Unleashing Power on the Go: How the Anker PowerCore 737 Revolutionizes Mobile Charging

Nowadays, being glued to our phones seems to be a requirement, not just a lifestyle choice. But with usage of mobile devices today growing as the years pass, the need for a green power source to keep them powered and operational becomes more and more critical. Enter the Anker PowerCore 737, a revolutionary step in on-the-go power for all the right reasons. This power bank packs 24,000mAh of on-the-go power and 140W of USB power delivery, but its potential is far greater than you might initially believe. Here’s everything you need to know, and why this product is your new go-to for mobile power.

Charge Up Your Adventures with Anker PowerCore 737

You don’t have to be a power person to appreciate the Anker PowerCore 737. It’s a power bank. That’s all. It just has a really big battery and is allowed by the TSA. If some random person asked you to describe this 1.4 pound, 24,000mAh power bank, you could do much better than dumping out its contents and saying: is this a power bank? It nearly fits in my palm. It’s light enough to use a spacer between my desk and my computer mouse. It gives me a satisfying lift when I stand on it. It has a USB-C cable, a USB-A to USB-C cable, and a USB-A to Micro-USB cable. Also, it smells like hot oil because it’s wrapped in this fabric that’s so soft and comfortable I definitely wouldn’t mind sleeping on it. If I could, I definitely would.

Experience Unmatched Charging Efficiency

The rubberised construction on the PowerCore 737’s sides has a nice, grippy feel to it And it’s those 140W of USB power that trump all other PowerCores in the series. It’s not really about charging speed with the PowerCore 737 in general. It’s about charging speed with the PowerCore 737 charged up and connected to your laptop, while you’re actively using your laptop. It would be possible for you to power up a 16” MacBook Pro while taking a long lunch, provided it works with the charger you’ve got. It would also be possible for you to power up a 16” MacBook Pro while doing literally anything with your MacBook Pro, provided it would work with the charger in question. But it’s not really even about charging speed – it’s about charging speed and wattage combined. A 200W charger will charge your phone, computer, tablet, speaker and lamp at roughly the same speed; that speed will be substantially faster than your MacBook Pro’s charger can put out. The PowerCore 737 is, at the time of writing, the only portable charger you can buy that will make this happen with your laptop as well. It takes everything that the other PowerCores offer and adds light speed to the mix.

A Triple Threat of Charging Ports

One of the best things about the PowerCore 737 is that it has two reversible USB Type-C ports and one USB Type-A port, giving you options in how you recharge. The USB Type-C port can be used as both an input or output: not only can you recharge your device, but you can also recharge the power bank.

The Ideal Companion for Portable Gaming

As portable gaming devices go, there is literally no better mobile charger than the Anker PowerCore 737, which routinely tops both Best Portable Battery Pack for Steam Deck and Best Portable Charger for ASUS ROG Ally rankings. The Achilles’ heel of portable gaming devices – and arguably the most secretively designed aspect of this category – is its battery life. With the Anker PowerCore 737, it comes down to extended power reserves to keep the gaming juices flowing on the go.

Extending Playtime with Power to Spare

With a whopping 22,800mAh capacity, the PowerCore 737 charges your Nintendo Switch OLED more than five times, your iPhone 15 OLED Pro Max more than five times, and your Steam Deck more than four times on a single PowerCore 737 charge. For a gamer, that’s seamless gameplay you can enjoy without worrying about running out of battery life. You’re always in the game with the PowerCore 737.

Don't Miss Out on Unbeatable Power Bank Deals

The Anker PowerCore 737 is an eye-catching portable charger, but a deal this good catches your attention too. The PowerCore 737 is currently listed on Amazon for $88.95, a full $61.04 (or 40 per cent!) off its MSRP of $150. Any tech enthusiast or mobile warrior who’s been dying to get a portable charger with high capacity and maximum power delivery but doesn’t want to shell out for it needs to jump on this deal. The PowerCore 737 is the portable charger you’re looking for.

Discover More Great Deals on Handheld Gaming Systems

If you’re shopping for more than just a battery pack to keep your phone charged on the road, deals abound on everything from Steam Deck to next-generation Nintendo Switch. It’s not an overstatement to say that no other battery can leave your entire device collection feelingifiauttovadere fresher on a single charge, than the PowerCore 737.

Understanding the Charge: More Than Just Power

To the core, the Anker PowerCore 737 is not just a brick that keeps your gadgets juiced up. It’s also a freedom machine: the confidence and readiness that come with a full charge spill over to everything you tackle. It supports devices that are among the most power-hungry out there, including the MacBook Pro and portable gaming systems. The pinnacle of mobile power in a brick. No longer an ‘accessory’ in the traditional sense, but a critical piece of hardware, the PowerCore 737 is an essential purchase for anyone who needs connection, productivity and entertainment wherever they are. Anker is committed to delivering capacity, speed and versatility, and making it clear that ‘when you buy a PowerCore 737, you aren’t just buying a portable charger, you’re defining how you live and work in a mobile world.’ Be charged, be connected, and never see your digital life sputter to a halt, ever again. The Anker PowerCore 737 is a power bank. Of course it is. But it’s also your passport to a world where your devices can keep up with you, wherever you roam.

Jun 14, 2024
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