Unlocking the Treasure Trove: Navigating AMAZON PRIME DAY 2024 Like a Pro

Some might call it national holiday, but for many die-hard coupon-clippers and impulse – or logic – buyers, Amazon Prime Day is a global shopping event to be taken seriously. And every year, Amazon Prime Day gets bigger and better, promising to bring back its coveted Prime member-exclusive deals on July 10 – 2024 Day – when items will start discounted, and the true festivities of all-day deals kick in July 11-12 for 48 intense hours. These deals will be preceded by weeks of early offers – which means it’s never too early to start gearing up for Amazon Prime Day 2024. This article will get you up to speed and ready to conquer Prime Day with some smart buying tips, so you know which items to add to your shopping list and which to save for another day.

Crafting Your Prime Strategy: Wishlist Wonders on AMAZON

The Power of the Amazon Wishlist

Did you know Amazon has a wishlist option? Oh my God, it’s such a life-saver for the organised shopper. On every Amazon page there is an ‘add to list’ button right next to ‘add to cart’ – so easy. Post a wishlist for every thing you want (gadget, gizmo and sheer gee-gaw), and you have your ‘list’ to pick from on Prime Day.

Wisdom in Wishlist Management

But it’s equally important to make sure that your Amazon wishlist is carefully vetted. If you add too many things impulsively, you’ll end up subsidising Amazon Prime entries through hits on your credit report. Avoid ‘over-curation’, the kind of fawning attention given to your wishlist as it multiplies uncontrollably. You don’t want to be in debt to a life-size cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito for the next dozen years as he becomes your permanent houseguest. Stick to the necessities is the key.

Stay Ahead: Enable Wishlist Alerts on AMAZON

Unlocking Amazon’s Alert System

Enable wishlist alerts: a feature available via the Amazon app, but one that can become a veritable wishlist guardian angel. Simply enter your Amazon wishlist and enable these alerts to get price drops, lightning deals on desired items, or even notifications that a previously unavailable item is now back in stock. Enabling this feature means you’ll be the first one in the door to grab those sale items.

Echo Your Desires: Advanced Deal Alerts

Alexa’s Insider Info

Your Echo smart speaker can play tunes sure, but it can also be your means to insider access to Amazon Prime Day deals. Advanced deal alerts put you in the Loop for deals up to 24 hours in advance. When you want to know which deals are happening or when you need to order your items before the crowd, Alexa can be your tactical advantage. If your wishlist items are going on sale, you can be the first to know. If the item is part of a lightning deal, Alexa can tell you when to pounce.

AMAZON PRIME DAY 2024: Date, Deals, and Prep

Just a warning: if you keep reading, you might end up going shopping, because you absolutely need to be prepared for this year’s Amazon Prime Day – arguably the mother of all shopping holidays. true, the dates of Amazon Prime Day 2024 are still unknown – although they will most likely land in mid-July – but the hype has already started. And for anyone who’s experiencing inflation-induced sticker shock, this shopping holiday will serve as a welcome oasis of savings. Of course, Amazon’s shopping extravaganza is also prime time for Prime members, but anyone who signs up for the retailer’s 30-day free trial will get a golden ticket and get access to the savings.

Beyond the Deals: Understanding AMAZON

As we look ahead to Amazon Prime Day 2024, we can reflect on Amazon’s rise from an online bookstore 29 years ago to the juggernaut of e-commerce it is today. Amazon broke ground in retail and has a history of innovation in technology. Amazon Prime Day celebrates the company, and its millions of Prime members, by offering exclusive deals, while re-establishing Amazon as the leader of global retail.

FAQs: Selling on AMAZON with Gizmogo

Why Sell on AMAZON with Gizmogo?

The Gizmogo Advantage

Not only you will have the opportunity to sell at Amazon, you will benefit from Gizmogo’s expert and quick selling process, so you can maximise your profit and have a great experience selling at Amazon.

Getting Started: How to Begin?

Your First Steps

When selling items with Gizmogo to get started on Amazon, we introduce the flows of your items in relation to Amazon. Gizmogo’s integration with Amazon helps you simply list and sell your items.

What Can You Sell?

Diverse Product Opportunities

Amazon’s marketplace is immense, so through Gizmogo, for example, you can sell everything from gadgets and gizmos to something you’re pretty sure is just a piece of metal with some string attached. Probably to someone looking for that exact thing.

Maximizing Profits: Any Tips?

Profit-Boosting Strategies

If you’re selling on Amazon, but you aren’t taking Gizmogo’s advice on board when setting prices, writing product descriptions and communicating with your customers – you’re throwing money away.

Handling Logistics: What Should You Know?

Streamlined Fulfillment

Gizmogo we’ll help you navigate Amazon’s complex logistics and fulfilment mechanisms to make the selling on Amazon experience more comprehensive and quick.

Taking a strategic approach to shopping on Amazon Prime Day 2024 means that your Amazon shopping experience will be more of an eagle-eyed treasure hunt in which you seize the deals that actually matter to you and fly off into the sunset a true Amazon champion. And for anyone who wants to start selling on Amazon, Gizmogo can raise your e-commerce game to new Amazon heights. Whether you’re looking to shop on or sell on Amazon, the fun is just getting started: the internet marketplace keeps getting bigger for those of us who have our eyes out for worthwhile deals to shop and sell.

May 14, 2024
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