### Unveiling the Future: The Record-Breaking Slimness of the iPhone 16 PRO Series

On the cutting edge of technology, Apple is said to be about to set the bar for a whole new smartphone shape. The telephone market - and the internet that sustains it - is a world of rapidly changing perceptions. The tech whisperers are suggesting that the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max are about to set the style for smartphones design.

#### The Buzz Around Bezel: The PRO Move Towards Sleekness

A recent tip published on the credible Weibo account, together with a knowledgeable leak from tech guru Ice Universe, has caused the tech forums to explode. The iPhone 16 Pro series is supposedly going to come equipped with the narrowest bezels ever, pushing it to an unprecedented pro design, where aesthetics and technology are one. This pro level upgrade is likely to be Apple’s next competitive move against the Galaxy S24, a pro design that achieves aesthetics that borders on the dreamlike.

#### iPhone 15 Pro vs. iPhone 16 Pro: A Comparative PRO Glimpse

For point of reference, the bezels around the iPhone 15 Pro models are approximately 1.71mm thick. The rumoured iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max sizes are even smaller at 1.2mm and 1.15mm respectively. It’s this type of obsessive fine-tuning of Apple pro-quality engineering that has enabled increasingly thin form factors.

#### The PRO of Skepticism: A Grain of Salt

These leaks are tantalising, but people who’ve been watching the Apple universe for a long time will remember an onslaught of speculation ahead of the launch of the iPhone 15 series that the iPhone would feature a bezel as thin as 1.5mm — a threshold that, despite some reductions, wasn’t met either. So, despite the mounting rumours, a good tip would be to keep expectations in check and hold tight until Apple announces the iPhone 16 Pro models for yourself.

#### Apple's PRO Philosophy: Thinner Than Ever

Apple’s continued efforts to make devices thinner are not new. Its latest product launch, the iPad Pro, literally described as Apple’s thinnest product ever, speaks to a pro philosophy made explicit across the company and not just in the iPhone 16 Pro series: make everything thinner, but especially its devices. Across the entire product portfolio, the challenge is to make ‘thinness’ less of an aesthetic by-product, and more a measure of actual innovation and improvement.

#### Why PRO Matters: The Significance of Sleekness

But what is the point of this race towards super-thin bezels? For consumers and for professionals alike, the pro-level design is taking the ‘spacer’ idea to the next level with a sense of ‘immersion’ where the device fades out of view, and we’re left with just the content we love. Of equal importance, it speaks volumes about Apple’s innovative advances in areas that fundamentally impact user-interface and visual-interaction processes.

#### A PRO's Perspective on Performance

It’s not simply about the aesthetics, either. Features that are expected to make their debut with the iPhone 16 Pro series – the rumoured follow-up to the current 13 Pro range – point to a device that is not burdened by ‘good-enough’ engineering. After all, a slimmer edge-to-edge display does not only signify a more immersive experience, but also a nod toward the device’s pro-level engineering that is able to accommodate such a feat under the hood. By ‘pro-level’, we are alluding to a machine design that enables every feature of the form factor to contribute to its function, making every interaction smoother and every glance more pleasurable.

### Decoding the "PRO" in iPhone 16 Pro

‘Pro’ is liberally employed in techland, but when you see Apple use it to describe an iPhone, you’re in the midst of something different. ‘Pro’ connotes a very particular type of excellence – not of the high-end, or the premium, or the new-out-of-the-box, but something more akin to a refined, year-00-style pursuit of the best, for the sake of its own evolution. In the case of the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, ‘pro’ means a design ethos that’s way ahead of its time, performance as only Apple can deliver, and the most finely tuned, perceptively honed user experience the industry has yet produced – and will ever produce.

For Apple, ‘pro’ does not merely mean staying a step ahead of rivals; it is how, through the phones and tablets sold under the Pro moniker, the company sets itself the challenge of defining what ‘the impossible’ might be in the techno-industrial landscape. While we wait for Apple to finally lift the lid on the iPhone 16 Pro series, there is one thing we know for certain: Apple is not content to continue the endless game of shrinking bezels; it wants to imprint its brand of ‘pro’ – professional, perfectionist, powerful – ever deeper within the techno-industrial frame.

But when we adopt the pro tag, Apple challenges us to expect more from our computers, and devices in general: where they should look, how they should function, what the promise of innovation really means, in what can seem like an ever-increasing analogue to digital flux.

Jun 06, 2024
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