Settings to toggle before you sell Apple laptops

Settings to Toggle Before You Sell Apple laptops

Are you gearing up to grab the latest M3 Macbooks from Apple? If so, you definitely are looking to sell the old one.

When selling Apple laptops to upgrade to the new one, there is plenty to do before giving it to the new user.

It is much more than simply wiping out the personal data. Macbooks come with all sorts of features and settings that must be toggled before you sell Apple laptops. So, which ones are the most essential settings to check?

Here is a quick rundown of what you should consider tweaking.

What do You Need to Do Before You Sell Apple laptops?

Settings to tweak

Data backup

Before changing any settings, it is essential to do a complete backup of your device. This will help you to keep all your important data safe. You can use Apple’s baked in backup solution using iCloud or step it up with third party tools like Time Machine. This will ensure all your files, photos, music, and documents are securely backed up.

Deauthorize Apple ID

If you have used your Apple ID to make transactions on the App Store, iTunes, or iBooks, it is very important to deauthorize your Apple ID before you sell Apple laptops. It is very easy to do this. Simply navigate to the “Account” section in the Settings.

Then click on “Authorizations” and then click on “Deauthorize This Computer”. To finish this step, you will need to put in the Apple ID credentials when prompted. Do note that you will first need to perform the backup on iCloud before deauthorizing the device.

Sign out of iCloud

ICloud is deeply integrated with the Apple ecosystem which helps you to sync your data across all your Apple devices. With the data backup complete, be sure to sign out of iCloud to disassociate your device from your iCloud account.

Simply head to the Apple menu on the Macbook choose “System Preferences”>” Apple ID” and click on “Overview” in the sidebar. Now click “Sign Out” and follow the instructions on the screen to sign out successfully.

Disable Find My Mac

Find My Mac can be an incredibly useful and efficient tool when it comes to finding a lost Apple device. However, you must disable this feature before you sell Apple laptops to ensure a smoother transition for the new user.

This setting can be toggled in the System Preferences section of the Apple Menu. First, go to “Apple ID”> “iCloud”> “Find my Mac” and click Turn Off. You will need to enter your Apple ID password to confirm your choice.

Remove all personal information from Safari

If you have been using Safari as the primary browser on your Macbook, you would want to clear out all app data. This helps you to keep your saved passwords and payment details safe. Since Safari stores a wealth of personal information like browsing history, autofill data, and more, it is important to clear this information to protect your privacy when selling Apple laptops.

Simply open Safari, go to “Preferences”>” Privacy”> “Manage Website Data” and choose “Remove All”. This will delete all the stored website data. Additionally, you will need to go to “Passwords” and remove all saved passwords.


SMC stands for System Management Controller, NVRAM stands for Non-Volatile Random Access Memory and PRAM stands for Parameter RAM. Resetting the SMC and NVRAM.PRAM can help to resolve a number of hardware-related issues before you sell Apple laptops. Here is how to do this

Reset SMC Shut down your MacBook and hold “Shift”, “Control”, “Option” and the power button for 10 seconds.
Reset NVRAM/PRAM Restart the Macbook and hold down “Command,” “Option,” “P,” and “R” until you hear the startup chime for the second time.

Revert to factory settings

With all your data backed up safely and all the above steps completed successfully, the next thing to do is reset your Apple laptop.

To do this, you will need to do a full factory reset on the device. This will erase all personal information and restore the device to its original state, ready for its new owner.

Simply restart your Apple laptop and hold the “Command” and “R” keys together until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Now choose “Disk Utility”> “Continue”> “(Storage Path)”>”Erase”. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Finally, choose “Reinstall macOS” to restore the operating system.

Other important steps before you sell Apple Laptops

Update Software and Apps

Ensure that your Macbook is running the latest OS version and that all the installed apps are up to date before you sell Apple laptops. This not only gives the impression of a well-maintained device but also gives the new owner the latest features and security patches.

Check for updates in the Apple Menu. Choose “System Preferences”> “Software Update”. Install any updates that are available.

To update apps, go to the App Store and ensure that they are running the latest builds. Update all installed apps before you sell Apple laptops.

Perform a hardware check

Before you sell Apple laptops, it is a good idea to perform a comprehensive hardware check to ensure every component is in working order. Test the display, keyboard, ports, and all other components to identify any potential issues so that you can address them before you sell Apple laptops. Apple’s baked-in diagnostic tool or third party tools can be used to do a thorough check on the device.

Transfer the warranty and AppleCare+

If your Apple laptop is under warranty or covered by the AppleCare + protection plan, make sure to transfer the coverage to the new owner. This will offer an additional peace of mind to the buyer. Plus, this might also help to increase the resale value of the device. Contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store near you to initiate the transfer process.

Clean your MacBook

Before you sell Apple laptops to a new owner, it is important that you give them a presentable and well-maintained look. Thoroughly wipe the device with a dry microfiber cloth. Make sure to take your time cleaning the screen, keyboard, trackpad, ports, and any other crevice where dust can creep up. If there is stubborn dirt or grime on the device, consider using a mild cleaning agent to remove any tough stain, but be sure to avoid getting moisture into any openings.

Gather the original accessories and packaging

Having all the original accessories like chargers, cables and any additional peripherals that came in the box can help to enhance the value and appeal of your Apple laptop. Including the original accessories and packaging will help the new owner get the complete original package.

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