Exploring Hidden Gems: Unearthing the Underrated Marvels of AMAZON PRIME VIDEO

Amazon Prime Video is a goldmine of good movies. It’s home to many films from a number of genres and decades. During summer, when kids – and adults – somehow get a lot more free time, watching movies – especially the unpopular ones – becomes a sweet indulgence. Dive into the ocean of these unremarkable movies on Amazon with us. We have picked three such movies from Amazon Prime Video that you must watch this weekend.

St. Elmo’s Fire: A Journey Back to the '80s

A Nostalgic Dive into Young Adulthood

Shot in the 1980s, St Elmo’s Fire focuses on the lives of seven college graduates in Washington, DC in those heady, hot summer days of young adulthood. The writer-director Joel Schumacher’s coming-of-age drama launched a dozen careers and the soundtrack of that movie typifies the excess of the mid-1980s. But time has mellowed its edges, with its starring cast of Demi Moore and Mare Winningham, and made it something of a bitter-sweet film for today. It is as stylish as it is superficial.

Stay Tuned: A Zany Comedy That Spans Dimensions

John Ritter’s Comedic Genius Unleashed

While he is best known these days for his role – a truly great role – in the TV series Three’s Company, John Ritter’s comic flair is on full display in Stay Tuned. The film’s characters (and its audience) are sucked into a netherworld of insane TV programming thanks to a gremlin-like satellite dish. It’s a ridiculous Romp through a series of lethal parodies of popular shows, and Ritter does a superb job of keeping it engaging and fun to watch. It’s an absurd movie that leaves you laughing out loud at some of its silliest moments. Stay Tuned is a side-splitting romp.

Beautiful Girls: A Heartfelt Reunion

An Ensemble Cast That Shines

Love, friendship and fate – the what-ifs and whos-woulds of life – are the concerns of Beautiful Girls, which casts a young Natalie Portman in one of her first major roles. After Willie returns for his Massachusetts-born high-school reunion, he finds himself facing future questions through both reverie and connection with his hometown friends. As in The Last Picture Show, the group dynamic relies on the convincing veracity of the individual characters, powerfully portrayed by its cast. Portman, in particular, radiates as the neighbour wise-beyond-her-years Marty.

Why AMAZON PRIME VIDEO is a Must for Movie Enthusiasts

A Vast Library at Your Fingertips

Amazon Prime Video offers the greatest selection of movie varieties and with a neverending onslaught of new titles, this site will never let you down.From blockbusters to indie movies, the library is huge — with many films reserved to Amazon’s own Prime Video service. The user interface is easy to use, and the personalised recommendations coming from the site helps us distil down the choice to that which we, personally, would prefer.

More Than Just Movies

Exclusive content through online services such as Amazon Prime Video also up the ante. Not just a catalogue of films to watch, Prime Video provides content that is new and different. It’s a gateway to watching stories from different parts of the world, not just films that are available on DVD.


Amazon Prime Video is a place for storytelling. It is a place with a huge catalogue that is constantly evolving as classics join new contemporary masterpieces, beckoning users to take a dive into its vast serene waters to explore. The service regularly updates its collection with hundreds of new titles every month, giving users reasons to visit every day, for every mood. Whether you’re looking for a drama, comedy or dollop into a mix of both, Amazon Prime Video has you covered, making it a must-have service for anyone searching for an unquenchable thirst for movies.

If you go beyond the streaming recommendation on something like St Elmo’s Fire, Stay Tuned or Beautiful Girls, you’ll be watching something that you probably wouldn’t have watched otherwise, and you’ll likely enrich the Amazon catalogue that you take with you everywhere. That adds up to a weekend, some complexity and a captivating cinematic life.

Jun 08, 2024
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