Unleash the Power of Your Palm: Top Samsung Galaxy Multitasking Secrets Revealed

Nowadays, alongside desktop computers, smartphones dominate the world of tech. The most powerful and most advanced types of them are made by SAMSUNG; the company’s Galaxy devices get better and better, each year, becoming more and more powerful multitasking devices with hundreds of features, making your life even easier, but not all of them are immediately apparent. Here’s a guide for discovering the full potential of multitasking your SAMSUNG Galaxy device in the innovative framework of One UI.

Harness the Three-Finger Magic for Split-Screen Glory

The lines between apps blur completely on SAMSUNG Galaxy devices, where you can open two apps at once by performing a three-finger split-screen gesture. No longer will you need to trudge all the way to an app switcher or edge panels to open something else. Instead, you can simply swipe up from the bottom, and your current app will split the screen in two, ready to welcome another app to your multitasking feast.

Activating the Gesture:

  • Venture into Settings.
  • Navigate to Advanced Features > Multi Window.
  • Enlighten your device by toggling on Swipe for split screen.

And this power is addictive, and suddenly you have a very lively working environment in which the humble SAMSUNG Galaxy becomes a multitasking hydra.

Transform Apps into Floating Windows with a Swipe

Go beyond limiting conventions of usage: with SAMSUNG, a specific ability to offer apps in a floating, windowed form that more closely mimics traditional computer UI interfaces makes One UI feel as modern as one might hope. But especially on larger canvases like tablets, the ease of activation feels… liquid. With just a little drag from the corner, apps condense into compact, overlaid forms.

Enabling the Gesture:

  • Embark once more into Settings.
  • Advance to Advanced Features > Multi Window.
  • Empower the Swipe for pop-up view toggle.

This gesture enhances your SAMSUNG Galaxy’s shimmying multitasking resume but it also enhances the seamless symbiosis between your intention and the device’s response.

Empower Multitasking with MultiStar

Beneath the surface of the Galaxy Store lies the key to unlocking deeper multitasking prowess: MultiStar. Within the Good Lock suite, MultiStar is the tool to take One UI’s multitasking to the next level, making the mundane turn into the magnificent – especially on SAMSUNG DeX.

Enhancements Include:

  • Unprecedented resolutions in DeX mode, engineered for the sharpest visuals.
  • A realm where apps know no bounds, operating in limitlessness.
  • A testament to continuity, remembering your last action as if no time has passed.

MultiStar enhances multitasking by making it personal: it adapts the device’s behaviour to your working style.

Mastery with the S Pen: A Multitasking Marvel

The S Pen is no simple stylus; it’s a multitasking tool that enhances creativity and productivity. With Air Command activated, the S Pen packs Glance and Smart Select among other features. More than handy, they are simple ways to get work done and explore on the fly.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Glance: Minimize to maximize, embodying efficiency in every hover.
  • Smart Select: Capture and create, defining the essence of quick reference and response.
  • On the Calendar: The virtual is fleshed out by the material, linking thought to deed.

In this sense, the S Pen is as much a tool for getting thoughts from your brain to the screen as it is for multitasking.

Bridge Worlds with Galaxy and Windows

SAMSUNG Galaxy devices and Windows PCs now break down the divide between mobile and desktop ecosystems. Through the Phone Link app, the convergence of devices ushered in an open-ended new generation of experiences: a shared clipboard, telemetry between devices, mirrored notifications, and really two devices masquerading as one.

Pathway to Connectivity:

  • Integrate your SAMSUNG Galaxy device with Phone Link on Windows 11.
  • Embrace the flow of data, with universal copy/paste and file transfers embodying ease.

The alliance not only presaged cross-platform collaboration, but also increased productivity, as tasks could be accomplished quicker than ever.

About Samsung

As a brand, it is not just an invention nor just a product. However, it stands for innovation, quality and the constant pursuit of perfection. Since its inception, the unstoppable innovation of SAMSUNG has continued to change the face of technology with every product that is released. By benefiting its users through the art of innovation and a relentless passion for excellence, SAMSUNG’s mantra is to ‘insist for a better future’. Indeed, this does not just mean making more powerful tools for creative or productive purposes, but also prioritises a users’ desires by providing products that help them achieve more, while reducing the barriers that limit creativity or productivity. Innovation is in SAMSUNG’s DNA, and it will continue to bring the latest technology to the public, not just to satisfy current user needs, but also to uncover future user needs.

In each smartphone and tablet sold, from the SAMSUNG Galaxy to the next generation, ‘We make the most of ourselves and our users each day as a trusted companion not just for users, but for their families. With continuous innovations in hardware and software, the SAMSUNG galaxy enables users to do more, see more and be more everywhere.

SAMSUNG’s commitment to innovation and its users will ensure that it will continue to provide the power, freedom and efficiency customers need to shape the future, and every SAMSUNG Galaxy is more than just a device; it’s a port into the future.

Jun 16, 2024
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