Unleashing the Latest Treasures: Amazon's Role in Elevating Your Favorite Fandoms

In this new era of relentlessly varied digital storefronts, Amazon is home to collectors and fans as varied as the fandoms they serve. This week, join us as we take a deep dive into Amazon’s ever-evolving collection, highlighting the latest, the greatest and the soon-to-be-greatest products that have sent fans’ hearts aflutter the world over. From the brutal realpolitik of Metal Gear Solid and Assassin’s Creed to the sun-crackled wastelands of Fallout, join us on this journey to see how Amazon is revolutionising our celebration of our favourite series.

Discover the New: Metal Gear Solid, Assassin's Creed, and Dark Souls on AMAZON

Metal Gear Solid: A Vinyl Collector's Dream

Get the Metal Gear Solid Vinyl Selections 2 LP – an item sure to get a nod of approval from fans of the series. This exclusive piece features 18 tracks on two heavyweight black vinyl records and comes with archival artwork. If you’re interested in more than just the music of the saga, then consider the 6 LP box set, which will surely please any aficionado.

Assassin's Creed Yasuke: Craftsmanship and Legacy

There’s only one place where ‘fans can pre-order the Assassin’s Creed YasIn this newesuke 1/1 Scale Helmet Replica before anyone else [and] rise up as the nameless ninja’, and Amazon has it on sale with an Early Bird Special. Yasuke is just one game in Amazon’s virtual store, a retail palace that brings the game to the fans, purveying a polyresin/fabric mélange at a bargain basement price.

Dark Souls: Artorias the Abysswalker Comes to Life

This is not a place of gizmos and gadgetry: the existence of pre-order availability of the Artorias the Abysswalker statue from Dark Souls (21in, full-colour, certified limited edition, trade dress) confirms that Amazon is a haven for the serious figure collector.

What's Hot: Fallout Finds Its Home on AMAZON

Fallout Pip-Boy 3000 Mk V: Beyond a Collectible

And Amazon has resurrected Fallout-excitement with a Pip-Boy 3000 Mk V, a real-world version of an in-game tech, which, even as an alarm clock, is also a cute decoux fan item. On its product page, Amazon promises the die-cast from third-party manufacturer Hyper RPG will ship to you free of cost in time for January 2025.

Fallout Original Amazon Series Soundtrack: A Musical Journey

As the Fallout Original Series Soundtrack – which you can now get on Amazon – proves, everything there is deeply melancholy, caught between a past it can’t reclaim and a future it can’t contemplate. This two-LP release is as memorable as the series itself, and it was composed by the amazing Ramin Djawadi.

Limited Edition Fallout Lithographs: A Visual Feast

Amazon is still a treasure trove of collector’s items, even plugging the pre-order of the limited edition Fallout lithographs by the artist Kevin Tong, who has immortalised the series in a deeply nostalgic, textured print. Surely the pride of any collection.

Last Chance on AMAZON: DC, Dungeons & Dragons, and Kaiju No. 8

While you can still pick up Rise of Renegades: A DC Comics Young Adult Novel (2017), RPG-inspired monsters from Dungeons & Dragons, and specialised figurines like S.H.Figuarts Poemi from Kaiju No. 8, Amazon is your last chance to collect DC, Dungeons & Dragons, and Kaiju No. 8 memorabilia before these gems slip through their silos once again.

Embracing Fandom with AMAZON

Through Amazon, this series and others can now invite their fans to decorate their homes with their favourite characters and storylines, consume other series’ merchandise alongside their own, and explore a wider array of goods than they could ever imagine, all designed to celebrate and expand their chosen universe. Amazon not only creates room for cults: it promotes and elevates cults in unprecedented ways. Through its personalised suggestions for viewing, reading and consuming, Amazon has fundamentally transformed how we interact with (and sometimes even celebrate) our favourite series. Amazon offers every fan of a given series the ability to communicate their passions to the world through an enormous selection of merchandise, collectibles, and special bundles. Where there was once just a TV show, a book, or a movie, there is now a dedicated space in which every fan’s desire to externalise their passion can come to life.

Diversity, quality, and accessibility are the company’s virtues, and it remains a champion of collector culture A fan of fetishising the desolate dystopia of Fallout? Scoping out the Assassin’s Creed universe of blades, gambits and broken hearts? Mastering the challenge dungeons of Dark Souls? Amazon – it turns out – is your gateway drug. Next week, more awesome from the Amazonian universe, where the market reigns and fandom has no limits.

Jun 15, 2024
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