The Future is Now: Discover How SAMSUNG and Copilot+ PCs are Revolutionizing Computing

Tech moves fast and you should be ahead of it – whether you create it or consume it. Now, we’re on the verge of a new computing revolution – and Samsung and others are leading the way with the launch of new Copilot+ PCs that are poised to change the game. This new class of computers with all-day battery life, beautiful designs, and advanced AI capabilities that other Windows 11 PCs just can’t deliver. Come with us for a journey into the future of computing and learn how Samsung is leading the way for the new computer age.

Embracing the Era of Copilot+ PCs

The launch of Copilot+ PCs is a turning point in the history of the PC industry, a sector that has long previously needed to tap into a fountain of innovation. These are not laptops – they’re your new innovative partner for productivity and innovation, with exclusive AI features enabling a new era of what a personal computer can do.

A Closer Look at SAMSUNG Galaxy Book4 Edge

First, the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge, aimed at those who won’t settle for anything less than ultimate power and beauty and brilliant colours. The book takes Samsung’s pragmatic ingenuity to its logical conclusions. Not quite a laptop, it’s a Samsung smart display – designed to tempt you, like Samsung’s televisions, into an entertaining world full of stories that Samsung doesn’t want you to forget, because it’s designed to watch them on a Samsung phone. It has an AMOLED display and a Snapdragon X Elite chip.

Best Buy's Unmissable Offer

To make the leap a little more enticing, Best Buy is offering a 50-inch TV as a freebie to anyone buying one of those featured PCs, which includes two Samsung models. It’s a window into the future, all thanks to Best Buy and its leading manufacturers such as Samsung.

Snapdragon X: The Heartbeat of Innovation

These next-gen devices are driven by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X series of processors, developed by the company’s researchers specifically for AI-accelerated capabilities, and customised for speed and energy-efficient processing. From live captions to the company’s Auto Super Resolution, the entire experience is about smart computing, and it’s just a prelude to the type of PCs that Samsung and others will be offering, that are faster, but also smarter.

All-Day Battery Life: A New Standard

No more squirrelling for outlets: the energy-efficiency of the Snapdragon X processors mean that Copilot+ PCs like those from Samsung now deliver true all-day battery life. This is a game-changer for prosumers and creators, who expect to be as productive as their devices allow them to be.

The Copilot+ PC Lineup: A Glimpse into the Future

In another sense, the trio of new machines indicate a ‘Great Reset’ for PCs that tech leaders have been promising for more than a decade. This is what the future of computing looks like: thin, efficient and smart, and with AI features that turn your PC into not just a tool but a true partner to help you be smarter too. First to arrive are the laptops, a category that is primed to be the first to benefit from this Arm-based technology – but other types of PCs won’t be far behind.

Why My Best Buy Membership is a Game-Changer

Destiny awaits those willing to leap into the next century with a Copilot+ PC: My Best Buy also offers a free TV for its members, who get extended return times, special discount days and more.

SAMSUNG at the Forefront of the Next-Gen Computing

Samsung has always been one of the first companies to integrate technology into our lives with ease. And now, with its presence in the Copilot+ PC space, it is once again at the forefront of a new revolution that will bring us smarter, more efficient and easier ways to do everyday tasks through computing devices that balance performance with aesthetics, power with efficiency and innovation with user experience. The Galaxy Book4 Edge is just the beginning of the next generation of laptops and devices.

And that’s what sets the ground troops of this new age apart: the future of computing is not necessarily about faster processors or more memory. It’s about smarts, agility, and more importantly, about smarter people-to-people interactions. It’s a future that Samsung, for its part, is creating, where the machine knows you better, gets things done faster, and helps you do the extraordinary.

Jun 12, 2024
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