The battle of the smartphones – Samsung vs iPhone vs Huawei?

There are multiple companies that produce smartphones and that’s not surprising considering that smartphones are one of the most used devices nowadays. It is difficult to imagine modern life without smartphones and there is big rivalry between the smartphone developers, because there is a lot at stake. Out of over a dozen smartphone developers, it is clear that the key battle is between Samsung vs iPhone vs Huawei.

If we take a look at the global smartphone market and the market share of each of these companies, you will see exactly why these three companies are considered the biggest players on the market.


Samsung has dominated the market for most of the past decade

So, these are the sales figures Samsung vs iPhone vs Huawei. First, it should be noted that two of the names here are names of companies – Samsung and Huawei, whereas iPhone is a model of a smartphone produced by Apple. The reason for this is that the two companies produce a number of smartphones, even though the most notable ones and the ones that are generally compared to the iPhone are Galaxy and Huawei’s P model. That is partially the reason why Samsung and Huawei tend to sell more smartphones than Apple.

These three companies haven’t always been the largest and most popular smartphone developers. The global market share looked a lot different ten years ago. During the last quarter of 2009, Nokia ruled the market, and it sold over 38.5% of all smartphones in the world. BlackBerry came second, and Apple was slightly behind. Samsung was much closer to the bottom, that’s because that’s when the company entered the market.

It is interesting that Apple’s market share has always fluctuated between 10% and 20%, throughout this ten-year period. Samsung’s market share kept on growing in the period 2010-2012 reaching a total of 28.8% in the first quarter of 2012.


What the future holds?

So, we have established that Samsung is a dominant force on the market since 2012, but let’s take a look at the current situation. In the past two years, the situation generally was Samsung, then Huawei and Apple in third place when it comes to sales. There have been one or two quarters when Apple managed to sell more units than Huawei, but generally speaking, this was the order when it comes to sales.

Something interesting happened during the last quarter of 2019. Namely, Apple managed to sell more than Huawei, but also more than Samsung. Apple sold about 73 million smartphones, whereas Samsung sold about 70 million phones.

At the beginning of 2020, Samsung released a new Galaxy version – Samsung Galaxy S20, whereas Apple still hasn’t released a new iPhone by the summer of 2020. So, Samsung assumed the first position in the first quarter of 2020 again. The sales figures in the first quarter of 2020 are Samsung vs iPhone vs Huawei – 21.1% vs 13.3% vs 17.8%.

The three flagship smartphones today are Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, iPhone 11 Pro Max and Huawei P40 Pro. The three are amazing and very powerful smartphones, it will be interesting to see what will the sales figures be.

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