Stepping into New Territories: The Palworld Sakurajima Update Awaits!

Palworld is a wide-open survivability creature-collecting game that exploded onto the market when it first released. Summer Game Fest 2024, we are about to celebrate the magnificent journey of the Sakurajima Update, which is scheduled to release on June 27, 2024. Are you ready for new friends, an arena, subspecies, and so much more? Let’s discover the hidden world of Palworld in their latest expansion.

A Glimpse into the Future: What's New in Palworld?

The Beauty and Challenge of Sakurajima

The high tide has washed in a brand new island; this time it’s beautiful Sakura trees and massive mushrooms as far as you can see. A whole new Palworld for you to explore.

Unveiling New Companions and Foes

The aura of the purple-fire ghost, also known as a ‘youtou’, is one of the spookier presences on the Pals mission. Meanwhile, the Chinese guardian lion, ‘shou’, is one of the more grandiose figures in the New World. Such missions are not simply bragging rights, however. Each new aura that you introduce to the roster of Pals adds a new dimension to the gameplay. In the future, you will also be able to play with subspecies of Quivern, Wixen, Chillet and a host of other critters.


Key to the Sakurajima Update is the new arena – a gladiatorial battlefield worthy of a colosseum. Details on how arena battles work are scarce, but this setting alone fills players’ minds with the desire to compete.

Xbox Dedicated Servers: A Game-Changer

The addition of Xbox dedicated servers is a major improvement that will make gameplay smoother for Xbox fans and recreate the game as its developers intended. It is especially welcome for those members of the Xbox community who, for years, have been asking for optimisations for their chosen platform.

Raising the Bar: Level Caps and Building Innovations

New buildings that imply that there are some modernised buildings into your Palworld habitat, along with an increase to the level cap, that will give you even more to create and explore.

The Onslaught of a New Raid

Get ready for an adrenaline-soaked rumble with the new raid boss – a silicon beast with rocky arms – that will push the true mettle of veteran players and fans.

Embark on a New Adventure

There are new additions for players to witness and experience in Palworld. Here’s an overview of what will be added to Palworld with the Sakurajima Update: – Raid dungeons will be added for parties of up to four people – A new island with the Players-Only dungeon and the mysterious Power Crystal – New characters – New monsters – New items – And more! Palworld is constantly evolving, but even now, there is still plenty to experience, from the splendour of the Sakura in full bloom, to the rush of battle in the arena.


The arena is the beating heart of Palworld’s forward momentum, a place of uncertainty, of potential. An arena where you and your Pals put your strengths to the test, and your strategies into practice. An arena that, with Sakurajima Update just on the horizon, will be the site of new rivalries and triumphs.

With the Sakurajima Update the dip back into Palworld is looking like a chilled yet challenging continuation of their time in this universe as they explore new locales and battle in arenas. As the date of 27 June 2024 approaches, fans will eagerly anticipate what is likely to be one of the best creature-collecting games of all time.

Jun 08, 2024
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