Unveiling Creativity at the Crossroads: GAMESCOM LATAM'S Visionary Keynote Event

When these transformative immersive universes intersect with game-changing storytelling, it is a tale of creation that is as bold as it is epic. For those who think they have yet to hear the best music gaming and entertainment has to offer, it is time to prepare for the record-breaking sound of Gamescom Latam. Already announced is the keynote speaker, an inspired choice of David Alpert, CEO of Skybound, the company that stands at the vanguard of storytelling in gaming.

The Dawn of a New Chapter in Gaming

It’s more than just an expo – it’s a vision of realising Sao Paulo as the hub of gaming culture, from 26-30 June. When it all comes together, Gamescom Latam will embody the long-standing legacy of the Brazilian International Games (BIG) Festival and the fresh thinking approach of Gamescom. The joint venture will operate with the support of Koelnmesse, Omelete Company, BIG Festival and Game (the German-based gaming trade body). This unique partnership symbolises a significant milestone in the history of the gaming industry, and designates the Sao Paulo Expo as a union of gamers, developers and storytellers from all ends of the Earth.

Spotlight: David Alpert's Visionary Keynote

When the announcement came earlier this month that David Alpert, co-chief executive of Skybound Entertainment, and Jon Goldman, co-chairman and chief content officer of Skybound, would be the keynote speakers, it was a light on a hill for the gaming community. Their fireside chat entitled ‘The Expansion of IP & Games’ was looking at the evolution of gaming IP across multiple media and the evolution of games as consumers shape and define the industry. David was excited to be a part of Gamescom Latam because he felt that this was a special time in the celebration of the gaming community. ‘It’s about games and the idea that games continue to bring cultures closer together,’ Alpert said. ‘When people think about the universality of games, they tend to think about language and how the barrier is lowered.

The Intersection of Storytelling and Gaming

Gamescom Latam isn’t just another keynote for Alpert and Goldman to talk about FirstCut and Inception, it’s an important colliding of two worlds in which the content of a story is no longer just a story, but an interactive experience in three dimensions. ‘This is not a passing phase,’ said Gustavo Steinberg, CEO of Gamescom Latam, a hybrid games and entertainment conference held in Medellín this past March. ‘This is about a content-engagement evolution and future.’ Steinberg explained the notion of games having a story as a ‘low-hanging fruit’ for entertainment value, but they’re only touching the side of the iceberg for potential.

Envisioning Immersive Worlds

Gamescom Latam is a part of a global shift that Alpert envisions for the entertainment of the future. As he summed it up outside the Convention Centre, Gamescom Latam exists where ‘books, movies, and TV shows are no longer used to construct a world, and now games are using it too’. Gamescom Latam is the place to be for those interested in how this expanding ecosystem might work, or already works.

GAMESCOM LATAM: A Catalyst for Innovation

So, as Gamescom Latam prepares to welcome an international audience of mainstream and niche gamers from around the globe, its place as a foundation for innovative new ideas and creativity remains intact. The work it does to connect the different aspects of the gaming and entertainment business, and nurture them to work together, positions it to be part of new waves of creativity and technology, where the possibilities will be endless.

The Future Awaits

The anticipation for Gamescom Latam is growing with each passing day before June. Designed by pioneers such as David Alpert and Jon Goldman, the expo will be a groundbreaking event that will impact the future of entertainment, demonstrating how big gaming is in Brazil and the rest of Latin America. It’s the event not to be missed by gaming aficionados and developers, or anyone who simply wants to see why stories are an integral part of any great gaming experience.


At its essence, Gamescom Latam is less an expo and more of a festival – making the occasion about the culture of gaming in all its innovative, unifying and inspiring power, by gathering industry captains, thought leaders, creative minds and gaming fans alike. It’s the yearly exchange of ideas that goes beyond gaming and makes Gamescom Latam a unique showcase for always seeking new and innovating ways of gaming. From 14-17 June, Sao Paulo, Prepare to take the lead in the future of interactive entertainment and immersive storytelling, as Gamescom Latam welcomes the world into its cosmos.

Jun 06, 2024
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