How To Sell Sony Laptop Online

When you are trying to sell your Sony laptop, there are several things you want to take into consideration. The name is going to sell itself, but everything else depends on you. Taking the necessary steps to make sure the laptop is in prime selling form can be a little time-consuming but will make it all worth it when you get the right price.



Determine Your Sony Laptop Value

Determine Condition

Determining the condition of your Sony laptop is not just about checking out any cosmetic damage, but whether the buttons are all in working order and the operating system is still intact. Figuring out the condition of the unit will help you when you are trying to assign a price.

Determine Specifications

How to sell your Sony laptop starts with finding the specifications. Finding the details of your laptop should be easy, even if you can’t turn it on. Every laptop should have a make and model stamped somewhere so you can look it up and find out the specs for your laptop.

Some key descriptors to look for are:

  • RAM
  • Hard drive
  • Processor
  • Operating System

Research Prices of Other Sony Laptop Listings Online

You can do a quick Google search to figure out what the value of your used laptop is once you know the specifications. When you see some posts of the same unit, you should have a good idea of an appropriate price.

Decide Where To Sell Your Sony Laptop


When it comes to where to sell your Sony laptop online, some sites are better than others to reach the target buyer you want. Several online marketplaces exist where you can sell your Sony laptop including eBay and Craigslist. You may also be able to negotiate a price with other companies to purchase your laptop in exchange for a gift card to be used on their sites.

Sony Laptop Buyback/Trade-In Companies

Some places that buy Sony laptops such as Gizmogo make the process of selling your merchandise easy and guess-free. There are four ways in which Gizmogo can help sell your laptop:

  • Best price guarantee- The professionals at Gizmogo inspect your laptop and based on features, and its condition will assign a fair price for payment. Gizmogo buys phones, laptops, tablets, cameras & more!
  • Payment in one business day – With payment options such as Paypal, Check and Check, Gizmogo can work with you to make sure you get your money quickly.
  • Free shipping – When you work with Gizmogo, a shipping label will be sent to you for download so you can ship your laptop free of charge.
  • Data protection – Your laptop will be wiped clean and any personal information removed.

Prepare Your Sony Laptop For Sale

Erase Your Sony Laptop

Cookies on any device keep certain pieces of information such as passwords, credit card numbers or banking information until they have been wiped from the memory. While at the time, it might have seemed useful to have your computer remember this information, you don’t want it giving it to someone else. That’s why it is always important to follow the Factory Restore settings in the control panel to wipe your information clean.

Clean Your Sony Laptop

You may not notice the layers of oil and dirt that are sitting on your laptop keyboard, but someone who purchases it might. Cleaning the laptop is also a good idea when you want to take pictures of it. When your laptop looks like the day it was bought, that will help get you the price you want. Some tools to help you with your cleaning task:

  • A canister of canned air to blow away debris.
  • Microfiber cloths that won’t scratch delicate surfaces like the monitor
  • Specially formulated cleaners are designed to clean monitors and not smudge them.

Photograph Your Sony Laptop

How many times have you purchased something online without looking at photos of it? A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, the words are ‘I am trustworthy’. The higher-quality color pictures, the better.

Sell Your Sony Laptop!

To sum up, the following steps will help you sell your laptop at the right price quickly:

  • Make sure the product specifications are accurate
  • Be as descriptive as you can when describing the condition of the laptop
  • Make that laptop shine like the day it was bought
  • Put your post on the appropriate site
  • Use color photos of high quality to showcase your laptop

If you want to bypass all of these steps and make the process easier, then you can send the laptop to a company that buys Sony laptops like Gizmogo and wait for your cash to come in.

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