A New Dawn in Retro Gaming: Introducing the ModRetro Chromatic

The gaming world was abuzz at the announcement that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey had designed a gadget heck-bent on combining the best of old school with new-school tech. The Midwestern-raised entrepreneur had unveiled the ModRetro Chromatic, a retro handheld gaming device that would play Game boy cartridges. Based in Southern California by a startup of the same name as the device, ModRetro was founded by Luckey, who gained fame for his work with his company Oculus, where he invented the Oculus VR headset acquired by Facebook for a rumoured $2 billion in 2014. In 2020, Luckey left Facebook to join the Anduril, a defence contractor founded by the brother of Elon Musk,citetracker,ref-1,ref-2ModRetro ChromaticThe ModRetro Chromatic is a handheld brand-new hardware that was handcrafted to play Game Boy cartridges. The gadget was designed to replicate the 90s gaming experience where analog design was prioritised over digital precision.

A Glimpse into the Future with a Nod to the Past


The Chromatics’ 2.56-inch display measures 160×144 pixels, and is covered with an ultra-durable sapphire screen cover for the best crispness, clarity and responsiveness in game art, recreating it as the game creators originally envisioned it. Game-play quality has been taken back to the pixel.


ModRetro’s Chromatic is as much a statement of sneaking contempt for the complicating forces of modern gaming as it is a peripheral device: targeted at older gamers who miss the glory days of cartridge gaming as much as a new audience seeking a gentler alternative to the charging time-sinks of AAA games. The Chromatic embodies a vision of play free from microtransactions and ongoing updates, and – sadly – free from the need for both. At the same time, this device isn’t just about replaying old games; it’s a platform for indie developers to innovate. By enabling creators to distribute their games on physical carts, ModRetro gives creators the chance to sell their games and get paid for their hard work. It’s a way for developers to create unique content for gamers to enjoy for years to come.

Stepping into the Spotlight – A Classic Event


The ModRetro Chromatic will debut at the Classic Tetris World Championships – a live, online Tetris tournament featuring top “Classic” Tetris players and to be broadcasted on livestream from the Pasadena Convention Center on 25 June. This partnership will showcase the Chromatic at the peak of competition, channeling the nostalgic magic of classic gaming into modern digital entertainment. A twist will be played on the 25 June tournament when the guest of honour is a celebrity who will be announced closer to the event.

An Invitation to the SoCal Gaming Expo

And, while the tournament is certainly the highlight of the weekend, don’t think that things slow down when it’s over. The Chromatic will also be on display at SoCal Gaming Expo, giving players a chance to play around with the device firsthand. Attendees will have the opportunity to preorder the Chromatic and be able to celebrate the world’s first colour home console with a gold-and-purple limited-edition shirt. SoCal is a paradise for retro gaming lovers, and the perfect place for players to revisit old gaming memories and make some new memories with a lovely new purchase.

The Heart of Classic Gaming

Bringing the past into the present, the ModRetro Chromatic is not just a gadget, it’s a stepping stone that bridges a rowdy gap nostalgia between a bygone era of simple, joyful gameplay with the exciting future high-tech advancements hoaxing us with way too many exciting distractions. Cheers, ModRetro, for this innovative leap from the realm of classic gaming – a fond memory of a simpler time where every game was a journey, and every play-through came with lasting joy.

The Classic Legacy Lives On

About Classic Gaming

Classic gaming is a celebration of the roots of video gaming. Old games from the arcades and old consoles from the days of the Atari to the cartridge-driven Nintendo Game Boy that were the precursors to the video game industry we know and love today. Classic gaming is about innovation, creativity and fun and the men around the table are rediscovering the joy of a simple game and a simple concept, making the ModRetro Chromatic all the more fitting, as its retro design connects the past to the future.

Jun 06, 2024
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