Elden RING’s Latest Patch Reveals a Whole New Dynamic (Part 3?)

There are a few significant changes brought about by this latest patch that will require some time and exploration to fully understand. The most notable of these changes is in one of the game’s backstories, a significant revelation that may provide some answers to certain longstanding questions. This revelation helps us comprehend the events that occurred prior to the game’s beginning.

Previously, we believed that the heart of the world’s fallen giant was dead, yet recently an uncanny life force has been pulsing through its soft tissue. Demonic creatures known as ‘scarabs’ that are connected to the Lords of Blood have made their way up from the depths, heading towards the upper world driven by an unknown force. The Lands Between have become infested with them. These creatures possess an intellect akin to a primal pineal gland.

The entity known as ‘Mogh’, whether it be a person, a ghost, or the soul of a deceased giant, has ascended the winding staircase to the surface and, with its crystalline hand, is opening a void. The Lands Between bleed and fade due to these creatures.

Ultimately, the hearts of the gods have been stolen, and their weary essences chased into the void, leaving only tombs of crystalline marvels.

The Lands Between suckle at once more, winds whisper. A Forest Around them writhe, a tumult seething. Once more, the Crystal Tear descends. Upon the streets of the Golden Order. Turn, and witness. Mine the Runes once more. Bid golden grace dispel every trial. Yet further trials await you, fan. Forward glides the Shadow of the Erdtree. Darkness sheds its light.

Introduction to the SHADOW OF THE ERDTREE DLC

With something for everyone and more, here’s a look at all the new stuff, changes, and more as FromSoftware prepares to release the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring. In the video above, Dark Souls fans and catacombers known as LobosJr gives us a rundown on everything that will be included in FromSoftware’s next game-changing patch for Elden Ring, the upcoming roguelike Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. It’s one of the most highly anticipated DLC currently available, and fans are anxiously awaiting what it will have in store.

Elden Ring Gears Up for a Game-Changing Patch

The day before the DLC lands on 21 June, Elden Ring will get a quality-of-life patch on 20 June, with bug fixes, updates, features and new open areas. The goal of the update is to make the experience in Lands Between even better by improving inventory, Summoning Pools and introducing new items like hairstyles that will help you explore the vast realm in style.

Revolutionizing Item Management

Another selling point of the patch is an overhaul of the Elden Ring inventory management system. A new ‘Recent Items’ tab, which is helpfully punctuated by roaring exclamation marks to indicate newly obtained loot, suggests that you will be given more time to concentrate on your mission, rather than the mundane task of managing your items.

Enhancing Co-op Play with Summoning Pool Updates

Beyond bug fixes, the patch includes quality-of-life improvements to Elden Ring’s Summoning Pools, which will be welcomed by players who enjoy its co-op aspects. No need in New Game+ to run all the way back to re-open a Summoning Pool that you re-visited: you just have to re-enter an area where a Pool is located, and it will be available. Better yet, if you’ve taken existing Pool options, which open you up for co-op summoning, you can now toggle off any that you don’t want to keep in a given New Game+ cycle. This is most welcome, as it greatly simplifies co-op summoning so you can make every excursion into the unknown as seamless as possible.

A Touch of Personalization: New Hairstyles and More

A number of hairstyles are added, too, meaning you can now prance into the Shadow of the Erdtree with any of five new looks: battle-braided and ready for battle, bangs-covering-one-eye-boi, or anything in between. As Elden Ring already allows you a ridiculous amount of ways to customise your Tarnished champion, this additional flexibility should keep players tinkering with their regal outfits long after polishing the rings. When the DLC arrives later this year, it will almost certainly include fresh armour sets, adding a dazzling breadth of new looks, as well.

The Anticipation Builds: What's Next for Elden Ring?

The patch paves the way for the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, which will add more tools to the arsenal for everyone’s use, with or without owning the DLC. This is to ensure that every Tarnished, old and new, can experience the expansion for themselves.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Join the Tarnished

Elden Ring is now a critical and commercial force of nature, one of the most difficult games to date but also one of the most open and rewarding, and a world of immense detail and beauty. If you haven’t played it yet, there’s never been a better time. The DLC is coming, and a patch is right around the corner to systematically fix a number of issues and make the open world just a little more transparent. It is very and just now that you jump in.

Prepare for the Shadow of the Erdtree

With the launch of the DLC imminent, anticipation mounts to a frenzy. Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree blazes forth as a springboard to new narratives, new challenges, new legacies. New bosses to defeat. New dungeons to delve into. New secrets to uncover. And for the most stalwart of Tarnished, one more Land of Shadow from which to emerge victorious.

Ring In the New Era: Understanding Elden Ring's enduring appeal

At its core, Elden Ring is a phenomenon as much as it is a game. Its convoluted lore, detailed world, complex combat systems and depth of detail, documented and unearthed by the active and intelligent community surrounding the game, has created, in my opinion, a new high watermark for what an action RPG could be. The game continues to evolve with each patch, including the monumental patch that was just released today. Go, Elden Ring, go.

With Elden Ring about to embark on a tale second only to the potentially next-gen online gameplay that will follow upon the anticipated launch of patches both the Shadow of the Erdtree and the one that we’re told extends the gameplay experience in ways we cannot yet imagine, the story of the Tarnished is only just beginning. Is your tale next?

Jun 15, 2024
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