ASUS ROG Ally: Elevating the Gaming Experience with Extended Warranty

In the world of handheld gaming, ASUS ROG Ally is the bold leap ahead. To meet the demands of the dynamic handheld gaming market and our valued customers, we’ve recently decided to bring our customers a game-changing upgrade to the ASUS ROG Ally handheld gaming device (Model: RC71E) warranty in North America.

The Assurance Factor: A 2-Year Warranty Upgrade

A Leap Towards Customer Confidence

ASUS knows how this perception matters – and how much it annoys customers – because it just upped the ROG Ally’s warranty from the standard one year to two, specifically to accommodate those who use the console’s microSD card slot. And therein lies one of the many examples of how fine technical mistakes can cascade into huge inconveniences. ASUS has admitted that it made a design mistake, positioning the card reader too close to a vent that runs the risk of overheating cards and, over the long term, damaging the card reader itself.

Covering the Essentials While Encouraging Improvement

Under the new terms, ASUS promises that the extended warranty will cover failed card readers. This is just one example of ASUS’ emphasis on quality and reliability; it implicitly suggests that the ROG’s card readers are more likely to fail than fry memory cards. Here again ASUS seems to have struck a nice balance: it offers strong support for its hardware, but seeks to avoid fostering bothersome users who expect free hardware except in cases where they are at fault.

ASUS ROG Ally vs. The Competition

A Comparative Analysis of Industry Warranty Practices

Lastly, the fact that the ROG Ally’s warranty is extendable plays well into this ASUS positioning in handheld gaming. An illustrative example might be the most direct comparison in the space: Valve’s handheld computer, popularly called the Steam Deck. Valve’s well-supported, straightforward and fast (first few months, at least; I’ve received a replacement for my own Steam Deck screen already) approach regarding customer issues is not an incidental matter. Good or even great customer support is always a factor in brand loyalty.

The Changing Landscape of Handheld Gaming

It’s also why the handheld gaming space is changing so quickly, as brands such as Ayaneo get help from companies such as Antec to navigate challenges like sales channels and RMA processes. It’s hard out there for portable gaming devices. The depreciation rate is high, the margins are tight, and everyone wants to provide a good gaming experience with a healthy warranty and customer support. ASUS stepping up to extend the warranty on the ROG Ally is a step that serves their users now as well as their broader market.

The ROG Ally X: A Testament to Continuous Improvement

ASUS’ reaction to those issues was to launch the ROG Ally X, a new model of the ROG Ally that solves what we consider a design oversight in the original ROG Ally’s placement of the card reader so close to the thermal vent. Reassurance is that ASUS is committed to the product feedback when they make upgrades like this. This also helps to create customer goodwill. ASUS ‘hears’ what users have said, and has responded by ‘listening’ and ‘evolving’.

User Reactions and Industry Perception

Reactions to ASUS’ warranty extension and principles regarding design flaws have ranged from skepticism – such as users complaining online that ASUS hardware is better treated than their own – to claims that this shows a step in the right direction for a company to resolve issues transparently. In an industry where brand loyalty means everything, ASUS’ efforts to improve its warranty coverage and outright fix design flaws might just be a key to its continued success among its user base.

ASUS: A Brand Committed to Innovation and Quality

ASUS is a multinational company dedicated to innovation, quality and user experience. From laptops and desktops to gaming consoles and peripherals, ASUS is a key technology brand to reckon with, and extending the ROG Ally’s North American warranty resonates well with this spirit. There is a lot more to done to bring about a systemic change to ease the pain of bugs and software ills. But until that happens, it’s great to know that even the biggest tech firms are willing to make an effort.

ASUS’ decision to bump the ROG Ally’s warranty period to two years is a policy change, yes, but it’s also a statement of solidarity, essentially saying: we trust you, we made a good design, we stuck with you through the various screw-ups, and our customer service and engineering team is focused on your success. Hopefully, it’ll be the last time we have to talk about this, but don’t worry, if any of this happens again, we’re ready to do it all over again. In the ruthless world of handheld gaming consoles, a quick warranty bump is more than just customer service. It’s evolution.

Jun 03, 2024
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