Tips to maximize profit when you sell your phone

If you are trying to find where to sell your phone for cash, you have come to the right place. Here, not only will you learn about one of the best second-hand mobile buyers in the country, but also about the things you have done right, or can do right, the next time to fetch the maximum price for your sale.

Phones are not a permanent commodity for maximum people. Some people change it yearly with each new model; others need to change it from time to time because of phone or financial difficulty issues. Your reason may be unique, but the requirement of getting the best price for the product remains.

Planning the phone’s selling the moment you get it is the best way to get the best price. Whether you are selling your phone to an individual buyer or a company, some consistent parameters decide the price that your phone will fetch.

While some factors do not change, like model number, company, etc., there are other factors that you can take care of once you get the phone.


Protect your phone from damage with the proper casing and screen guard

A right screen guard and a decent case that protects the display from cracking are two mandatory additions for your phone, right when you decide to buy it. The case should cover all the edges to avoid any damage to the phone’s outer shell.

The screen should cover all the corners. Also, keep spares in case the first one breaks. The screen guard can save you hundreds of dollars in repair and be the difference of a hundred dollars when you sell the phone.

You can sell the case and screen guard when you sell the phone.

Keep the box and other parts in the box

The phone comes with a charger that you should keep handy at all times. It also helps if you keep the box of the phone. When you have the phone in the box, it is a better impression, and if you are selling directly to a user, they might consider it a plus.

Choose the more conventional color model

The more common colors sell for a better price second-hand. The second-hand model of the iphone8 in black will sell for a better price than the same model in gold. People do not like statement pieces when looking for a phone. Hence it is ideal to opt for a phone that does not have.

Clean your phone thoroughly before selling

Always clean your phone before selling. The buyer inspects the phone before making the purchase, and if the product does not meet the buyer’s expectations, then the price will lower. Take your time to clean the screen and other parts of the phone.

Also, clean the box and other phone parts, like the charger, before you send it for inspection. The grime does not affect the quality of the product, but it does affect the selling price.

Repairing the phone before selling

Having a cracked screen can significantly lower the cost of the mobile phone. So, there is a good chance that it might be worth the hassle to go to the store and get your phone fixed before selling.

How do you figure it out? Well, go online, check the quotes for broken screen, and then undamaged screens for your phone model. If you decide to sell your phone on Gizmogo, then you can put in the details to check the difference in quotes.

Compare the cost of repair to the change in selling price. If the price difference is significant, then it is worth the hassle. If not, then you can sell the phone as it is. Mainly, new models and high demand phones are the ones that you can repair because they fetch a significantly higher price.

How much can your phone sell for?

Well, second-hand phones have lower costs than the new phones, but the price you fetch will depend on the model. You can get more than a couple of hundred bucks for your phone if your phone is a new model. The cost varies with the buyer. If you are trying to sell to a business, then the cost will depend on their standards.

Where to sell your phone for cash?

There are several places to sell phones for cash. The two options are second-hand shops near you or online platforms that purchase second-hand products. The online platforms comprise of two variants. One buys the phone from you, and the other helps you meet clients who might be interested in your phone.

Some steps that you should take before selling the product

1. Always factory reset your phone: You do not want your data to be at risk when you sell your phone. So, take your time to factory reset your phone after saving all your data on a different device.

2. Payment method: You can get cash, credit, or a trade-in when you sell your phone. So, decide what form of payment you want when you sell your phone.

Aspects of the phone that raise the price of the phone:

The model of the phone: The newer models sell for higher prices. Phones that released 1 to 2 years ago come under the more recent models of phone.
Premium phone model: Budgeted phones with a less initial price sell for less. Premium phones sell for more.
Models in high demand: Samsung and iPhone are in higher-order and hence get better prices.
Overall phone condition: The phone’s better condition results in a better quote from the buyer.

Wrapping it up

Selling your old mobile phone should not be a nail-biting task. Learn where to sell your phone for cash and make the right choice by opting for the most lucrative option available to you in your country.

Always remember that selling your personal belongings to new people comes with a set of responsibilities on your part. So, ensure that you are truthful during the transaction and take all the steps to safeguard your data.

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