A Father's Day Film Feast: Top Disney+ Picks for Every Dad

Father’s Day is all about celebrating dads, honouring them, and most importantly, spending quality time with them. So, if you’ve been racking your brains to figure out the best activity to bond with your ‘old man’, a movie night could be your ticket to building memories you can cherish together forever. The big question remains, however: what movie will you watch with dad? And why? Disney+ with its repository of tales from galaxies and decades far, and near, has you covered. From space adventures to space sagas, let’s dive into Disney+ top movies to make dad’s special day.

The Timeless Adventure: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Action Heroes Never Age

Indiana Jones, a name revered by generations of filmgoers, is a character that is at once heroic and deeply relatable. The character, brought to life by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, is brave and flawed, with a personal irrationality and deeply rooted sense of decency. Steven Spielberg’s film is a swashbuckling adventure that follows the archaeologist Indiana Jones across exotic lands on a mission to stop the Ark of the Covenant falling into Nazi hands during the Second World War. Each adventure rivals the next in the Indiana Jones oeuvre, but Raiders marked the beginning of the iconic action-adventure series. It remains one of the most thrilling films of all time, with brilliant storytelling, swashbuckling action and stakes that are heightened to a world-ending level of suspense. Watching Raiders again this Father’s Day on Disney+ can inspire important conversations about bravery, hope, and the spirit of adventure that lives within each of us.

The Saga Continues: Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back

A Galaxy of Memories

Star Wars is a phenomenon that is beloved the world over. No episode is as resonant – emotionally and cinematically – as Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back. As the kids’ table clears and the adults gather around on Father’s Day, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo remind us of the bonds that help to see us through even the darkest times. The film’s emphasis on family is as rich as its exploration of legacy and destiny, making it one of the choice choices for a father-themed movie night on Disney+. Available on Disney+, it’s a chance to expose a new generation to the wonder of the galaxy, far, far away, or a chance for a father-child rewatch of a sci-fi classic.

A Digital Odyssey: Tron

Where Imagination Meets Innovation

Though undeniably stodgy now, Tron was boundary-pushing when it came out, continuing a legacy within Disney of being on the cutting edge of special effects and storytelling. As a cult classic available on Disney+, it’s the tale of a video game pioneer named Kevin Flynn who winds up trapped in a digital world that his programming has brought to life. The breathtaking vistas and rollicking ride make it an intoxicating watch – especially for geeky dads of science fiction and fantasy. Here was a movie that flew the banner for tech for tech’s sake, and yet was still about the indomitable human spirit.

For The Love of Disney+

A Magical Streaming Experience

Disney+ isn’t just a streaming platform, it’s your ticket to a world of fantasy, adventure and love. Our library showcases 100 years of iconic storytelling. We truly offer a collection for everyone, bringing together the old with the new. From beloved classics to the latest blockbusters, on Disney+ there’s a film for every occasion and every person. Do you want to spend a chill Father’s Day with your dad by watching movies he loves? Want to put in some adventure that the whole family can enjoy? With Disney+, there’ll definitely be a film that will fit any occasion.

A Legacy of Storytelling

Disney’s vision of family-bonding, embodied in their storytelling, glows just as warmly in Disney+. This Father’s Day, when you log in to watch its parade of movies and television shows, you can know that, whether you’re tuning in to enjoy some much-needed alone time after a challenging day, or pressing play with your kids or grandkids snuggled up beside you, you’re taking part in more than an idle pastime. Rather, you’re sharing a movie that was made not just to keep you entertained, but to bring you closer – a tale of a hero, adventurer, or dreamer to help you celebrate, recognise and honour, cherish and honour, the family that you love and will never outgrow.

So to all fathers this Father’s Day, and to all our heroes, let Disney+ take your family on a cinematic ride to remember. From the treasured tales of Indiana Jones and the Star Wars galaxy far, far away to the worlds of TRON and beyond, adventure awaits. Pop the popcorn, and get ready for a day full of stories that will delight and inspire, and remind us all what family is.

Jun 17, 2024
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