the turning point of grilling can be traced back, in a way, to the birth of evolutionary history, to the very beginning of human practise Land-based outdoor cooking predates human civilisation by a significant factor. It’s a practice as old as human evolutions, so the origins of grilling on earth are a hard answer, but an easy question. The turning point of grilling can be traced back, in a way, to the birth of evolutionary history, to the very beginning of human practise, with smoke that was compelled into meat. But there’s one issue. Today, innovation pits grill-masters against tradition. As much as the legacy of meat-roasting on an open flame is beloved, the ability to control cooking with smart technology offers an experience that, in the age of control and awareness, if difficult to resist. Smart Grill Origin merges atavistic roots with the exactitude of technology in an all new way. In this essay, we look at the smart grills redefining outdoor cooking for amateurs and pros alike.


The Brisk It Origin 580 Smart Grill: A Game-Changer

For Whom?

Grilling is an art that’s intimidating for many cooks, making Brisk It Origin 580 a top-notch smart grill that can turn out your meals with ease. From novice chefs to cooking veterans, both can appreciate the product for different yet complementary reasons.

Why It Stands Out

Capable of cooking hands-free from auto ignition to smart recipe execution thanks to its AI chip, and with a smokier taste thanks to its wood pellet system, this grill is exceptional for superb barbecue flavour, with a wide range of mouthwatering recipes to choose from, thanks to the app’s expansive recipe database. It also features power smoke as an add-on. However, its body isn't the sturdiest and shows some weaknesses in the construction.

The Current Model G Dual Zone: The Electric Enigma

For Whom?

The Current Model G was made for grillers who live in restricted houses and cannot use open flames. The electric alternative does not have to be boring.

Features and Concerns

It’s great for the dual temperature zones and ease of use, but misses out on that smoky, charred, flame-licked experience – a real minus for purists.

The Masterbuilt MB20071117: Smart Grilling Accessibility

For Whom?

Priced as an entry-level smart grill, Masterbuilt MB20071117 is best for those who would like to dabble in smart grilling without breaking the bank.

Balancing Act

A good compromise for a price-performance ratio, wood pellet grilling and smoking also available. Less AI-oriented and smaller cooking area than with a real smart grill, but a good start.

The Weber Genesis II: Premier Gas Grilling with Smartness

For Whom?

The Weber Genesis II has the most expensive smart grill on the market: ‘For the connoisseur of gas grilling’ it says right on the box.

Luxury Meets Functionality

It’s top-notch in build quality and thermal control, but it’ll cost you. A pellet grill won’t do much to boost your bragging-rights cred and probably won’t produce the same smoky flavours that a charcoal or wood fire offers.


Smart grills mark the beginning of an era of cooking, changing forever the way we understand the craft, the effort and the experience. They exemplify the virtues of innovation, transforming grilling itself, not just the ritual and the tools but also the experience and the journey. The ‘Smart Grill Origin’ is a name, but it’s also a trend, a sign of what’s to come, a notion of cultural convergence, of what happens when technology and tradition combine forces for a better tomorrow.


Smart grilling, in this light, is a byproduct of history, technology and, mostly, of a culinary history that is always driven by invention. It’s a hint at what the future can look like while preserving what works best in the past. And it’s in smart grills, with their ability for auto-temperature and hygrometer readouts on an app on your phone, that we see an example of how we are able to preserve what has made grilling so compelling, but to do it more efficiently, more safely, more comfortable.

Why It Matters

It requires an appreciation of the intellectual history of the practice – how it came to be that we see ‘smart grilling’ not just as an addition of technological gadgetry, but as a truly improved and essentially transformative approach to cooking, improving its appeal, making it more usable, and accessible to all.

With the ‘Smart Grill Origin’, grilling is tied to a future in which tradition and technology merge – one where not just cooking happens, but cookery! Smart grilling is for everyone from the beginning griller to the pitmaster, not one or the other. It’s cookery – not just cook.

May 30, 2024
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