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Sell Your Used Coolpad for Cash Online - Get the Best Price at Gizmogo

If you have an old phone gathering dust in your closet or attic, you're not alone. There are many ways to sell your used Coolpad to get money. The online market for used mobile phones is thriving. Why leave your old device in a drawer when you can give it a second life and make quick money? When you sell your used Coolpad mobile phone to Gizmogo, there's a good chance you'll get a sufficient down payment to buy one of the latest models.

Best Reasons To Sell Used Coolpad

Selling a used Coolpad has a multitude of benefits that people don't always recognize, such as using the money for a device upgrade, reducing or saving money in your budget, or even the ability to try other models.

Whatever the reason, this is an area where there is a lot of reason to sell your used Coolpad.

Updating your phone becomes much easier.

Whether you want the brand new model released a few months ago or to enjoy the latest version, updating your phone has become a tradition in the modern world. While many prefer to extend the life of their phone as much as possible, others prefer to exchange it often and always have the latest hardware.

Selling your phone is a great way to do this because if you have a relatively new model that's in good condition, you'll get a lot of your money back, and you can reinvest in upgrading the latest model that you want. Also, if you do it frequently, your phone being new, you will usually get most of the money spent on an expensive purchase, making the upgrade much cheaper than most people think.

It Helps With Saving Money

If you had budget issues or wanted to save some cash, that might be another reason! You might have determined recently that you no longer wish to pay as much money on your cell phone in a month as you used to, or you want to shift that money to something that's a higher priority for you.

By selling your phone, you can recover most of the money you originally spent on the device, terminate your contract (selling it along with the phone if it's a funded phone), and free up all your money to invest in what you need.

Trying different models is a breeze.

It's easy to understand that people want to try all kinds of devices, and there's nothing wrong with that. However, it's also easy to understand that people can't afford it!

Selling your used Coolpad phone allows you to try different models, test competing brands, and switch carriers without having to worry about trying to sell your old Coolpad phone back to huge conglomerates like AT&T that will likely only offer you a fraction of what you paid for.

Best Places to Sell Your Used Coolpad Phone

It's hard to know where to sell your old Coolpad phone because there are many different services. It's important to compare them to find the one that will offer the best value for your mobile phone.


eBay, one of the oldest online marketplaces, allows you to exchange and sell your old phones instantly at your convenience. Unlike other marketplaces, eBay lets you manage the entire transaction. From publishing on the site to shipping your old phone to negotiating with buyers, you will have complete control of the sale. But its price may not suit best for you.


BuyBackWorld accepts many mobile phone manufacturers, so you shouldn't have any problem getting an offer. Compared to other sites on this list, BuyBackWorld agrees with a greater variety of older phones. To get started, you'll enter your phone information and receive an instant quote when you're done.

If you accept the quote, a shipping label will be sent directly to you. Once BuyBackWorld has received your phone and reviewed its condition, you will receive a payment within two days.


Although Swopsmart has a takeover process similar to other companies, it has notable differences in terms of payment and shipping. You select your phone's model and fill out a quick questionnaire asking you to describe the status of your phone.

When you are finished, you will receive a quote based on your questionnaire. If you accept it, you have the option to receive a free shipping label or shipping kit.


When it comes to selling your phone, Gizmogo offers the best deals for used Coolpad models among all online buyers. Thanks to its best quotation system, it is easy to know exactly how much you will receive for your phone and buy used Coolpad phones of any quality, operator, model, or age, even if you have an old device or something that is not in good condition, we will buy it anyway!

We even accept some tablets and other devices, and the list goes on and on.

Why Gizmogo?

Get the most money fast.

Get the most cash for your old Coolpad phone when you sell it with Gizmogo. With our PriceMatch+ guarantee, we will beat any price offered by one of our authorized competitors. Once we receive your phone, you will receive your money in less than two days via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, or check sent by mail.

Save time and energy.

Want to sell your used Coolpad phone quickly? Don't bother selling your phone in person, dealing with non-paying eBay bidders, meeting strangers who sell at low prices, and getting pennies from big box stores by selling to Gizmogo. Get your guaranteed quote in seconds, then send us your Coolpad phone for free with our shipping kit and prepaid shipping label.

Enjoy unparalleled customer service.

Our Customer Relationship Experts are making it a breeze to pay for first-time sales leads, right down to reminders for high-end customers and answers to every question. Whatever you need, a rock star in the customer experience is just a message away.

Determine the value of your used Coolpad phone at Gizmogo

Your phone's model, age, operator, storage capacity, aesthetics, and operational performance influence its resale value. We'll ask you a few questions about these features to determine the status of your phone. We will take into account specific factors, such as

  • Defects on the front window and the body.
  • If all functions work correctly, such as the camera, headphone jack, and apps.
  • If there is a separation between the housings.
  • The battery charging time.
  • If all buttons and ports are operational.

How to sell your used Coolpad phone online at Gizmogo

Start the process of selling your phone by informing us of its status. We will send you a first quick price offer and a free label to hurry up the shipping process. After receiving your phone and evaluating it, we will let you know if the deal is the same, lower, or higher than the starter offer.

If you decide not to take the new offer, we will send it back to you free of charge. We make payments by PayPal and many other payment methods.

The model we accept?

  • Coolpad Note 6
  • Coolpad Cool 3 Plus
  • Coolpad Mega 3
  • Coolpad Note 5 Lite
  • Coolpad Mega 2.5D
  • Coolpad Note 3S
  • Coolpad Cool Play 6
  • Coolpad Dazen 1
  • Coolpad Conjr

What do you do before selling a used Coolpad?

Selling your used Coolpad phone is simple, but there are a few key steps. Failure to follow them can expose you to serious privacy and other issues.

Disconnect your phone from all other devices you own.

If your Coolpad phone is connected to a Bluetooth device, be sure to unlink it. Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Bluetooth Settings to disconnect your phone. Disassemble any paired Bluetooth devices you find there. Settings may vary relying on the phone model.

Back up your important data.

Browse your phone and check if there is any data you need to back up, such as photos, files, and videos. Many mobile operators have their own cloud storage system. You can also utilize Google Drive or Dropbox. Make sure your information is backed up before deleting it. It can be disappointing to erase your phone and forget that your grandmother's last voice message was there.

Reset your phone's factory settings.

This is one of the most important things to do when selling your phone. Resetting the phone to factory settings means erasing all shared or saved information like passwords, photos, etc. This is the only way to ensure your privacy is protected when you sell your phone online.

Each phone has a different way of clearing its settings, but you can usually find instructions online. Remember that once you reset your phone, you can't go back. Back up and save your photos, messages, or videos to an external device or cloud service before resetting your phone.


How to safely back up my device before selling it?

There are a few steps to follow before selling your Android device. If you are using an Android phone, make sure that all your data has been backed up by going to Settings > System > Backup and turning it on.

How soon do I get my money?

We'll process all the devices within 24-72 hours of delivery. Once your device has been evaluated and the final purchase price has been sent and confirmed, you will be charged immediately, depending on your payment selection.

Is it safe to sell used Coolpad online?

Yes, it is generally safe to sell used Coolpad phones online. So, don’t worry if you sell your used Coolpad with Gizmogo. We always take care of security.