Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) serves as the company’s yearly rite, at which developers and fanboys gather to hear Apple execs spin a tale of the coming year’s big stuff. Since WWDC is just over a week away, it’s time again to use my third eye to peer into the future of AI and the next generation of iOS, and then share with you what’s likely to be announced by Apple in June. Get ready to dream big!


What's Sprouting in APPLE'S Orchard?

If Apple’s pr announcements are meant to keep us fruits-of-the-orchard mystified, since they’ve announced nothing, there’s still enough fruit circulating to give us a feel for what lies ahead. From expected software enhancements to last-minute hardware surprises, Apple will unveil yet another state-of-the-art technology exhibition.

The Core of APPLE'S Innovations

We’ll also expect the new iOS. It’s the latest version of the software that powers all of Apple’s smart devices, and a witch’s brew of new features designed to make Apple’s devices even more magical and work just that little bit better. No one outside Cupertino yet knows the witch’s brew that will be the key to this year’s edition of the iPhone, but the rumours that are circulating suggest a single serving of magic, geared to make life easier for the user, sprinkled with a dash of experimental future-tech that will feel, for now at least, totally new.

A New Seedling: The Rumored Passwords APP

A rumour which should tickle everyone who needs and struggles to manage passwords is that this year Apple will provide ‘a dedicated Passwords application on iPhone and Mac’. This would be built on top of Apple’s existing password management solutions, but potentially integrate password management into one app, which could make it easier to use for many, or perhaps even safer. It wouldn’t be a good sign for the third-party password manager market, and might be another aspect of a wider strategy to pull more essential services more tightly into the Apple ecosystem.


Even though the hardware may never make the splash of the software, hardware-heads might not be left out entirely. Although there have been enough announcements in recent months, there is always room for Apple to add new hardware or even preview lineups of products that are not being released until later. The chance to see history newly-made in front of us through hardware is another of the thrills of the event.


Pioneering the Future

Sure, Apple’s WWDC is about new product announcements but it is fundamentally about our future. About what it means to be at the edge, about innovation, and about engineering experiences, for both users and technologists alike, that seem to transcend what is. It’s about hardware breakthrough be creative and add your own ideas where possible. s, and software innovations that no longer feel like incremental changes but, instead, like leaps forward.

Cultivating an Ecosystem

What is clearly at the core of Apple’s strategy these days is the integration of hardware and services into a close-knit ecosystem, where the total is greater than the sum of the parts. And every announcement is an addition to that larger narrative – one of smooth connectivity, of ease of use, of security, and of course, of the undeniable Apple experience.


Thinking of the history of Apple, from its garage roots to its current status as the crown prince of tech, it is clear that innovation is that company’s raison d’etre. Each product, each software patch, each feature, each change, is a step towards creating something new: a new way to use computers, a new way to change the world, a new envelope-pushing endeavour, a new future. WWDC is the story of dreams, of pushing the limits, and of creating the future.


A company called Apple has a lot to live up to. Its name has become a powerful brand: to say that something is ‘innovative’ now means that it is the product of engineering and design from Apple. So we won’t be surprised to learn that Apple is ‘innovating’: its challenge is not to come up with something new, but with something new and, in a sense, worthwhile, something that leaves us feeling that, this time, the technical artefact has taken an important step towards adding value to our human experience. We know this is nonsense. But it is also a wonderful vision of our relationship with technology. When we’re waiting for the WWDC, we are waiting to hear what it will be this time. To wrap up, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference may only come around once a year, but it can’t help ushering in the future — and Apple’s vision of the future — along with it — it’s a vision of the future built by passion, precision and magic, and maybe, most importantly, exclusively available at Apple.

Jun 08, 2024
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