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Gizmogo offers an easy and secure way to sell your used laptop or other electronic devices for cash online. We accept a wide range of popular laptop brands including Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, Microsoft, Sony, HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Razer. Get competitive pricing, a simple three-step process, and secure transactions while protecting your data with Gizmogo. Sell your laptop today and get the most value out of your device. Trust Gizmogo to provide a hassle-free experience and sell your laptop with confidence.

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Sell My MacBook Pro

So you want to upgrade to a new mac, but you're wondering what to do with your old one. We get it! Our easy-to-use website makes the selling process effortless.

Simply enter the details of your MacBook, select the condition of your Apple device, and receive your instant value assessment. Gizmogo guarantees maximum value for your old macs, giving customers more money to purchase the latest apple device!

Quick and Easy:

Selling your laptop should be a simple process. At Gizmogo, it takes just minutes to get a quote. Search for your device right on the homepage and select the options that best describe it.

How Much is Your MacBook Pro Worth?

How much your MacBook is worth depends on age and condition. Newer models in good condition will fetch a higher price than damaged, broken, or outdated laptops. Processors, size, and storage are also things that affect the value of your computer. Retail prices for a 2022 M2 MacBook Pro:

  • 14-inch M1 Pro 8-core CPU, $1,999

  • 14-inch M1 Pro 10-core CPU, $2,499

  • 16-inch M1 Pro 10-core CPU, $2,499

  • 16-inch M1 Pro 10-core CPU, $2,699

  • 16-inch M1 Max 10-core CPU, $3,499

Trade-in value should be close to 50% of the original cost in new or good condition.

Damaged or Broken MacBook Pro

One person’s “new” might be another person’s “damaged.”. To avoid confusion, here are some objective criteria that can help you make the distinction without bias.

Broken devices have one or more of the following traits:

  • Does not power on

  • Has a broken, cracked, or bleeding screen

  • The screen has noticeably damaged pixels

  • Has a corrupted operating system (including jailbroken devices)

  • Broken or damaged hardware (speakers, webcam, buttons, etc.)

  • It has major chips and dents on its body

  • Water damaged

  • Physically warped (bent or twisted)

  • A counterfeit or illegally modified device

Trade-In Instructions

Using Gizmogo to trade in your laptop is a quick, safe and easy process. The process looks like this:

  1. Prepare your device for sale

  2. Ship your device

  3. Receive confirmation and offer within one day of us receiving your device

  4. Accept and get paid fast via your preferred payment method

Prepare Your Old MacBook Pro for Sale

  1. Make sure to log out of all accounts, especially your Apple ID account, which is used to access all of Apple's services.

  2. Factory reset your MacBook.

  3. macOS Ventura

    • Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen. 

    • Click “General”.

    • Click “Reset”.

    • Click “Erase All Content and Settings”.

  4. macOS Monterey

    • Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen.

    • Click “System Preferences”.

    • Click “Erase All Content and Settings”.

  5. Remove any screen protectors, accessories, or external storage from your device. Also, physically clean and wipe down your device.

Ship Your MacBook Pro

  1. Fully charge the battery.

  2. Securely pack the MacBook in the box provided to prevent movement while shipping. If you have the original box, use it along with the shipping box.

  3. Drop off your package via your preferred service. Our free shipping services include:

    • UPS

    • USPS

    • FedEx

Sell Your MacBook Pro for Cash

  • We only take 1 day to inspect your MacBook and get back to you with a confirmed quote.

  • You have 15 days to accept your quote from us.

  • When accepting your quote, you can decide between various payment options (Paypal, Zelle, Amazon e-gift, check, e-check).

How to Get More Cash Back for Your Used MacBook Pro

To get the most money back for your MacBook trade-in, make sure the device is in good condition and comes with all the original accessories that came with the device.

Gizmogo's electronic recycling program offers top dollar for your older MacBooks and other devices. If you are ready to sell your MacBook, simply enter your computer details above to receive your instant offer and get paid within 3-5 business days.

MacBook Pro Accessory Checklist

  • MacBook Pro

  • USB-C Power Adapter

  • USB-C Charging Cable

  • Original Box

  • User Documents and Stickers (if possible)

Benefits of Selling Your MacBook Pro to Gizmogo

There are quite a few reasons to pick Gizmogo over other trade-in options:

  • Variety of Payment Options: Cash App, Zelle, Amazon e-gift, Check, or E-check

  • Free Shipping: Each order generates an automatic prepaid shipping label for convenience.

  • Best Price Guaranteed: We offer automatic cash increases for better-than-expected devices

  • Instant Offer: You will get a response and payout within one day of Gizmogo receiving your item.

  • Professional Data Protection: Your device's data will be professionally cross-checked, and any remaining personal data on the device will be erased before resale.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Proudly play your part in reducing E-waste.

  • Easy Process & Quick Payment: Once you ship your device, it can take as little as 3-4 business days for you to get paid!

  • Quotes are valid for 15 days—no need to rush your decision.

  • Referral compensation program

  • 30% Higher Average Payout

MacBook Pro Features & Capabilities (2022 M2)

  • Mac OS

  • Touch ID

  • 1080p Facetime HD camera

  • Magsafe 3 Charging. USB-C charging compatible

  • 3 USB-C / Thunderbolt 4 Ports

  • SD Card Reader

  • Liquid retina XDR display

    • 14.2-inch, 3024 x 1964, 254 ppi

    • 16.2-inch, 3456 x 2234, 254 ppi

  • Apple M1 pro or M1 max chip

  • 16 - 64 GB memory

  • Up to 8 TB storage

  • 3.5mm headphone jack, high-impedance headphone support

Selling My MacBook Pro Online vs. In-Store

Some of the benefits of selling your MacBook Pro online include the following:

  • Avoid long lines and queues.

  • No travel is needed. All required shipping materials are delivered to you.

  • Avoid unnecessary haggling with sales reps or customer techs.

Where Can I Sell My MacBook Pro Online?

Online market sites such as Gizmogo, eBay, or Best Buy's trade-in service are all reliable places to sell your used MacBook.

Gizmogo is especially great because of our free shipping, fast turnaround times, and highest trade-in value guaranteed.

Where Can I Sell My MacBook Pro at a Location Near Me?

Retail outlets like your local Apple trade-in program or Best Buy offer services that allow customers to trade in their devices for purchase credit towards a new one. You can also try smaller businesses like local electronics stores and pawn shops, as well as local online marketplaces (with caution) like Facebook Market and Craigslist.

Price Comparison


Average Quote

Price Difference

Company Rating

Payment Options





Cash App, Zelle, e-check, check, Amazon e-gift card





Trade Credit





Paypal, Bank Transfer

Best Buy:




Store Credit, Trade Credit





Store Credit

Prices are for a MacBook Pro 2018, 15 inch, i7, 16 GB, 256 GB


“Great way to sell your old electronics! I have used Gizmogo twice already to sell a phone and a laptop. Happy to get some cash out of old electronics that would otherwise turn into a paperweight. I'm very pleased!”



“I wasn't really sure how I was going to sell my old electronics, but after some online research I decided to give Gizmogo a try. It was fairly quick to enter all the information in for my cell phone and laptop. They give a FedEx printing label, but you do have to provide your own box and hazardous battery shipping sticker. Luckily, I had those. Once it left, it was about 2 days later I got an email saying they received it and another 3 days or so until the inspection was complete. Payment was immediate and it was a stress free situation. I would definitely do this again.”

Jesse Cyr


“Fast and Reliable!!

I have gone through 6 different sites and this is the only one I could sell my broken laptop. I didn't wanna throw it in the trash so I figured I could sell it for a decent price. I received a great offer and will definitely sell old electronics in the future.”

Ciara Allen


Recent MacBook Pro Trade-Ins

Trade-In Other Apple Products

With Gizmogo, you can sell most of your Apple electronics right here. We accept all MacBook laptops, other Apple computers like iMacs and Mac Minis, iPhones and iPads, Apple watches, Airpods, and more. Your device just needs to meet our trade-in criteria.

Sell my Macbook FAQs

I don't see my device on your list; how can I place my order?

If your device is not listed, place your order as an Unknown Device. Please review our list of accepted electronics to ensure your device falls into one of the classifications. Following our fee-free shipping, we will evaluate your device and send you a quote. If you choose not to sell, your device will be returned to you free of charge!

Do you accept old and damaged devices?

Yes! We accept a vast amount of different electronic devices regardless of condition. To find out how much your damaged device is worth, locate your device on our website, select your model, and indicate the condition to receive an instant quote. If it has any value, we will compensate you accordingly. Otherwise, if it has no value, we would recycle it responsibly for you or ship it back to you.

You evaluated my device, and the payment amount differs from the quote I received when I first placed my order; what happened?

A: There are a few reasons why the quoted payment can change following our evaluation:

You did not accurately select the condition of the device (most common).

The device has defects that are not indicated on your order.

You chose the wrong device or device model when completing your order.

Our customer service team is happy to answer any additional questions about changes to your quote.

My device has had a case and screen protector since I originally purchased it, and you're trying to tell me it has screen scratches. Can you explain?

Our grading standard is different from what people usually would think. Our professional technicians base their evaluation on the quality of factors such as the




USB Charging Port

It is common for people to believe their phone is 'like new,' only to have a slightly different definition of the term compared to the industry standards.

My laptop isn't on your list; how can I determine its worth?

If you don't see your device on our list, email us at for your free quote. Include the device brand, model, and serial number in your message. We will have our technician deliver an estimate within 24 hours.

Is Gizmogo trustworthy?

Gizmogo is a newer company that has been around since 2020. Since then, we’ve quickly developed a reputation for top quality service and our environmental mission to reduce e-waste.

What is the best website to sell electronics?

Online market sites such as Gizmogo, Ebay, or Best Buy’s trade-in service are all reliable places to sell your used MacBook. Gizmogo is especially great because of our free shipping, fast turnaround times, and large payouts.

What old electronics are worth money?

Electronics released within the previous three to five years typically hold good resale value. Older devices using outdated technology might not carry any significant trade in value, but we still encourage you to recycle your old devices with Gizmogo.

How long does Gizmogo take to pay?

At Gizmogo, we pay you within one business day of receiving and reviewing your device. You can also get paid in one of several forms of cash; PayPal, Zelle, Amazon e-gift, Check, or E-check.

Is buying used a good idea?

Absolutely. Gizmogo also has a team of professionals who ensure the quality of the used gadgets we sell. By buying used, you also help reduce the amount of electronic waste in the world, which is our company’s mission.

How do I prepare my MacBook Pro for sale?

Factory reset your MacBook to get it ready for sale. For specific instructions, check our guide above, or visit Apple’s support page.

How do I find out how much my MacBook Pro is worth?

Enter your computer’s model on a buyback site like Gizmogo. Select your specific device model and select your MacBook’s specifications in the displayed options as best you can.

Are old MacBook pros worth anything?

Yes, old MacBook pros typically have some resale value. The older the MacBook pro, the less you can expect to receive for it.

Can I sell my MacBook back to Apple?

Yes, Apple will offer a custom quote for any Apple device with a valid serial number. However, unlike with Gizmogo, you must enter the serial number in order to see your estimate.

How many years should a MacBook Pro last?

A brand-new MacBook pro with minimal upkeep can last several years before it needs to be replaced. However, you might still feel the need to replace it to keep up with newer technology and features in newer models.