future-forward sustainability, it’s potentially one of the first real lighting rods for the next wave of electric luxury. Whether challenging the likes of the Tesla Model Y and Porsche Macan EV or not, the new Polestar 3 is shaping up to be a winner.

About Polestar: A Glimpse Into the Brand

Spun out from Volvo’s performance division, Polestar has grown to become a stand-alone, premium EV brand synonymous with beautiful design, incredible performance and industry-leading sustainability. With its origins in the hybrid Polestar 1, the company is now firmly committed to electric power, and its future lies in forthcoming models such as the Polestar 3. The driving force behind Polestar is innovation: breaking the mould, doing things differently and delivering a unique, electrifying driving experience.

As electric vehicles move from a choice to a necessity, the 2025 Polestar 3 is not just a vehicle in the offing. It’s a glimpse into what our cars will soon be: a thrill and a status symbol at this end of the driver’s pyramid, a potential luxury that will make the transition to electric cars in the rest of the world look easy.

Jun 10, 2024
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