A Lifeline on Your Wrist and in Your Pocket: Unlocking APPLE's Life-Saving Features

In this digital era that sees almost everything we do intersected with technology in one way or another, APPLE company has begun not only to signal new innovations, but to provide life-saving solutions to our everyday health and safety concerns. Now, both the iPhone and APPLE Watch are loaded with life-saving features that will actually help you in emergencies when you press the right buttons – if you’ve taken the right steps to prepare. Here’s how you make the new APPLEvations your best first-aid friend.

Empowering Your APPLE Gear with Emergency Features

The Essentials of iPhone and APPLE Watch Emergency Features

In the greatest swathe of tales disseminated over the past half-decade, any number of APPLE devices have been hailed for saving lives. iPhone and APPLE Watch have an array of life-saving capabilities that come standard – from automated fall detection and emergency SOS to heart rate monitoring and even an Electrocardiogram (ECG) function. But before they can guard you, those features first have to be turned on and properly configured.

Tailoring Your Device for Emergencies

To find the emergency functions on your iPhone or APPLE Watch, go to Settings > Emergency SOS on your iPhone or the equivalent in your APPLE Watch app, and you’ll see these settings:

  • Emergency SOS procedures
  • Automatic emergency calls post-accident (specific hardware requirements apply)
  • Emergency contacts/Medical ID
  • Emergency SOS via satellite connectivity (for newer models)

Spotlight on Emergency SOS

The Emergency SOS feature remains a critical lifeline available with multiple gestures on your device:

  • SOS with slider: A slide of your finger on your iPhone or APPLE Watch will initiate a rescue call.
  • Hold SOS: Press and hold the side and volume buttons for five seconds to initiate an SOS call, after a pause to confirm.
  • SOS with 5 presses: a quick sequence of button presses on the side button to start an emergency call.

Practice doing these things (without placing the call), and you’ll be more likely to be able to, when you need to. You can place discrete calls (to avoid alerting others when you activate SOS) by turning on ‘Call Quietly’.

Advancements in Crash Detection

For users of the most recent hardware (the iPhone 14 and later, or the APPLE Watch Series 8/SE gen 2/Ultra), APPLE provides automatic emergency calls after a crash. This feature requires a toggle and initiates an emergency countdown in your phone followed by an alarm and an emergency call – though of course, not all crashes are detected.

Ensuring Your Medical Details are Accessible

For example, in an emergency situation, it’s good to have your medical information quickly visible – which APPLE facilitates with its Medical ID feature, which emergency personnel can see if they call up your health data – and making sure that your emergency contacts are set up means that someone you love will be notified if you dial ‘emergency’ on your device.

Harnessing Satellite Power with SOS

This is the emergency SOS via satellite feature, which APPLE is pioneering with the new release of the iPhone 14 series. Now you can send texts in the event of an emergency, even if there’s no cellular or WiFi network. APPLE is encouraging users to practise with a demo to get familiar with the feature, which could potentially save a life.

The Importance of Being Prepared

As technology evolves, we’re increasing our options, but the real value is in our ‘readiness’: how prepared we are to use them. Set-up and familiarise yourself with these emergency features, and your APPLE device isn’t merely a gadget, it’s a reassuring source of help in an emergency.

The APPLE at the Core of Safety

Integrated with layers of health and safety functionalities, APPLE has upped the ante of what technology can do for emergency readiness. Via the APPLE Watch’s thoughtful design or the iPhone’s advanced functionality, APPLE strives to keep you in the best of health and spirits. By adopting these features and following through by integrating them into your everyday routines, you ensure that you (and your loved ones) are better safeguarded for the unforeseen.

This is the world that modern technology has shaped and is still shaping in the field of emergency response, and in matters of personal safety. APPLE has been at the forefront. its users now have more life-saving measures at their fingertips than ever before. Quite ironic that the devices we blame for our alienation from reality could effectively bring us back to it at our most critical moments.

Jun 06, 2024
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