## Unveiling the Future of Gaming: The ASUS ROG Ally X Revolution

ASUS is at it again: the Taiwanese technology company has announced the release of the ROG Ally X, the latest version of a handheld game console with some significant upgrades to internal and external hardware, as well as ergonomics and battery. The ROG Ally X, which will be released later this quarter, is an updated version from the recently released ROG Ally, another handheld console that broke new ground for gaming technology. In both the ROG Ally and the X, ASUS combines high-end hardware with a comfortably handheld and user-friendly design.

A Glimpse into the Powerhouse: The ASUS ROG Ally X

Inside the ROG Ally X sits the same anvil-like AMD Ryzen Z1 Extepreme processor that the Ally Alienware used. The secret sauce in the Ally X is in the new memory. This device offers an unprecedented boost in unified memory – now 24 GB of LPDDR5X-7500. That’s a 18 per cent speed boost over the original’s 16 GB LPDDR5-6400, which should translate to smoother gaming sessions even in the most demanding conditions.

Storage & Thermal Solution: A Leap into the Future with ASUS

With the addition of an M.2-2280 NVMe SSD slot, ASUS has also gone above and beyond when it comes to storage flexibility, providing the widest possible range of NVMe SSDs for gamers to choose from. Fitted with a 1 TB pre-installed drive, double the capacity of the previous model, your gaming library will never be limited by the capacity of your ROG Ally X. For further improvement in cooling, ASUS has painstakingly redesigned the thermal solution to include a larger fan and improved venting, reducing gaming temperatures by 6°C.

Revolutionary Battery Life and Connectivity Enhancements

The most impressive improvement, however, is the ROG Ally X’s battery, which is an impressive 80 Wh unit, a 100 per cent increase over the ROG Ally’s 40 Wh battery. That means that you can game for longer, even with the latest gaming hardware upgrades that would usually drain the battery. Connectivity also takes a huge step up with a USB4 featuring DisplayPort passthrough, a separate USB 3.2 Gen 2 type-C port, and USB-PD 140 W fast-charging, which shows ASUS futuristic vision of the gaming era ahead.

Design and Availability: The Ergonomic ASUS ROG Ally X

Keeping the beauty of the ROG Ally while adding a slim 4mm of extra thickness and 70g of weight (total 678g), the Ally X takes all that is good about the original console and enhances it with upgraded components. The ROG Ally X will be released in July for $799 and include a 3-month Xbox Game Pass.

Hands-On Experience and Future Promises from ASUS

Getting to play with the ROG Ally X at ASUS’s pre-Computex event showed that the updates aren’t just on paper – they’re tangible in every aspect of the gaming experience. Nor have the adventures ended there: at Computex, ASUS announced that there were even more exciting news to come involving the company’s amazing pipeline.

Crafting the Gaming Future, Today

It is with the ROG Ally X that ASUS has once again demonstrated its acumen and its drive to push long-held gaming technologies into new devices. Stateside and around the globe, the company is offering an inconceivably powerful gaming console built for 2023 and beyond. Its combination of performance, design, and user-side enhancements means it’s not only suitable for the games currently available, but for the games that we’ll be playing in the future.

About ASUS

Since it created the world’s first motherboard in 1989, ASUS has driven innovation across the gaming industry. Today, ASUS is a global leader in motherboards, PCs, monitors, graphics cards and routers, and ROG continues to expand its footprint in gaming with the launch of the ROG Ally X. Through our design philosophy, PC hardware and technologies, we are dedicated to delivering the most extraordinary gaming experiences. ASUS is committed to revolutionizing the gaming world by creating winning products that break boundaries and redefine the limits of gaming excellence.

Jun 03, 2024
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