Empowering the Future: The Pivotal Role of Women in Shaping Generative AI

The diversity and inclusion of women in AI is becoming more crucial than ever as we enter a new digital era of brighter days for AI. And with generative AI spawning its latest inklings, as it does each year, this coming July the 6th annual Women in AI Breakfast ? and Women in AI Awards? hosted by Capital One, which will be held at VentureBeat’s biggest event of the year – Transform 2024 – will be back to shine a spotlight on and congratulate women who have excelled in this field.

Why Female Leaders are the Key to Generative AI's Success

The Untapped Potential of Women in AI

If the Women in AI Breakfast is a celebration of how women are both ushering in and leading the generative AI revolution, it was also a testament to how a fair and ethical future in generative AI will be shaped by leadership that is genuinely representative of the people it’s intended for. It seemed to be a room designed to be an incubator of conversations about how women – because of, and not in spite of, their differences – are not only part of but leading the way forward in creating a more fair, equitable and profitable AI practice.

Insights from the Frontlines: Speakers Driving Change

A panel of leaders and innovators from the tech world will examine the real ROI of diversity-based AI-driven leadership. Aparna Sinha, the SVP and head of AI product at CapitalOne, and Noelle Russell, a founder and chief AI officer at the AI Leadership Institute, will examine how women’s perspectives help to evolve generative AI from a buzzword into a profit-making machine.

Diving Deeper: The Impact of Diverse Leadership on Generative AI

Perspectives that Forge Pathways to Profit

We are not just interested in having women in the room, but listening to them, learning from them, and hearing their strategies for driving the organisation forward. The speakers will present case studies and strategies for how a diverse leadership team translates to the bottom line while fostering the kind of culture that navigates the complexities of generative AI with creativity and grace.

Elevating the Discourse on AI Development

The keynote speaker Aparna Sinha said she was looking forward to ‘productive, grounded discussion’ about ‘what AI is and what it can do in the present and the future’, adding: ‘A lot of the conversations that are happening here at Transform 2024 are about charting that path.’

A Gathering of Minds: Event Highlights and How to Participate

Networking, Knowledge, and Nourishment

The occasion, slated for Wednesday, 10 July, will provide a filling breakfast at the same time as an unparalleled chance to network with other women in the field, to meet and learn from the AI pioneers, and to discover the winners of the Women in AI Awards 2019. It will also give budding women in AI a chance to meet with role models and mentors.

Your Invitation to Transform 2024

Doors open at 7:45am for the sessions featuring speakers including Ya Xu, vice president of engineering at LinkedIn; Jessica Gilmartin, chief revenue officer at Calendly and more. People can expect a morning of motivation and learning.

Join the Movement: How to Register

Sign up for the Women in AI Breakfast: Simply register for Transform 2024 and RSVP for the Breakfast. It’s breakfast – and a bridge forward for AI.

The Transform 2024 Concord: Pioneering the Future of Enterprise AI

From July 9 to 11 at the Golden Gate Club in San Francisco, Transform 2024 aims to provide essential guidance on scaling AI in the enterprise, with a special emphasis on infrastructure, healthcare, finance and major AI trends. The conference features more than 40 speakers.

Don't Miss Out: Secure Your Spot at Transform 2024

You want to stay in front of this generative AI revolution – join us at Transform 2024. Register now.

Understanding the Power of Voices: The Role of Speakers in Shaping AI's Future

The impact of speakers such as these at an event such as Transform 2024 is not only about what they say on stage but their very presence. In sharing their experiences and perspectives, these leaders help to build an AI industry that can better reflect and support the diversity of the real world. In doing so, they show us the way to what is possible – the benefits of seeking out and valuing difference in a new era of technology development. It is by raising these voices that we will make AI more ethical, more equitable – and more profitable. If you’re interested in joining the conversation about the future of AI, please participate in Transform 2024.

Jun 13, 2024
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