How-To IGN Unredeemed: Your Guide to IGN's Latest Giveaways

Need a shot of adrenaline-fueled gaming in your life, and the pure excitement of winning prizes that make you say, ‘damn, that’s epic swag’? Well, I’ve got good news! IGN, the worldwide leader in video game entertainment, has a slew of giveaways that will make sure your gaming dreams come true. You will get exclusive game swag, wanted keys and epic giveaways with titles like Tetra Tactics so you can be the envy of every gamer. But first, let’s discuss the details of the giveaways and why you are crazy not to enter.

Star Trek Starships Collection: A Journey Across the Universe

The Ultimate Collector’s Dream

How would you like to own a piece of the legendary Star Trek universe? Courtesy of our friends at Master Replicas, IGN is giving one lucky winner a chance to make this fantasy a reality. Master Replicas has kindly put together the ultimate Star Trek model ships giveaway to commemorate the arch of Star Trek history. With ships spanning decades of Star Trek history, this giveaway is a giveaway where everyone wins, specifically the lucky winner and one very happy friend of the lucky winner. Sophisticated models that will make you feel truly connected to intergalactic travel, every ship in this giveaway is worthy of being displayed in any collector’s personal gallery. The one catch is that there is only one winning ship up for grabs, and while the stars might not align in your favour, there is still at least one consolation prize. A 10 per cent discount code is waiting for any IGN reader. Make sure to visit your friends at Master Replicas and use the code ‘IGN10’ to get this amazing discount, because no one should walk away from a giveaway empty-handed.

Alienware R16: Game Like Never Before

Homeworld 3 & Beyond

But then Homeworld 3 launches. And Gearbox plugged in and cranked up the Alienware Aurora R16 Gaming Desktop to bring you the action. And then you add on the Homeworld 3: Collector’s Edition and suddenly you’re one of those guys walking around telling everyone else to look at your setup.

SONIX-IGN Bundle: Sharpen Your Edge

Gaming with Ultra-Low Latency

In collaboration with SONIX, IGN will be sending 100 lucky winners an epic bundle to bring your gaming experience to a whole new level and providing low-latency gaming with the SONIX-IGN bundle. Latency will be reduced to millisecond levels. Digital skins will enhance your visual arsenal.

TETRA TACTICS: A Symphony of Strategy

Tune into the Exclusive Soundtrack

The Tetra Tactics giveaway, where one can win a copy of the haunting (literally and figuratively) soundtrack to the game is particularly memorable, as the lucky 500 entrants can attest.

IGN Live Sweepstakes: More Than Just Prizes

A World of Opportunities

IGN doesn’t even wait for its scheduled giveaways: the IGN Live Sweepstakes is a ceaseless river of chance, a steady procession of prizes from the likes of Intel and Hyperkin. Here something new exists.

IGN Plus: The Gateway to Exclusive Perks

Why You Should Join

Having an IGN Plus membership feels like holding a golden ticket to the gaming universe. You can request game keys, like the one for Tetra Tactics above, access an ad-free experience on IGN’s platforms, as well as get insane discounts for the IGN Store and a MapGenie Pro membership.

Understanding Tetra Tactics

With that, our hand has had its curtain call for IGN’s latest and greatest giveaways, and let’s revisit the key gem of them all: Tetra Tactics. Tetra Tactics isn’t just a strategy game. It’s an adventure with strategic combat, using your wits, cunning and willpower to emerge victorious. Tetra keys from IGN Plus give you a good time but more than that it turns you into a strategising and teamwork master.

To sum up, everyone who’s a gamer would love IGN’s giveaways and sweepstakes, especially spotlighting on Tetra Tactics. Whether you are a fan of Tetra Tactics for its gameplay (combines elements of both tactical and puzzle gameplay) or of Star Trek for stars and space (created by Gene Roddenberry in 1964 and goes beyond space opera science fiction) or of an Alienware gaming setup (a Digital Storm custom-built gaming PC outfitted with alien-themed lights, speakers and layout) or anyone in between, there’s a giveaway for you. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to IGN giveaways and get into the game.

Jun 15, 2024
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