Sell iPhone Today: Get the Best Deals from Gizmogo

Sell iPhone Today: Get the Best Deals from Gizmogo

With the regular release of new models, many iPhone owners choose to sell iPhone device to subsidize the cost of an upgrade. However, trying to independently market and to sell iPhone can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming process. Instead, sellers should consider leveraging Gizmogo – the premier marketplace for trading in electronics like iPhones for quick cash returns. In this comprehensive guide, we provide numerous tips to help you sell iPhone successfully on Gizmogo and maximize your payout.

Why Gizmogo Is The Best Place To Sell iPhone

Several key factors make Gizmogo the ideal marketplace for selling used iPhones:

Instant Offers

After entering just a few details on your iPhone’s model, storage capacity, and general external condition, Gizmogo’s proprietary valuation engine generates a firm cash price offer within seconds. This eliminates the need to manually source buyers and haggle over pricing.

Free Shipping

Gizmogo provides a prepaid UPS shipping label upon sale acceptance, so you can sell iPhone at absolutely zero cost. Just package it securely and drop it off at any nearby UPS location for pickup and delivery to Gizmogo. This ensures no money comes out of your potential profits.

Quick Payments

Once Gizmogo receives and validates your iPhone is in working order, they process your full cash payment electronically within 48 business hours – no physical checks to deposit or third-party platforms to navigate. This is how you can successfully sell iPhone.

How To Sell iPhone on Gizmogo

Ready to complete your sale? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Request Instant Quote
  2. Accept Offer & Send Device
  3. Get Paid Fast

Let’s explore each phase of the process further:

Request Instant Quote

Visit and input your exact iPhone model in their database along with details like storage capacity, carrier network, and whether any accessories are included. You’ll then classify your device’s cosmetic condition:

  • Good – Functions normally with some external wear
  • Broken – Cracked screen/housing damage

Gizmogo instantly generates a guaranteed quoted buying price. You can review and accept or decline this initial offer.

Accept Offer & Send Device

If satisfied with the finalized quote to sell iPhone, proceed by printing out a free UPS shipping label provided on the Gizmogo website. Package up your iPhone securely, tape the label to the box, and drop it off at any nearby UPS location for pickup. Gizmogo covers all transportation costs and effort. You’ve now successfully completed the iPhone selling process and transaction!

Get Paid Fast

Upon receiving your shipped iPhone, Gizmogo thoroughly inspects and powers it on to validate everything functions normally and its physical condition matches original details provided. As long as the device works properly without any unreported damage, Gizmogo promptly processes your full cash payment electronically within 48 hours – no delays waiting for checks or external payment issues. You can also take advantage of Gizmogo’s price match guarantee if another service provides a larger buying offer within 24 hours of your initial sale. This ensures you maximize your iPhone selling return!

Top Tips to Sell iPhone on Gizmogo

Implement these best practices when listing your iPhone for sale on Gizmogo to command the highest possible resale payout:

Fully Charge Battery Over 40%

iPhones with completely depleted batteries cannot power on for inspection upon arrival at Gizmogo’s facility. This often requires your device to get categorized as non-working or broken – significantly slashing value. Always charge around 40% before shipping.

Erase Personal Content

When you sell iPhone sure to sign out of iCloud, disable Find My iPhone, and fully reset your device to factory settings before sending to Gizmogo. This protects private data and optimizes it for resale.

Clean iPhone Thoroughly

Carefully inspect the frame, screen, cameras, buttons, and ports for any chips, cracks, or scratches. Gently clean with a soft dry microfiber cloth to remove debris and improve visual appeal.

Keep All Original Accessories

Including components like chargers, cables, headphones, SIM tools, boxes, etc, boosts your iPhone’s perceived value to buyers since complete packages sell iPhones more. Package neatly when shipping.

Time Listing Around New Releases

iPhone resale values on online marketplaces like Gizmogo tend to dip slightly when Apple announces their latest models each year. For maximum trade-in returns, consider selling just before the annual new iPhone launch.

Which iPhones Have The Best Resale Value?

Wondering which iPhone models currently provide the strongest investment upside when selling your used device? Here’s a detailed overview:

iPhone 14 Series

As Apple’s newest 2022 iPhone lineup, the 14 series commands sky-high premiums on the secondary market, especially if listed in pristine, like-new condition before much use. The higher-end Pro models, in particular, stand out as extremely lucrative trade-in devices. Gizmogo guarantees well over $800+ for iPhone 14 Pro Max versions in flawless shape. And baseline iPhone 14 residuals still net sellers a minimum of $600+ presently. Capitalize now before values slowly normalize closer to the launch of MSRPs.

iPhone 13 Series

Thanks to extremely aggressive holiday promotions during Black Friday and the holidays, many consumers acquired brand-new iPhone 13 devices for hundreds below Apple’s regular pricing. Flipping them quickly on Gizmogo results in major positive ROI from resale arbitrage while demand remains hot. Current quotes land around $550+ for iPhone 13, $450+ for iPhone 13 Mini, and over $650+ on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Compare this to retail costs often below $700 over the holidays, leaving strong profit margins selling 13 series iPhones. Lock in a Gizmogo sale this week.

iPhone 12 Series

Despite now being two years old, the overhauled iPhone 12 series design still appeals strongly to most secondary buyers. Near-mint condition iPhone 12 and 12 Mini units easily clear $400+ on sites like Gizmogo presently. Higher-capacity iPhone 12 Pro and massive Pro Max can drive $100+ beyond that. The entire 12 lineup also saw notable discounts throughout 2022, creating yet another lucrative resale flip opportunity. Those device values will only depreciate from here on out as well.

iPhone 11 Series

Remarkably, the iPhone 11 range from 2019 still brings decent resale value depending largely on storage configuration, colors, and special editions. While average iPhone 11 offers sit around $250, rare versions like the Product Red edition in 512GB approach nearly $450+ thanks to scarcity and the stunning red finish that’s no longer available from Apple, for a device nearing the 3-year mark, today’s offers make selling worthwhile before pricing erodes further after the next new releases emerge.

iPhone XR

The budget-oriented iPhone XR actually sold remarkably well thanks to its balance of lower launch pricing and good overall specifications for casual users. Units moved on pace with the flagship XS series. Durable build construction also gives the iPhone XR lasting appeal years later on the secondary marketplace. Gizmogo’s valuation algorithm accounts for the immense global popularity of the iPhone XR, and current offers sit between $150-$220 depending on storage and colors. While not as substantial as the current or recent flagship series, the iPhone XR still makes a great low-cost iOS option, keeping demand and resale values decent.

Maximize Your iPhone Resale Value on Gizmogo

Hopefully, these tips give you a better idea of best practices when you sell iPhone on Gizmogo ensure maximum ROI! List your device today and lock in a highly competitive payout offer from the top buyer of used electronics.