Biting into Innovation: APPLE's AI Feast at WWDC

For a few years now, APPLE has been the tree in the garden of technological artifice that continues to bear the ripeness of some of the most anticipated seasonal fruits. Instead of putting on the hardware spectacular it usually delivers at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), APPLE this year reached a bit higher to take the spotlight from its product launches and point it directly at a fruit far juicier: a bumper crop of AI enhancements for the next versions of its iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. If we peel back the layers of APPLE’s announcements to reach their true core, we can see how, come autumn, when these enhancements will be unleashed, APPLE, fashionably late to the party that is AI, will implement its own version of APPLE Intelligence into our favourite devices.

APPLE Intelligence: A Personalized Tech Butler for Every User

Hoping to lead the way in an AI renaissance, APPLE has been rebranding artificial intelligence as APPLE Intelligence of late. For example, it would involve having a scuttling presence on your phone that recognises your preferences based on your habits – ‘write’ an email for you, generate a doodle in Messages, and even conjure drawings of your contacts that match their ‘personalities’, based on previous conversations. Much would happen locally, rather than in the cloud, to preserve your privacy.

New Siri: Elevating the Virtual Assistant Game

(We know that one: APPLE’s Siri, the digital assistant that you can talk to.) Now there’s a new Siri, with enhanced natural language comprehension and an expanded repertoire of tasks it can take on. The Siri AI’s upgrade is part of a whole suite of changes that will let you interact with your APPLE device with more ease and less thought.

Revolutionary Photo Enhancements and Genmoji Fun

APPLE’s Photos app will receive a big boost: you’ll be able to perform advanced edits and omit bits of your pictures you don’t like. APPLE is providing Genmoji, a way to have AI-based emoji generated as you go (for those of us who aren’t phased by emoji, making yours more personal adds a pinch of zazz to your electronic communications).

Ushering in a Customizable iOS Experience

Furthermore, APPLE is prepping an iOS update that will expand customisation of your screen. Redesign your app grid layout. Add a hidden apps folder that appears only when you use Face ID. Text messaging? Change the size of messages and emoji using new text styling in Messages. Long overdue…but here!

MacOS Sequoia: A New Horizon for Mac Users

With macOS Sequoia, APPLE promises to make your iPhone and Mac work more closely together with an iPhone Mirroring feature. The Safari browser will soon have a Highlights feature that’s designed to extract concentrated information from web pages, filtering out the unnecessary parts and helping to make your web browsing experience more concise.

Innovations in iPad and APPLE Watch

In the case of the iPad, it is a user interface refresh that makes interaction with it feel more natural. In the case of the APPLE Watch, it is an increase in its health-tracking functionality so that it resembles that of a dedicated sports watch. This is APPLE showing its hand. Things are getting better.

Meeting the Moment with AI and Beyond

From increased intelligence in Siri interactions, to magic photo-editing experiences and more, APPLE is making its ecosystem more AI-centric, just to reinvent the race, if not win it. The prize? Keeping our devices at the very heart of our everyday lives, while respecting our privacy and personalising our relationship with them.


When you think of APPLE, you probably think of sleek hardware and its attendant software. But the company, which began with the invention of the personal computer (well, Jobs and Wozniak did) and continued with the mass-market smartphone and tablet, as well as the digital world of the Mac App Store, is nothing if not a hotbed of invention. It continues those traditions and others with its latest round of AI announcements; as we wait to see what comes out of this year’s WWDC, one thing is sure: May the Force be APPLE.

Jun 11, 2024
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