Unveiling the Future: The Revolution of SIRI in Apple’s iOS 18

Apple is leading the pack, and promises to change the way we engage with digital assistants. Word is out, however, that the big changes are coming at WWDC 2024. Reports indicate the much-anticipated changes will include a significant upgrade to Siri, Apple’s digital assistant. If they deliver on what they’re promising, the new Siri will be not only smarter but also able to speak more like a human.

Apple’s Vision for a New SIRI

Ultimately, the desire to make Siri more intuitive and natural-language-capable represents Apple’s drive to make her more intelligent, more of a mind-reader. At the very least, you don’t have to memorise a cryptic command. Author’s comment Siri would be able to carry out a task and, when you tell her, she’ll say, ‘Oh, yeah, I took care of that’. So you’ve trained your own version of Siri, and it’s scarier than you realised, because it doesn’t require memorising any cryptic commands. It now reads your mind. This is the future Apple thinks people want – to be rid of robotic commands and perform tasks in more natural-feeling ways.

SIRI’s New Bag of Tricks

The leak is a tantalising sneak-peek of what’s in store for Siri in more than a dozen first-party iPhone apps. Some of the highlights include: Still from the video.

1. Camera Control with SIRI

Close your eyes and imagine an iPhone set up for a group photo. You step inside the frame, and with just your voice tell the phone to take a picture. Siri soon will let you do exactly that. A number of camera functions will be controlled with voice thanks to Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant.

2. An Overhauled Mail App

By leveraging machine learning, Siri will take email management a step further – from setting up appointments and composing and sending an email by voice, to suggesting intelligent responses and email scheduling.

3. Revolutionary Photo Editing Features

Apple has pledged an AI-infused future for Siri, but it doesn’t just have to be about reading the weather. With AI-powered photo editing, you’ll soon be able to cut out unwanted objects in your photos or slap on a new generative filter. All of these generative AI technologies could be the next step in how we engage with our images.

4. Enhanced Browsing in Safari

Siri will also pitch in to help streamline Safari browsing, offering voice-driven summaries of webpages as well as voice-driven tab and window management. Apple believes websites these days are just too information-dense, and wants to make it easier to consume that info in ways that lend themselves to voice input.

5. Hands-Free Voice Memos

If you’re still prone to fumbling through your iPhone in order to record a quick memo, your days are done: Siri’s latest voice commands will allow users to create, store and sort them via commands alone.

When Can We Expect These Features?

It’s still a tall order and not every feature is likely to launch at WWDC. Some are said to be coming in 2025 and later iOS updates, according to Apple’s most accurate leaker Mark Gurman. Nonetheless, the prospect of just a few of them appearing at or near WWDC this year can be seen as a window into Apple’s far-reaching vision for Siri.

A Call for Insights

Apple is striving to make Siri smarter and the hiring process and the ongoing development process is one that’s full of speculation, so it is difficult to envision exactly where Siri is going next. But we certainly look forward to finding out officially and seeing how Siri will affect the Apple ecosystem.


Apple Inc. is a leader in the technology market, developing consumer electronics, software and services. The tech giant constructs various products, such as the iPad tablet, iPhone and Mac computers, for entertainment, communication and work. Apple also created Siri, a hands-free, voice-activated computer program, which responds to voice commands and can perform an array of functions. From its creation in 2011, Apple has been updating and enhancing Siri. This commitment demonstrates Apple’s continued focus on how technology can make our lives better.

The coming reboot of Siri isn’t about an Ivy League system undergoing a software upgrade, it’s about an underlying re-imagining of your relationship with your hardware and a promised future where your technology – like magic, or like a friend – knows your wants and needs before you do, more humanely than any human possibly could. Apple is the game-changer here, the first company to take us into this future, and the rest of the world is waiting with baited breath to see how it all plays out.

Jun 09, 2024
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