Gaming for Good: IGN and Humble’s Charitable Adventure

While you’re waiting for the next level to load, or while you’re on the hunt for the game that will change your life, IGN and Humble Bundle have created an effort that is as innovative as it is heartfelt. Their way of bringing great games into homes and changing the world for the better is through the IGN Live at Home Game Bundle and the tinyBuild IGN Live Showcase Bundle. What do you get for supporting these bundles? First of all, you get a bunch of great games, of course. But just as important, you’re helping out Child’s Play, a charity that uses the magic of play to let seriously ill kids be kids.


For only $25, IGN Live at Home Game Bundle is a ticket to a curated collection of seven really good games worth $192. Priced just $10, $15 and $25, to unlock three, five and all seven games – including High on Life and Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration, that’s something that can please any type of gamer. However, the best part about this bundle is not only the number of games it brings, but also that by buying it you’re still supporting a good cause as all the proceeds go to Child’s Play.

What’s Waiting at Home in This Bundle?

  • High on Life
  • Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration
  • Revival: Recolonization
  • Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries
  • Soulsinger: Envoy of Death
  • Bread & Fred
  • Grindstone
  • 25% Off Coupon for High on Life's High on Knife DLC


The 11-game and two DLCs-packed tinyBuild IGN Live Showcase Bundle offers almost $305 worth of gaming experience to every bundle-lover. Even cheaper is the IGN Live at Home Game Bundle, which ends today and includes a total of seven games with prices starting from merely $6 for three games. Flexible options to cater to every gamer’s need. The IGN Live at Home Game Bundle consists of six games including Death’s Door and a locked Game Maker Studio 2. The price is adjustable: you can choose whether to buy three games for $6, four for $10 or the full package with six games for just $15. The bundle is available for an additional $5 if you want to get the Stranger Sins DLC for Graveyard Keeper too. Another great bundle full of games is the tinyBuild IGN Live Showcase Bundle that offers 11 games and two DLCs – containing in total almost $305 worth of gaming experience – for only $15. The price is a bit higher, but there is so much more in this bundle including Hello Neighbor 2, a game in which you have to creep around and explore your neighbour’s home to unveil their secrets, and the magical realms of Asterigos: Curse of the Stars.

Explore the Boundless Realms of Gaming at HOME:

  • Asterigos: Curse of the Stars
  • Cartel Tycoon
  • Hello Neighbor 2
  • and many more thrilling titles.

IGN LIVE: A Celebration of Gaming

Demanding attention in the glittering metropolis of Los Angeles on 7-9 June, IGN’s second annual event promises exclusive reveals, playable games, and up to a thousand giveaways. Aside from showcasing new video games, IGN’s Live event showcases the power of gaming communities to mobilise and use their resources to raise money for good causes. The event will offer more than 100 playable stations for more than 30 games, as well as an impressive number of swag bags.

Why HOME is Where the Heart of Gaming Is

The new, non-physical home could also emerge as an environment in which passions could thrive, but communities could flourish as well If there’s anything a gamer brings home, it’s not just another game for his or her collection. It’s not just another level unlocked, another achievement earned, or yet one more story experienced. It’s another experience. One where we learned how to live along with our friends and family, one where we can be ourselves, but that in turn is not the actual home, the real home, of the game – or the journey through story and interactive possibilities it represents – but the place where it all happens. The IGN and Humble Bundle initiative echoes this theme – when you bring a game home, you’re not just bringing a game to your home.

BEYOND THE BUNDLES: The Ripple Effect of Gaming

IGN’s work with Humble (for Child’s Play) shows how a utopian impulse is still a part of the games space: turning the joy of gaming into something real for other people, enriching the home gaming experience and casting a wider network of hope and recovery in children’s hospitals as well. This is how things can be games-changers. When we talk about the future of play, let’s not imagine a future without metal or eliminating hope mixed in. Let’s not just imagine robots with guns or robots with bunnies. If there is a future out there, it’s one in which humans are still the ones manipulating the machinery – and the whimsy and wonder we bring to it is as important as ever.


Anyone who buys a bundle of games, achieves an objectives or spends any time at all in the environments created by IGN and Humble is literally bringing light into the lives of these children. It is a call to the mass of gamers that their passion can make a difference, and a reminder that the heart of gaming, beats most loudly when it delivers life to not only our living rooms but also those who need it most. Bringing games home. Creating a home for gaming, and making a world to play in.

Jun 08, 2024
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