Get # MICROSOFT and ARM: Sparking a Revolution in the PC Industry

MICROSOFT is joining forces with Arm to change the face of computing. In the next decade, artificial intelligence-turbocharged laptops with next-generation always-on chips are poised to shift the needle in an industry that has seen slow and steady change since Apple launched the first portable computer in the early 1980s. MICROSOFT’s newly announced collaboration with Arm has created an alliance that could help the PC make a comeback at the exact moment it risks fading into irrelevancy. In this feature, we examine MICROSOFT and Arm’s new partnership and the way both companies are positioning themselves to usher in a new era of commercial computing.

MICROSOFT's Strategic Alliance with ARM: A Game Changer

The Genesis of a Tech Powerhouse Collaboration

At the centre of this transformative shift is the innovation in ARM’s technology on display at Computex in the unveiling of Qualcomm-powered Windows on ARM PCs. This partnership between MICROSOFT and ARM is igniting the industry in new ways, creating new horizons and expanding the art of the possible in computing.

ARM's Technological Prowess Meets MICROSOFT's Software Excellence

Meanwhile, ARM’s Chief Executive Rene Haas offers a glimpse into what ARM’s CSS for Client processors, coupled with ‘the power of MICROSOFT's software expertise’, means for PC-making: a new age. Not just for increased processing power, but for driving an interdependence between software and hardware making what was once unpleasant, a pleasant experience.

The Ripple Effect of Apple's Innovation

ARM itself credits Apple with having started this revolution: They innovated a path, and the M1 Mac is a genuine wake-up call to our industry of what is possible with ARM-based laptops.That’s a message for posterity. MICROSOFT and ARM are writing the postscript.

Overcoming Challenges: The Road to ARM-based Windows PCs

Addressing the Software Gap

Until then, the adoption of Windows on ARM PCs was hampered by software compatibility constraints. MICROSOFT and ARM’s software partnering has helped bridge that gap, and now the key workloads are ported onto ARM natively, to take advantage of the hardware and deliver great Windows experiences.

Qualcomm's Unique Approach

The unusual chip configuration Qualcomm has settled on, which puts almost all its horsepower into performance cores, highlights the myriad possibilities for different kinds of processors in different types of systems within the ARM ecosystem. This flexibility is necessary because modern software is so big and dense and complex. It’s necessary for ARM-based PCs to deliver.

The Future is AI: MICROSOFT and ARM at the Forefront

Embracing AI for Enhanced Computing

Bringing AI to the PC is a leap forward. ARM says that MICROSOFT is committed to delivering monthly driver updates for Snapdragon X Elite PCs. ARM says that developing for these devices will help usher in new use cases through human-sounding AI.

MICROSOFT's Vision for Windows on ARM

The window for Windows on ARM to make a difference is wide open; MICROSOFT is driving hard. It believes that PCs infused with AI and powered by the marriage of MICROSOFT and ARM will transcend the way we think of computers today, offering users an unprecedented combination of efficiency, performance and flexibility.

In Conclusion: The Dawn of a New Computing Era

Standing on the brink of this new computing age, MICROSOFT and its new partner ARM are ushering in a bright future. The revolution started by Apple has just been passed like a baton: MICROSOFT is carrying it forward, and ARM is paving the way for a revolution that will transform the industry – and, with it, the meaning and expectations of personal computing.


For decades, MICROSOFT and its industry partners have been at the vanguard of the digital era, shaping a world where technology can truly transform people’s lives. An industry pioneer like ARM, working in concert with MICROSOFT, helps us pursue this mission by bringing forward the potential of technology for every user on the planet. MICROSOFT (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

Jun 06, 2024
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