xbox x vs ps5 graphics comparison

Video games have been a genuinely evolving source of entertainment to date. With each new console, we are introduced to new possibilities and better graphics. Not to say that graphics are the only aspect that counts.

Frankly, avid gamers love games that appear animated and have several possibilities outside of the real world’s fundamentals. Also, the gameplay has a considerable role to play in the popularity of a game. However, the gameplay also depends on the graphics.

In the new bout between Sony and Microsoft, xbox x vs ps5 graphics will go against each other to prove which console won this fight.


xbox x vs ps5 graphics specifications

X Box Series X has a graphics processing unit comprising 52 computing units that will run on 1.825GHz, which will produce 12 TFLOPS.

Play Station 5 has 10.28 TFLOPS with the help of 32 computing units running on 2.23GHz specifications.

Both PS5 and X Box Series X have AMD RDNA, 2.0 GPU.


Which is better?

From these specifications alone, it appears that X Box Series X has an advantage over PS5, primarily due to the two companies’ teraflops specifications.

Though, it is essential to remember that consoles work as an ecosystem with various parts. Lacking in any one component can lead to less than optimal performance.

Also, the configurations of the games will have a significant impact on how the games turn out. A console can only help the graphics reach their maximum potential; it does not make new graphics.


How does it look?

We have seen some gameplay from both the consoles. There are games on both consoles that rely on less than realistic-looking graphics, but others heavily rely on realistic graphics. Both Sony and Microsoft have released extended trailers of the games and some gameplay.

For X Box, some people are not particularly happy with how Halo looked during the gameplay. It has a cartoony look to it. However, the overall response to the game plays and trailers available for games have been positive for X Box Series.

PS5 has also released trailers and gameplay to show the overall potential of the consoles. Horizon and Spider-Man: Miles Morales look like two extremely engaging games. It appears that developers have taken the creative liberty of choosing where the graphics look more realistic or cartoony.

Also, it is essential to remember that we will have 4K video running at 120 frames per minute in these consoles. There will be games that run on fewer frames, but the advancement in technology is undeniable.


Both Sony and Microsoft have revealed the games that will be available at the time of launch, and other releases that are lined up for the future. People are excited to lay their hands on the exclusives and the games that will be available on both the consoles.

To find the real winner between xbox x vs ps5 graphics, we will have to wait to release the consoles. Games that will be available on both the consoles will indicate the graphics winner between the two parties.

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