Sell Motorola Smartphone Sale on Gizmogo - Trade in Yours for Cash

Motorola Smartphone Sale on Gizmogo – Trade in Yours for Cash

Do you have an old Motorola smartphone sitting unused in your drawer? Has it been replaced by a shiny new model with upgraded features? Rather than letting your Motorola device collect dust, consider completing a Motorola smartphone sale to Gizmogo. Gizmogo offers cash payment programs for a variety of Motorola smartphones, making it easy to trade in your old phone and earn money.

About Gizmogo Buyback Programs: Gizmogo is an online marketplace for buying and selling used electronics. They offer secure buyback programs for cell phones, tablets, smartwatches, and more. Their Motorola smartphone sales process provides instant quotes, free shipping labels, and cash payment as soon as they receive your trade-in device.

Gizmogo has experience buying all models of Motorola smartphones, from basic entry-level devices to top-of-the-line 5G devices.

Gizmogo Motorola phone buyback program covers popular Motorola lines like:

Eligibility For Motorola Smartphone Sale

Wondering if your specific Motorola device qualifies for Gizmogo’s buyback program? Most unlocked Motorola smartphones are in use, but those in good working order will qualify. Even phones with cracked screens or other damage can still complete a Motorola smartphone sale, although cracked screens or finding my phone locks will reduce trade-in value.

To check eligibility, visit Gizmogo’s instant quote page and enter your device’s make, model, storage capacity, and condition. This will instantly generate a guaranteed minimum quote for your Motorola smartphone. Shipping the device to Gizmogo is the only requirement to complete the sale and get paid.

Trade-In Process Details

Working with Gizmogo to complete your Motorola smartphone sale is designed to be quick and convenient:

  1. Request an instant quote: Enter device details online to view the cash offer
  2. Accept the quote: Verify details and accept the instant guaranteed price
  3. Print free shipping label: Gizmogo emails prepaid labels for you to print
  4. Ship your phone: Place your phone inbox and drop it off at the carrier
  5. Get paid: Gizmogo sends payment as soon as they receive your device

That’s all there is to it! Most Motorola devices will qualify for free shipping and secure packaging from Gizmogo during the sale process. Payments are sent quickly, usually via PayPal, direct deposit, or check, within a few business days of receiving your device.

Maximizing Your Trade-In Value

When preparing your Motorola smartphone for sale to Gizmogo, consider these tips to maximize your device value:

  • Fully reset the phone to the factory default settings
  • Remove any passcodes and unlock the device
  • Check for cracked screens or water damage
  • Keep original accessories like chargers and cables

Resetting and restoring your Motorola device will allow Gizmogo to quickly process your Motorola smartphone sale and verifies all features are working properly. Make sure to deactivate device locks or passcodes, which could block the sale process.

While cracked screens or similar damage will reduce trade-in values, the device can still complete a Motorola smartphone sale with Gizmogo in most cases. Be sure to accurately describe any damage when requesting your instant quote.

Gizmogo’s quote algorithm accounts for each device’s model, age, storage capacity, carrier network compatibility, cosmetic condition, and functionality. By taking steps to restore and unlock your Motorola phone before shipment, you can maximize the value and efficiency of completing the Motorola smartphone sale.

Advantages Over Other Trade-In Options

Rather than letting your old Motorola just sit unused in a drawer, selling to Gizmogo converts your unused device to cash in your pocket. Additional advantages over other phone trade-in options include:

  • Fast process for quick cash payment
  • Secure handling and data wiping
  • Guaranteed quotes effectively “lock in” sale prices
  • No meetups save time while adding security
  • Positive environmental impact of recycling electronics

With new Motorola smartphone releases happening frequently, now is a prime time to sell older models while they still hold maximum value. The rapid pace of technological advancement causes quick turnover, where today’s cutting-edge devices become outdated within a couple of years. Selling during the sweet spot between release and obsoletion captures top-dollar quotes.

Trading in unused devices also gives them a second life and diverts e-waste from landfills. Gizmogo handles over 1 million smartphone trade-in transactions per year. Their secure data wiping technology, environmentally friendly recycling programs, and emphasis on global device reuse lead the electronics resale industry. Major environmental organizations praise Gizmogo’s phone trade-in model as an emissions reduction and climate change solution.

Specifically, selling your Motorola phone to Gizmogo rather than throwing it in a drawer avoids 20 kilograms of CO2 emissions on average. That’s equivalent to the carbon footprint from driving 50 miles! By trading unused phones instead of trashing them, you contribute to extending useful product lifecycles and reducing toxic e-waste volumes.

Gizmogo sustainably resells or recycles 99% of traded-in smartphones, giving your Motorola device a second life while combating climate change. The planet appreciates putting your outdated phone to good reuse rather than sending more electronics to landfills.

What If My Motorola Phone Won’t Power On?

For Motorola smartphones that no longer power on at all, Gizmogo can still provide competitive quotes and process a Motorola smartphone sale. Phones that don’t turn on have a lower resale value than functioning devices since repair costs must be accounted for. However, dysfunctional devices still hold salvageable value for their unused parts and recyclable precious metals.

To request a cash quote for a non-functional Motorola phone, simply select the “powers off / won’t turn on” condition when entering details on Gizmogo’s instant quote page. Even if your device fails to power on or has a cracked screen, you can still convert your broken Motorola to cash through their buyback program.

While quotes for damaged, non-working devices understandably run lower than pristine mint condition phones, crucial components retain value. Gizmogo thoroughly tests dysfunctional phones and salvages functioning parts for refurbishing and reuse.

Precious metals and other materials in defunct devices also hold recyclable scrap value. By accurately describing your non-working Motorola’s physical state, storage capacity, and model, you enable the highest possible quote for its components and materials.

Provide as many accurate cosmetic condition details as possible as well when requesting your cash quote from Gizmogo. Even non-functional smartphones can complete a Motorola smartphone sale trade-in.

Models With Best Resale Value

While all Motorola smartphones can complete a Motorola smartphone sale with Gizmogo, newer and higher-end models tend to have the highest trade-in values. Devices less than two years old with modern specs, large storage capacities, and unlocked carrier compatibility hold premium resale pricing. Top models like:

  • Motorola Edge Plus
  • Motorola Edge (2022)
  • Moto G Stylus 5G (2022)
  • Motorola Razr 5G
  • Moto One 5G Ace

Consistently generate some of the highest quotes in Gizmogo’s Motorola smartphone sales program. Even if your device is older or has some wear, you can still get reasonable cash payment relative to its age and condition.


In summary, Gizmogo makes completing a Motorola smartphone sale quick and convenient. Their cash payment buyback programs offer guaranteed quotes, free shipping, secure handling, and fast payment delivery. You can earn money by selling your unused Motorola phone rather than stockpiling devices while contributing to phone reuse and electronics recycling efforts.

Check your Motorola smartphone’s value today with Gizmogo’s instant quote engine. You may be surprised at how much cash you can get by trading in your old device rather than letting it gather dust in a drawer!