The Future Unveiled: iPhone 16 and Its Leap Towards PRO Excellence

Rumours abound regarding the iPhone 16 series, in fact so many that it’s difficult to pick out the meaningful rumours from the rest. Some of the rumours revolve around the next line of iPhones, all of which are speculated to get some revolutionary upgrades. The iPhone 16 Pro is rumoured to come with new features that could set new benchmarks for all smartphones to follow. Here’s everything that we know so far about what could be next year’s most eagerly awaited tech devices.

iPhone 16: When Can We Expect It?

Apple commonly reveals its newest flagships around a September event and then ships near to or after a week or two. The company has deviated from this pattern before because of production issues, but everyone should be looking for the iPhone 16 series in September next year.

iPhone 16 and 16 Plus: Holding Steady

Apple's design philosophy has been always to make a relatively consistent design with sparing but consequential additions. The screen size in the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus is set to be the same as in their generation-one iterations. But the rumours do point to some big changes, such as improvements in RAM. This could be the key to take the devices into pro-level territory.

A Glance at the PRO: iPhone 16 PRO’s Display and Design Innovations

And the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max appear destined to boast even larger displays than those of the iPhone 13: 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches, respectively. And Apple is rumoured to be boosting brightness significantly for their display of SDR content.

Thinner bezels, made possible by another of Apple’s proprietary inventions, BRS, could provide the user with slightly larger screen ‘estate’ to enjoy – boosting another aspect of the phone’s good looks and performance. But, if the leaks are right, the world’s thinnest bezels will grace the iPhone 16 Pro versions.

Enhanced Functionality: Action and Capture Buttons

By the time that the iPhone 16 lineup comes to market, the Action Button will have become ubiquitous. A new type of button, a Capture Button, might even replace clicking and swiping as the primary way to take pictures: a real shutter button that runs your zoom functions as well as your shutter.

A Leap in Interaction: Solid-State Buttons

With rumours suggesting that the iPhone 16 Pro models will see solid-state buttons added – presumably to make interaction with the device even more seamless, thanks to the addition of one or two more Taptic Engines – the ‘Pro’ tag’s ethos of reaching the limits of technology is clearly evolving to emphasise new and different ways of interacting.

The PRO Edge: Camera and Battery Life Advancements

The iPhone 16 Pro series could see big gains in optical performance, with new telephoto features and sensor upgrades for better images and video. Process and materials improvements for batteries promise to increase their power without sacrificing device life.

Explaining the 'Pro' Phenomenon

It’s not just a title, then; Apple’s ‘Pro’ branding also clearly signals a premium user experience, with products that try to do more than just ‘good enough’, and that target power users with increased performance, innovative features or breakthrough design.

With each iteration, that Apple aims to reset what the ‘Pro’ means, and is as such irrevocably associated with the very zenith of smartphone innovation, continuing on in the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max.

We are all waiting on more concrete details, and the iPhone 16 series, especially the Pro models, are likely to be a technological tour-de-force that will catch users’ imaginations and set new standards for the spouse smartphone industry. Bookmark this page for updates. We will continue to follow where the iPhone 16 series rumours lead and wait to see what Apple next has in store.

Jun 06, 2024
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