Sell your iPhone 5

I just discovered an old iPhone, can I sell my iPhone 5

It’s been more than seven years since the iPhone 5 was released. You probably just remembered that you have it somewhere lying around, or you were cleaning your home and you found an old iPhone 5, at the bottom of a drawer you hardly ever open. Either way, you were probably thinking of throwing it away, when you thought, wait, can I sell my iPhone 5?

Yes, selling a cell phone so old is not something you thought was possible, but is it really? It depends where are you trying to sell it and who are you trying to sell it to, but yes, you can sell your iPhone 5.

How much can I get for my iPhone 5?

When you ask yourself such a question – Can I sell my iPhone 5, it is clear that that if the answer is yes, few more questions will follow, most notably – where can I sell it, or is it possible to sell it online. Let us tell you that we have the answers to both questions. Yes, you can sell it online, you can sell it gizmogo.

We will give you money for your old iPhone 5, even if it’s damaged. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s definitely better than nothing, not to mention that it is in a good condition you can get up to $21.

Yeah, and if your model is an iPhone 5c, or an iPhone 5s, then you can get up to $37. Not bad, is it. Not only can I sell my iPhone 5, but I can get a decent amount if it’s in a good condition.

While you’re at it, check if you have some other old cell phones lying around, or other e-devices, such as drones, consoles, smartwatches, or speakers. If you do, you can sell them at gizmogo, we buy all sorts of old e-devices.

How does it all work?

Now, let’s explain how gizmogo works, so you’ll know the practical part, as well. That way we will give a practical answer to the question can I sell my iPhone 5. First you choose the model that you have and then you give us the basic characteristics of the device, what is your carrier, what is the phone capacity and then it’s condition.

There are four options when it comes to the phone’s condition – brand new, like new, good or damaged. As we said, you can get money even for a damaged phone, but of course, the better the condition is, the more likely you’re to get an amount that’s closer to the maximum paying price.

The final question is whether the Apple ID is locked or not. If you agree the price that we offer, then we send you a free shipping label, so you can send your iPhone 5 without any additional costs. Once we receive the phone, you will get your money, within 24 hours.

You can even choose a preferred payment option and you can get your money via PayPal, bank transfer, check or even an Amazon gift card.

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