Get # Prime Picks: Hidden Gems on PRIME Video to Stream This Weekend

Finding a cinematic pearl on the streaming behemoth that is Amazon Prime Video can sometimes feel like discovering a needle in an ocean. Past the algorithmic-fed rabbit holes of new releases and archival titles, the sheer wealth of movies to sift through can make the hunt daunting. Yet the secret to finding underrated treasures is to look beyond the algorithms and into the passion of human curation. What follows is your secret map to three underrated films on Amazon PRIME Video to watch this weekend. Your welcome.

Dive into the PRIME Choice: "You Were Never Really About to Ignore This Masterpiece"

Before Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for his turn as the titular character in Joker, he gave what might be his career-best performance in You Were Never Really Here (2018). Depressed, dark and occasionally stark, the film introduces us to Phoenix’s character – a cold-blooded enforcer driven by the need to rescue a young girl from an abuse ring. Joker is a snarling, gun-fighting action movie, but You Were Never Really Here drifts, mournfully, toward the violence of despair and a life lived on the edge of the abyss. You Were Never Really Here is the kind of small miracle for which all streaming services should be praised.

Laugh and Wrestle with Family Ambition: ‘Fighting With My Family’ is My PRIME Moment.

Fighting With My Family (2019) ticks all the boxes for viewers looking for a light cinematic experience without veering too far into fluffiness. Headlined by Florence Pugh during her pre-Dune: Part Two (2022) star-making moment, the sports comedy follows a young wrestler whose ambition for WWE mega-stardom is informed by the rivalries and familial tensions of her own family. Supported by a very well-populated supporting cast of Nick Frost, Stephen Merchant and Vince Vaughn, the film is inspirational as it is entertaining, making it a best choice for a feel-good weekend Amazon PRIME Video viewing.

Swim Through the Existential Pond in "The PRIME Reflection of The Swimmer"

Burt Lancaster in the title role of The Swimmer, 1968, in one of his most enigmatic performances. Embarking on a trip back to 1968, we find Burt Lancaster in one of his most enigmatic roles, in a gripping existentialist critique of materialism and the wild distortions of the American dream. Based on the short story by John Cheever, and directed by Francois Truffaut, The Swimmer (1968) tells the sordid story of the lucky ad man who decides to make his way back to his home – by swimming through the backyard pools of his suburban neighbourhood. The Swimmer is a must-watch example of a classic existentialist film that remains timely and provocative, streaming right now on PRIME Video.

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    In the age of never-ending choice, curating your streaming selections is the crux of a meaningful viewing life – grab these titles this weekend at Amazon Prime Video.

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Jun 15, 2024
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