Buy APPLE WATCH Series 9 for Cheap – Memorial Day Sale Still Hot

It may sound crazy, but if you’re the kind of person who can’t resist owning the newest gadget (especially if it happens to be an APPLE product), it makes sense that a Memorial Day sale in 2024 with a sweet $70 discount on an APPLE WATCH Series 9 that just came out in September 2023 would be very tempting. It certainly seems worth waiting for, considering that hearty offers are usually reserved for the traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Why the APPLE WATCH Series 9 Stands Out

The APPLE WATCH Series 9 has been praised by the tech site ZDNET as an ‘evolutionary leap’; as well as being an aesthetically appealing product with serious health and lifestyle applications, it demonstrates a commitment by the California tech company to integrate innovation with ‘real-world’ needs. It is clearly designed to integrate more closely with the iPhone and the larger APPLE ecology – which means it’s likely to be a solid choice either for those looking to upgrade their smartwatch capability, or for those with no experience of a wearable at all.

Where to Snag the Deal

If you’re ready to strap this tech-wonder to your wrist, there’s a good deal to be enjoyed on select APPLE WATCH Series 9 41mm GPS models, which are $70 off in certain colors and sizes at Walmart and claim the same $329 price tag as Amazon and Best Buy at the time of writing. It’s a great reminder of the fact that, regardless of your preference for a particular retailer, deals remain consistent.

  • At Best Buy: APPLE WATCH Series 9 at a discounted rate of $329
  • Walmart’s Offer: Get the APPLE WATCH Series 9 for just $329
  • Amazon’s Bargain: The APPLE WATCH Series 9 41mm for $329

A Closer Look at APPLE WATCH Series 9's Prowess

The Series 9 is not a featureless slab, either. Good reasons exist for its widespread acclaim. The Series 9 goes well beyond the feature-minimalistic SE base model, and comes packed with the features that the latest generation of health-obsessed users can expect from an APPLE smartwatch. Along with the S9 chip, the watch tracks activities, measures steps and heart rate, and much more, with flawless precision. The watch’s health tracking takes advantage of sophisticated algorithms powered by machine learning to hurl itself at the limits of the state of the art, with a mission to anticipate and warn users of health issues before they get the chance to surface.

Clock's Ticking: Act Fast Before the Sale Ends

Time is of the essence, for you mustn’t miss this golden opportunity. An APPLE WATCH Series 9 – at a discount! – is a rare opportunity, and stocks are limited too, so you’d better hurry. Or maybe you’re still undecided, and want to check out more APPLE WATCH deals.

Deal Expiry: A Gentle Reminder

Keep in mind that product deals like these are time-limited and can expire or sell out at any time. The ZDNET deals team continually does the research, reviews and adds the newest and best deals to keep our readers saving on top products every day. Deals may expire, prices may change and product availability may differ from what’s published here.


Over the years, APPLE has shown itself to be a leader of technology and innovation while maintaining a strong focus on merging form and function flawlessly. Bringing us iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and more, APPLE has also evolved over the years to become an innovator in wearables. With the APPLE WATCH series of devices, every iteration has included new features and additions, as well as new ways for customers to become more informed about their own health. APPLE has taken this deep commitment to personal and user health seriously, so it’s no surprise that they continue to deliver smartwatches in the APPLE WATCH Series 9 that are more than just an extension of your smartphone.

To wrap up, the APPLE WATCH Series 9 deal is the perfect chance not just for APPLE fans but for anyone who wants to incorporate smarter health and lifestyle habits into their everyday routine. With its superb features, its health monitoring capabilities, and the world’s best-known name in tech behind it, the Series 9 is an extension of yourself, helping to cope with the challenges of health and wellbeing in the technological age.

May 29, 2024
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