Unleashing the Web3 Gaming Revolution: Sequence and Aethir's Collaborative Power Play

With the merger of Sequence and Aethir, digital gaming is on the cusp of a new reality. Together, they have pioneered the exploration of the latest Web3 gaming era, bridging the gap between technology and imagination, development and discovery, and entertainment and empowerment. How will they push the boundaries of gaming into never-before-seen realms of exploration and influence? Let’s unpack how Sequence and Aethir are integrating their capabilities to elevate the Web3 gaming landscape to new heights.

A Decentralized Leap with Aethir's GPUs

At the core of this third wave is Aethir: it’s infrastructure as a service on the blockchain. It’s called GPU-as-a-Service (GaaS) and this is why the decentralised metaverse is so important to developers. GaaS gives developers everything they need to move past the early days of Web3. It’s truly massive because now every Web3 developer, no matter how small the team, can build games that run on the cloud and the blockchain because they can tap the power of enterprise-grade GPUs through the Aethir network.

Bridging the Gap: The Sequence Synergy

The symbiotic relationship here is two-fold: Sequence is both a net of choice for players and an all-in-one development platform for Web3 games. With Sequence, developers can build on a solid foundation. From digital asset wallets and payments infrastructure to NFTs and marketplaces, Sequence is a launchpad for Web3 gaming innovation.

The Future of Gaming Revenue and Growth

Peering into the crystal ball, cloud gaming’s and therefore Web3 gaming’s prospects also look outright rosy: The gaming through cloud segment is expected to record a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.6% between 2018 and 2026. This segment is anticipated to contribute a major share to the gaming industry’s growth. Infrastructure is currently increasingly being put in place by companies like GOOGLE.

The Decentralization Difference

Aethir’s decentralised model of GPU ownership and processing is not just radical, it’s revolutionary. Utilising the combined computational power of the GPUs of miners, developers, users and ATH token owners allows anyone with access to be able to participate in computing, overcoming the challenges of scale and bringing us one step closer to decentralising the future of gaming.

A Partnership of Potential

Together, Sequence’s empowering platform and Aethir’s decentralised network provide a bevy of possibilities for a future of sustainable, community-focused Web3 gaming. The significance of this partnership cannot be understated, demonstrating the potential for collaborative innovation that can help scale and design a more inclusive gaming experience.

Empowering Developers, Enriching Experiences

Sequence unlocks a whole suite of tools for augmenting Web3 functionality for game developers with unparalleled ease. It will not only make it easier for them to build games, but also distribute and monetise content through a portal to Aethir’s decentralised GPU compute power.

GOOGLE and the Future of Web3 Gaming

GOOGLE’s and other giants’ investments in cloud gaming and other new infrastructures on the Web3 gaming frontier will help us navigate deeper into what I call ‘Web3 native cloud gaming’ – a future where seamless, cross-cloud gaming experiences are the norm, powered by a gamified web based on distributed interoperability. In this new future, the boundaries between developers and players begin to dissolve. In a more collaborative world, gaming experiences are co-created and shared by players for players.

Understanding GOOGLE's Role in Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming

Its huge bankroll, enormous technological footprint and continued investment in cloud gaming put the infrastructure in place for the next generation of gaming innovation. As Web3 gaming companies such as Sequence, the publisher of Immerse and Aethir, the creator of Aetherspace, attempt to navigate the sea of complexity, the synergy with and support of industry doyens like GOOGLE will play an instrumental role in making gaming more accessible, interoperable and, central to us, community-based.

In sum, the union between Sequence and Aethir is a crucial step in the forward march of Web3 gaming: by taking advantage of unlocked decentralised GPU power, and by establishing a comprehensive development framework, the partnership not only spurs on the process of Web3 adoption within the gaming industry, but helps us build a more inclusive and sustainable digital gaming realm. The future of gaming involves not just the playing of games. It is the creation, emancipation and existence of humanity within a truly decentralised digital world.

Jun 12, 2024
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