Exploring the Galaxy Far, Far Away: The OPEN-WORLD Marvel of Star Wars Outlaws

There’s a new Star Wars out in the galaxy: this one is expansive, and promises to take fans on an adventure the size of the universe itself. ‘Star Wars Outlaws’, announced by Ubisoft in April, is set to become the largest single-player Star Wars game to date, releasing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on 30 August. For fans who are hesitant to pre-order, recent news unveiled at Ubisoft Forward 2024 had the gaming community buzzing. Take a journey with me as we explore this new open-world Star Wars title and discover what it’s doing differently in the cinematic universe.

The OPEN Galaxy Awaits: A Closer Look at Star Wars Outlaws

Outlaws, Ubisoft’s latest entry into the Star Wars universe, has players following the adventures of Kay Vess, a dashing adventurer who works her way through the lower levels of the galaxy alongside her alien companion Nix. Outlaws, created by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment, is set to be Ubisoft’s first open-world Star Wars game, featuring locations such as Tatooine and Canto Bight.

OPEN-WORLD Gameplay and Combat Systems

Especially notable for its open-world design, Star Wars Outlaws features a gameplay loop that rewards players for exploring the galaxy and taking down foes. In Star Wars Outlaws, the combat and exploration are difficult to separate. The game retains the core Star Wars battling mechanics but also supplements them with a mixture of ground-based combat and spacefaring encounters, going further than previous games in testing the limits of what playing in a galaxy far, far away can be like.

The Art of Space Travel in Star Wars Outlaws

Is a Star Wars game really Star Wars if you can’t go into space? ‘Star Wars Outlaws’ takes starship movement and builds the gameplay around it. You’ll fly from system to system in starships across the Galaxy, hopping from planet to planet, discovering clues and fighting through epic space battles.

Branching Dialogues and Storytelling

A branching narrative with heart and multitudes lay at the centre of Star Wars Outlaws. The game would offer a deep immersion in the Star Wars universe through its dialogue system. Players would be able to respond in a way that could change the course of the story. They might become fully engaged in the world and fully write their own story.

Pre-Order Bonuses and Incentives

With the release date right around the corner, Ubisoft has been offering exclusive pre-order bonuses to get players to commit. Purchasing Star Wars Outlaws now not only ensures you get to be one of the first to play this massive open-world experience, but it also comes with some exclusive rewards for your in-game play experience.

The Promise of Star Wars Outlaws

Inching forward to the fall release of Star Wars Outlaws, an upcoming open-world game from Ubisoft, is the next step in what could be the greatest video game Star Wars experience ever, going beyond heredity and the number of laser bolts fired. Star Wars Outlaws has the potential to be the most ambitious and immersive Star Wars experience ever created in the form of a video game. Many of us dream of living out some sort of Star Wars fantasy from time to time, and the experiences that software developers have created so far are legion, deep and wildly vivid to be sure. But with Outlaws, Ubisoft could very well show us what it would actually be like to live out and see the worlds that we have only read about, heard, and seen on screen. It might well be the most immersive and realistic open world experience in the history of the Star Wars gaming universe. In other words, what it would really be like to do so…

Setting a New Standard in OPEN-WORLD Gaming

In the words of Lincoln, Star Wars Outlaws is poised to rewrite the book on open-world gaming. Massive Entertainment knows a thing or two about crafting open worlds. And now it’s going to do so with the rich lore of Star Wars.

Exploring the OPEN World of Star Wars

More than that, the open-world design of Star Wars Outlaws means that players will have the freedom to explore the galaxy at their own pace (a keystone of the original Star Wars films), they’ll be able to make real choices, and their stories will of necessity be unique to them. Star Wars Outlaws could be an immersive game that not only pays tribute to Star Wars, but also carries forward its magic into a new format.

The Essence of 'OPEN' in Star Wars Outlaws

But ‘open’ in the sense of ‘wide-ranging’, ‘adventurous’… anything like a kind of daring exuberance in exploring uncharted territory – all those things are about the way ‘Star Wars Outlaws’ opens up the Star Wars universe. It’s not just about opening up a world, but opening up gaming itself.

‘Star Wars Outlaws’ is going to be a big deal. We know this because we’ve been talking to the developers at Hutch Games about what it has in store. And a lot of things are about to come together for Star Wars games. It may be the most exciting time in the long history of the franchise – which started with the first game in 1982. That was an arcade shooter based on the first film, but you only got to go where and shoot who the film showed you. Most of the early games were like that but, by the end of the 1990s, some things had changed. We could play as the ‘bad guys’, and we could explore the storyline by playing through as Jedi variations such as Luke, Leia or Han, or even ‘bad-guy’ variations with similar names and looks. In 2000, LucasArts released X-Wing Alliance, and suddenly we got to play games that were deeply embedded in the storyline of the films, with characters responding and adapting to our choices. And it’s about to get even better. In the summer of 2023, we’ll get a taste of it with Star Wars Outlaws, the first real-time-strategy, open-world game with cross-era story integration and seamless switch-in play. The Star Wars franchise is vast and diverse, and sometimes it’s difficult to rank one aspect of its storytelling over another. At other times, though, such as in this case, it’s crystal clear. This is easily the biggest event not only in terms of Star Wars games, but also in Star Wars as a whole. ‘Star Wars Outlaws’ is going to be a big deal, for all kinds of people. So get ready.

Jun 11, 2024
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