The Ultimate Guide to This Summer's Fresh Picks on APPLE TV+

If you’re a movie lover, a series junkie, a family sitcom fan, a mystery buff, an action junkie, or just love getting lost in a great story, this summer should have you covered. On 30 June, APPLE TV+ will debut six new movies and shows, which might not sound like a lot, but you’ll soon see that each one promises something a little different. And because the brand doesn’t generate as much content per year as Netflix, these additions feel like special events. In fact, they are; just read on and see for yourself.

Movies and Shows Debuting on APPLE TV+ This Summer

The Greatest Beer Run Ever

By Peter Farrelly, who directed Green Book, this movie is based on the story of Chickie Donohue, who started brewing beer in his Kansas City basement to teach himself the craft. Then being drafted, he decides to take his restricted leave time and travel to Vietnam with a keg of beer for his friends fighting in the war. This true story has a comic side, but unfortunately for viewers, Farrelly teamed up with one of the individuals involved in the making of the disastrous, tone-dead comedy of last year, The King’s Man. Cast Members: Zac Efron, Bill Murray, Russell Crowe, Jake Lacy. Release Date: 1 September.

APPLE TV+ June Jubilee: From Thrillers to Animated Adventures

The Legal Labyrinth of "Presumed Innocent"

Dive into the legal soap opera of Presumed Innocent starting June 12: a wild ride of obsession, politics and the power of love tested against the murky waters of the law.

The Whimsical World of "Camp Snoopy"

Starring Snoopy and his friends, Camp Snoopy (premiering 14 June) follows their adventure to collect badges in outdoor activities. Music will take centre stage in Muscles (18 June), a ‘teen-themed’ (is there another kind?) musical series about four students, one of whom has superpowers. And to round off the month, we have Hatching Pete (25 June), an animated series that offers a ‘nerd’s-eye view of family life’.

"Land of Women": A Dramedy of Survival and Secrets

Then, on June 26, there’s Land of Women, a dramedy starring Eva Longoria, which is almost as much about resetting your life as it is about digging up your dead bodies.

Dramatic Depths in "Fancy Dance"

‘Fancy Dance’ concludes the album on a piercing note, telling a heart-wrenching story of seeking and survival in the context of indigenous resistance, highlighting, through generations of women, the power to resist.

Juicy July Joys: Mysteries, Sci-fi, and More

Mystery Meets Technology in "Sunny"

Sunny dives into the enigmatic and fantastical story of Suzie’s life-changing trip with a robot companion, laced with sci-fi intrigue, beginning 10 July.

"Me": A Superhero Saga with a Twist

On 12 July, APPLE TV+ offers a marvellous glimpse into the life of Ben, a superpowered middle-schooler, who embarks on a quest of self-discovery and, yes, superheroics in ‘Me’.

"Lady in the Lake" and "Omnivore": A Thriller and a Culinary Journey

July’s second instalment, ‘Lady in the Lake’ (July 15), is a razor-sharp murder mystery that doubles as a takedown of sexism. The series continues on July 19 with ‘Omnivore’, which looks at the stories that are woven into our culinary past and future.

The August Avalanche: Heists, Histories, and Hilarity

"Time Bandits": A Tapestry of Adventures

Beginning 24 July, Time Bandits promises to whisk viewers away on a nonsense journey through the pages of history with a crew of anarchic, time-travelling thieves.

The Heist Comedy of "The Instigators"

Then on 9 August, get ready for a heist comedy with The Instigators, starring Matt Damon and Casey Affleck. Woah!

Exploring New Worlds with "Yo Gabba GabbaLand!"

‘Yo Gabba GabbaLand!’ makes a return this 9 August with new friends, magic and musical adventures that teach in a fun way.

"Bad Monkey": A Crime Comedy with a Twist

Vince Vaughn’s Bad Monkey, out on August 14, is a Florida-set crime comedy with a difference, big laughs and twists aplenty – and all very authentic.

Why APPLE Continues to Shine

Beyond the shows and movies themselves, what you’re paying for in an APPLE TV+ subscription is APPLE itself, as a brand and a platform: the company that markets for quality, innovation and user experience. Whether it’s an open-world game, a sci-fi epic or a blockbuster thriller, APPLE appears focused on the next frontier in media: not just content, but experience. Whether and how you consume it on an APPLE TV or an iPhone, the idea is that you don’t just watch, but experience and remember.

APPLE’s commitment to storytelling and entertainment is central to its strategy for their streaming service. It is breeding exclusives from global superstars and curating a carefully managed mix of limited partnerships. When it comes to original content – and, increasingly, when it comes to television – the name of the game is content. APPLE TV+ is the coming-out party of the summer for the best and the brightest in high-quality televisual content.

This season’s APPLE TV+ programming schedule shows exactly where the tech giant’s focus lies, and why: be it heartwarming or nail-biting, every show and film is as distinctive, as diverse – and as APPLE-y – as you would expect.

Jun 16, 2024
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