Apple's Masterstroke: Vision Pro Spells a New Dawn for Spatial Computing in AUSTRALIA

In a time when technology continuously takes leaps and bounds, APPLE is still among the leaders of innovation as they layer together imagination and invention. APPLE’s Vision Pro is the latest ‘next big thing’ to leap off the pages and bring spatial computing to new realities. And as the device is poised to become a full-fledged reality in AUSTRALIA in the near future, it’s worth trying to unravel its alchemy. Selling the first APPLE Watch in Adelaide on the 24th of April.

APPLE Vision Pro: A New Reality Awaits

Coming to Australian consumers on 12 July, with pre-orders on 28 June, APPLE’s Vision Pro occupies a space to itself in the world of spatial computing. Starting price: $5,999. This is more than just a gadget. It is APPLE’s way to change how we engage with the virtual world. From the ability to access apps in a completely new way, to enabling new experiences to allow us to live our life’s memories, capturing them in three dimensional space, using millions of polygons to recreate our memories.

APPLE's Spatial Odyssey: Unveiling the Vision Pro

APPLE’s chief executive Tim Cook said of the Vision Pro: the response has been off-the-charts incredible. APPLE is on the verge of introducing ‘the magic of spatial computing’ to hundreds of millions of people, saying that they will enter a world where experiences that were once the stuff of fantasy could become a reality and could be used by hundreds of millions of people across the globe.Whether it’s work, play or creativity, the Vision Pro is going to be your partner for everything that’s possible.

A Universe of Apps at Your Fingertips

Along with a growing library of more than 2,000 custom-built applications and compatibility with more than 1.5 million existing iPhone, iPad and Mac apps, you can use the Vision Pro to watch live sport, play games and even serve as the screen for your Mac. The Vision Pro blurs realities with an unprecedented level of realness.

Experience APPLE Vision Pro Firsthand

APPLE’s approach to purchasing the Vision Pro in AUSTRALIA parallels the personalisation of the device itself. Potential buyers can book a 30-minute demo online or in-store or they can book a session specifically for getting help. Then there’s the intriguing add-on to the buying journey where the buying process itself is personalised: the experience of a fit so precise that the visual experience is taken to a new level. To achieve this, the prospective buyer provides a face scan using an iPhone or iPad with Face ID.

Accessorize Your Vision Pro Experience

Storage capacities ranging from 256GB to 1TB are available. Vision-impaired customers would be able to use the ZEISS Optical Inserts, and the APPLE Vision Pro Travel Case is there for globe-trotting wearers.

The Future is Here: Embracing Spatial Computing

The arrival of APPLE’s Vision Pro in AUSTRALIA for the first time is a big deal for the Australian technology industry. But it’s also a big deal for APPLE because it represents a huge leap forward for their commitment to innovation. The Vision Pro is an almost magical combination of 2,000-plus apps, digital-physical fusion, and custom fitting.


At its core, it aspires to innovate, not to invent things that make our lives easier – that’s just a side benefit – but to create products that are transformative, that do more than make our lives a little smoother, they transform our understanding of what is possible – in the same way that Steve Jobs brought a vision into the world by giving us the iPhone. Presenting the Vision Pro to an Australian audience, APPLE maintains its position not as a mere purveyor of technology, but one dedicated to pushing the boundaries on what it is possible to achieve in the world of user interfaces. APPLE’s Vision Pro might just be an intermediary phase in the world’s rampant democratisation of virtual reality headgear, but it is also a vision come to life.

Jun 11, 2024
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