Tuning In: How BOSE Makes the 2024 Hyundai Elantra N Line Sing

Stylish enough for any city, but powerful enough for any track, the 2024 Hyundai Elantra N Line, a sports sedan, is taking the catwalk by a storm. As we explore the details of this sleek four-wheeler, we notice its flair for technological advancements. Here, we take a look into the Bose audio system, and some other technologies that the Elantra N Line has within itself to create a memorable experience for every passenger.

Elevating Your Audio Journey with BOSE

The Heartbeat of Your Drive: The BOSE Sound System

No other car can tick all the boxes like the Elantra N Line can, especially when you consider the exclusive Bose audio system that was designed specifically for the Elantra’s unique cabin acoustics. Hyundai’s partnership with Bose has made it possible for drivers to experience the sounds of concert hall in their car, and turn the doldrums of the commute into a symphony. Utilising high-performance speakers placed throughout the cabin, every beat, every song, is captured with its intended clarity and depth.

Faint low-frequency sounds are given life by the subwoofer built into the system’s enclosure, negating the need for aftermarket mods. The centre channel brings an immersive quality to the sound, making it full-bodied and fluid; no other car of that year or any other year had a more primitive sound system than the Bose in this car. It was great for both the audiophile and the stoner alike.

Speaking to Your Car: Hyundai's Dynamic Voice Recognition

There’s more to the Elantra N Line than just driving music: it also comes with Hyundai motor’s industry-leading high-performance voice recognition system, developed by SoundHound. Whether you’re looking for a weather report, asking about the latest game scores or adjusting the cabin settings, you can do it from your driver’s seat without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Charging into the Future: Wireless Device Charging

A true companion for our modern, connected world, the Elantra N Line offers wireless device charging as an available feature. Compatible with any Qi-enabled smartphone, it ensures your device is fully charged and ready for use without the need for cables. In addition to keeping the cabin uncluttered and looking cleaner, the wireless charging feature is also kind to USB ports and cables by preventing their wear and tear with each use.

Connectivity on the Go: Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot

The 2024 Elantra N Line makes it easy to remain tethered to your digital life. It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot powered by Verizon Wireless and capable of connecting up to five devices at once, giving all passengers access to the web for browsing, gaming, or working on the go. Though all the high-tech features are quite impressive, there was one thing noticeably lacking from our 2024 Elantra N Line.

Keyless Entry Reimagined: Hyundai Digital Key 2

Finally, Hyundai’s connected Digital Key 2 technology means access has gone digital. If you’ve got an Elantra N Line (or many other new Hyundais), you can lock, unlock and start the car with your smartphone or smartwatch, save your seat, mirror and climate preferences, and share your car with others using Apple, Samsung or Google devices.

About BOSE: A Symphony of Innovation

After hearing the technological concerto that is the 2024 Hyundai Elantra N Line, we think Bose deserves a round of applause. A brand that has built a reputation for excellence in terms of innovation and quality, Bose is more than a supplier of audio hardware – it’s an experience, a life enrichment, and an evolution. The collaboration between Hyundai and Bose in the Elantra N Line is more than partnerships – it’s deliberate, building the future of automotive luxury one note at a time.

The brand’s noise-cancelling technology is proudly branded on the inner rim of the front wheel In typical Bose fashion – after a considerable amount of engineering and with a MOAB-sized helping of audiophile finest – every drive is bathed in warm, rich, Hifi audio, whatever EQ or content. Elev Arabic in full effect or a movie soundtrack over the suburban expanses, Bose’s audio technologies turn the Elantra N Line into a moving concert hall. The combination of Hyundai’s innovation and Bose’s audio audacity promises a driving experience of an unexpected calibre.

Jun 15, 2024
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