Unlocking Your Future: Amazon's Initiative to Propel AI Careers into New Dimensions

With the fast-changing landscape of work, AI has brought both uncertainty and unprecedented opportunities. In the face of some anxiety that people’s jobs might look very different because of AI, AWS is generating hope for how to be part of growing fields in AI. It’s showing how AI can be a tool for enhanced career prospects.

Embrace AI: More Than Just Technology's Promise

It’s no longer the future of artificial intelligence (AI), but very much the present – the future of work. The expansion is not of human roles becoming obsolete, but an expansion of new ones Amazon is validating a seemingly counterintuitive idea: AI could be your friend. If you know how to, the world of AI jobs is wide open.

AWS Certifications: Your Gateway to AI Mastery

AWS Certified AI Practitioner

Designed for the non-technical tribe, this foundational certification is the only saffron pass needed by professionals in other fields such as marketing, sales, and finance who wish to use AI insights and strategies. It’s also the first step towards learning the basic concepts behind AI and ML, and the ability to work in harmony with the technical tribe.

AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer - Associate

Designed for technologists, this certification dives deeper into the technical details and covers the skills that IT professionals need to design, deploy, and operate AI and ML solutions. It embodies the philosophy of applying AI technologies into businesses so that the certified professional will understand how to develop and run an AI solution in an organisation.

AWS Skill Builder: The Learning Hub

These certifications are complemented by 11 new training courses for students, released in an AWS digital training programme called AWS Skill Builder, which is broken down into courses for beginner and advanced learners with a subscription model that’s accessible and broad-based.

From Foundation to Advanced AI Skills

The learning flow on AWS Skill Builder is choreographed – in stages for entry-level users and scaled up to data transformation and bias mitigation for individuals who want to pursue a technical certification. The use cases from the field allow learners to relate with their constructs, thereby reinforcing the connection between theory and practice.

The Future Is AI-Ready with Amazon

Amazon’s ‘AI Ready’ programme is similarly future-oriented, pledging to provide free AI-skills training to 2 million people globally by 2025 as part of its push to upskill the world’s workforce for the AI future. AWS’s certification and training programme also links into the company’s ‘AI Ready’ scheme, emphasising Amazon’s larger dedication to preparing our society for an AI-fuelled future.

Step into the World of AI with AWS Certifications

Now, as beta exams are being released for both AWS Certified AI Practitioner and AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer – Associate, it’s no longer just a far-off pipe dream that you can be AI-certified; it’s becoming closer to reality. And if the labour market is any indication of your skills, then you’ll be in even more demand than you are today.

Discovering Amazon: A Catalyst for AI Innovation

For example, with AWS it can present itself to the world as a leader in AI and ML. Aside from being a huge e-commerce company, Amazon actually trains and certifies AI users on how to use this technology – illustrating how far the company is willing to go to position itself as an AI innovator, and not just a market leader. As AI comes more and more into company and organisational life – as well as our everyday lives – systems like learning.amazon.com could become ubiquitous. Amazon would not be alone in promoting a sunny vision of a future of AI training and collaboration between humans and machines.

Yet Amazon’s programme is not just about learning AI, but about creating a future in which technology is a route for human flourishing. While opening up access to AI education and certification makes sense because the future workforce needs this capability, Amazon’s programme goes beyond this. The notion that anyone can learn to work in AI is essential in creating Amazon’s vision of a future where technology is a means for human development. In this scenario, the same technology that creates new needs, such as Amazon’s, will also shape how those needs will be met.

Jun 12, 2024
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