Scaling New Heights: "Cairn" Merges Thrilling Climbs with High-Stakes Strategy on PC and CONSOLES

The Game Bakers’ next experiment could be the pinnacle of gaming. Cairn is an impossible climb, an adventure-boss rush that’s the daring next step from Furi and Haven: games built on innovative gameplay and narrative, leading players on a step-by-step climb to undiscovered summits. It’s not just a game – it’s a tenuous journey to the life inside each of us that wants to scale the world’s peaks. An experiment on the bleeding edge of gaming, Cairn is a mountain-climbing boss rush for PC and consoles.

The Thrill of the Climb: A First Look at Cairn on PC and CONSOLES

At its centre is an alpinist with a will of steel and a compulsion to scale a mountain so vertically pitched that it seems impossible to scale. Cairn is a mountain climbing simulator that takes the concept to its logical conclusion, giving players a freedom to explore the details of its crevasses and cliff faces, a level of simulation in the balance and stamina of its hero that means each grip might be the difference between reaching the summit and falling to your death.

Balancing Act: Stamina, Strategy, and Survival on PC and CONSOLES

Calling Cairn a climbing game almost sells it short. This is the dynamic of a survival climber, where the mundane and the extreme converge. Checkpoints in Cairn are created when the cartoon protagonist secures pitons safely into the mountain – and establishing a new base camp can be this player’s chance to plan ahead, giving them the edge. Cairn’s added layer of planning brings the game back to that crucial point: it’s not just about the destination.

Mastering the Mountain: The Mechanics of Cairn on PC and CONSOLES

Cairn is changing the meaning of climbing game. Every inch of mountain is there for the taking, but not every route is suitable: players must carefully balance their climber’s endurance and balance, and choose their next moves down to the second, or face the ultimate danger of breaking their tether and dangling perilously on a rope. The experience of climbing is somehow transformed to an experience of motion; to climb is to make a story.

Behind the Scenes: The Pioneers Behind Cairn on PC and CONSOLES

The individuals spearheading its creation possess an impressive autobiographical wealth of lived experience The game’s sound designer, Lukas Julian Lentz, who recently collaborated with Arcturus on Cocoon, and the audio director Martin Stig Andersen, whose credits include the sound design for the atmospheric masterpieces that were Limbo, Inside and Control, bring a level of aesthetic and sonic densification to the audio design of Cairn that should make the gameplay as embodied as it is immersive. Cairn will be released in 2025 on both PC and consoles.

Cairn at Summer Game Fest: A Climactic Reveal on PC and CONSOLES

Earlier this year, during the opening show for the enormo-dad gaming festival Summer Game Fest, the French studio The Game Bakers unveiled a new title called Cairn. With a distinctive hand-drawn style and a complex but intuitive interface, the game looked like one of the most promising adventure games of the future. So it was a bit surprising when the game’s developers, after years of work, revealed that the only way players would be able to experience it would be by downloading it to a Microsoft HoloLens. Microsoft’s holographic headset has long been dead, but Cairn was still scheduled for release in 2025 for PC and consoles.

Ascending Together: Multiplatform Climbing Adventures on PC and CONSOLES

By giving Cairn a simultaneous release on PC and consoles, adventurers on any platform can join the expedition. The team at The Game Bakers wanted their game to have a massive appeal so anyone who would love to climb mountains but cannot, has a taste of adventure between the estates that the privilege of a museum can acquire for its collection.

Understanding Consoles: The Gateway to Gaming Adventures

Consoles exist at the very heart of the gaming world, as power and purveyors of a virtually unlimited variety of interactive experiences aimed at young and old alike. For the developers, consoles represent the platform on which they realise their dreams and create worlds that exist outside reality; for players, they are the catalyst such as to become someone or something else. Having Cairn on both consoles and PC platforms means it will be more widely available, and offer players the chance to throw themselves against the limit and scale the seemingly impossible one step at a time.

Now, as Cairn launches on PC and CONSOLES to become the most ambitious title yet from The Game Bakers, it’s a testament to their inventiveness and spirit.

With its compelling mix of action, strategy and storytelling, Cairn offers players an opportunity to put on their climbing boots once again and undertake a climb that’s nothing short of legendary. Ascend or die, troglodytes: the summit awaits.

Jun 08, 2024
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