Unleashing the Perfect Father's Day Binge: Top Amazon Prime Video Picks

Father’s Day is a great day for dads: great breakfast in bed, great presents and fun activities with the kids and, come evening, some quality television. If it is a great (collection of) TV show (or shows) you are after, Amazon Prime Video is your go-to destination for the discerning dad. If Dad is looking for thrilling action-packed entertainment, hardboiled crime, or some thought-provoking drama, we’ve got you. Here’s a curated selection of shows that will help you make the most of your Father’s Day binge.

Dive into the World of Heroes and Anti-Heroes with "The Boys"

For dad-dads who like their fantasy dirty, The Boys delves into a crime series in a world where superheroes are alive and well – and not every hero wears a cape. There’s plenty to catch up on with seasons 1 to 3 available to stream, and the first three episodes of season 4 available now. If there was ever a superhero series that could get away with pulling no punches, it’s this one. Serving up equal parts violence and humour, The Boys is what every superhero show wants to be: one that doesn’t play by the rules.

Embark on a Post-Apocalyptic Adventure with "Fallout"

Drawing on the popular video game series of the same name, Fallout is a combination of drama, comedy and striking visuals. Yes, it is an entertaining romp through a ruined Earth with anthropomorphic animals but, whether you’ve played the games or not, the series is excellently written and narrated by Vi Cool, The Ghoul and Lucy. It’s like westerns, but with devastating puns and a fresh narrative world to explore this Father’s Day.

Explore the Mysterious World of "Outer Range"

In Outer Range, Josh Brolin captains what amounts to a sci-fi neo-Western, a masterpiece of genre-mixing that drives a family saga through a landscape of mystery and violence. If you’re looking for a show about a family in peril and also really like stories of good people struggling against a backdrop of ravishing Wyoming landscape, Outer Range is the binge-able show for you.

Revisit a Sci-Fi Classic with "Battlestar Galactica"

For nostalgic dads with a desire to revisit, or a love of being first, the 2000s re-launch of Battlestar Galactica offers that chance, telling the story of human’s last survivors in a long battle for a new home against the Cylons. Whether it’s watching it again or for the first time, dads can take pride in their knowledge of this critically acclaimed series as they watch their children fall in love with the complicated plot and the rich story itself.

Experience High-Octane Action in "Reacher"

An action-loving dad will find a perfect match in the series Reacher, which scores on pretty much every level for a thriller premised on the arresting appeal of a lone, invincible hero. Jack Reacher, a veteran military policeman who stays on the trail of what’s really happening, starred in a series of bestselling books by Lee Child, and is the protagonist of this Amazon Prime original about a conflicted veteran who becomes an agent for the truth. With tension, a high degree of fight choreography, and some great writing, it’s one of the platform’s best original series.

Celebrating Father's Day with AMAZON's Entertainment Arsenal

With shows that explore ethical quandaries in a world overrun by corrupt superheroes, post-apocalyptic waterworlds and real-life mixed martial arts action, Amazon Prime Video is quickly establishing itself as the best place to discover shows that every dad will love – or at the very least enjoy on the most dubious of days.


By making thousands of TV shows and movies available on-demand, Amazon also reimagined how entertainment is experienced. Currently, its Prime Video service features the best (and most shows) compared with other streaming services. As one of the world’s largest tech companies, Amazon also leads the streaming industry with its innovation, so that viewers can find just about any story and genre. This Father’s Day, dads can go to Amazon to find the perfect shows to help them get their well-deserved rest, while enjoying a refreshing beverage.

In conclusion, Amazon Prime Video with its line-up for Father’s Day promises a binge session of some of the best action, drama and sci-fi stories, definitely enjoyed by the dad. So, brace yourself with the remote, get comfy on your chair and let the Amazon take you on a ride of some of the most entertaining stories ever told on screen. Happy Father’s Day!

Jun 17, 2024
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