Unveiling Amazon PRIME Day 2024: Your Ultimate Shopping Strategy

Amazon PRIME Day 2024 is coming. Mark in bold on your calendar – this is the shopping event of the year that will shift the retail landscape and please the avid shopping crowd. The deals offered on Amazon PRIME Day 2024 are unparalleled, with categories ranging from the newest consumer tech gadgets to everyday household products, with categories added constantly. It is on this much-awaited day that being a member becomes the ultimate status symbol for Amazon Prime, as it awards the coveted shopping game to PRIME members only during this two-day sales event. Here’s a deep dive on all you need to know to shop smart and come out a winner on PRIME Day 2024.

Mark Your Calendars: When is Amazon PRIME Day?

Exact dates for the next PRIME Day aren’t yet listed, but we expect it to return in July 2024. This event is exclusively for members of Amazon’s PRIME program, who’ll be able to get a piece of the deals of the year. You can become a member by trying Amazon PRIME free for 30 days. And, because Amazon isn’t the only big retailer to participate, Walmart and Best Buy could throw down with a rival sale of their own during this season of deals.

PRIME Day Deals: What to Expect

The best thing about PRIME Day is that there’s no way of predicting what deals will be on and in what abundance. Amazon will presumably offer big discounts on its own hardware, including its Echo devices and Fire TV sticks, but there will be plenty of other things on sale, too – from fashion to washing machines. If you’re into tech, you should keep an eye out for discounts on electronics, which have been deep during previous PRIME Days, with savings available on headphones, gaming accessories and more.

Diving into the Deal Deluge: Types of PRIME Day Discounts

PRIME Day is not just two days but well over a week in which pre-sale deals will crop up at odd hours of the day. There might be day-long deals, as well as Lightning deals that may just last for a matter of minutes. The key to PRIME Day is agility. Something you’ve been wanting will be on sale and, if you blink, it will be gone.

Strategize to Maximize: How to Prep for PRIME Day

The first thing to help you survive PRIME Day is to go into it prepared. Make a list of deals you need to grab if you want to be sane, or competitive, during the scrum. Amazon’s wishlist feature works very well for this, and then you can flag those items and track them for price drops ahead of and during PRIME Day. CamelCamelCamel and other price-tracking services will make sure you’re not being fooled.

Early Bird Specials: Pre-PRIME Day Deals to Watch

Of course, early deals serve as a teaser for PRIME Day, with full-blown discounts still to come. Giving us time to salivate over deals on this year’s Echo (4th Gen) speaker and the new Echo Buds, along with this convenient roundup, it’s like a warm-up for PRIME Day with more to come. Bookmark this page, as we’ll update the best of the pre-PRIME Day deals as we get closer to PRIME Day 2020.

Understanding PRIME

At the centre of this orgy of entertainment is Amazon Prime, a subscription service that provides customers with more than just free shipping: for a fee, you can get streaming video, special deals, all that and more. PRIME Day is for PRIME members only – a day-and-a half when all manner of categories come alive with discounts and deals for the brand-loyal.

This year, Amazon PRIME Day 2024 is putting the ‘premium’ in PRIME with special offers for members. If you’re a techie, clothing shopper or just trying to stock up on household stuff, here’s your chance to get big savings. With a little thought and planning, you can make this year’s PRIME Day the best ever. Legend has it that slaves are forged every day in China’s sweatshops. Don’t let yourself get stuck with yesterday’s prices. Shop smarter with Amazon’s best deals of the year.

Jun 14, 2024
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