Unlocking the Future: A Sneak Peek into APPLE WWDC 2024

It’s almost the mid-year mark but the tech world has one eye on the summer season already, because APPLE’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is almost here. Every year, APPLE uses WWDC to announce new technologies and sometimes, new products. But, above all, it uses the conference to share its latest software updates for APPLE devices. This year, when the event kicks off on 5 June, APPLE is expected to share how it will integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) into the everyday tech experiences we all have on our APPLE devices. And, because there’s so much to look forward to this year, I thought I’d break down what we can expect from WWDC 2024, and share how you can tune into the event so you don’t miss a beat of what’s happening at APPLE.

APPLE WWDC 2024: The Countdown Begins

APPLE’s WWDC was already a major highlight of the tech calendar each summer, as it has been since 1987. The 2024 edition on 10 June should be no exception. Rumours are flying that APPLE could be stepping up its game with generative AI – which, as usual with WWDC, will focus on software, but could also be an opportunity for APPLE to lay new hardware groundwork.

What's Cooking in APPLE's Tech Kitchen?

AI seems likely to be at the heart of this year’s WWDC, with plenty of sneak peeks and maybe even a reference or two to that iOS ChatGPT we’ve heard so much about over the past six months – and, in theory, the iPhone is then likely to get the most significant reboot Siri has ever seen. macOS 15 promises some intriguing tweaks, too, and rumours of new hardware have already been intensifying over the past week or so, under the moniker ‘Apple Vision Pro’.

APPLE's AI Revolution: Beyond Siri

There’s been a lot of discussion about generative AI, and APPLE doesn’t want to get left behind. Combining these technologies into the latest versions of iOS might well change the way that we use our APPLE devices from making them simply smarter, to also making them more intuitive, and more integrated into how we tackle tough questions on a daily basis. This shift could very well trickle down to other APPLE services.

Tuning into APPLE WWDC 2024: Your Front Row Seat

Mark your calendars for Monday, 10 June 2024, at 10am PT. APPLE will stream the event live from Cupertino, California. Tune it from New York or London or Dubai: APPLE will offer the event via its website, the APPLE TV app and YouTube, according to an invitation. You’ve got nothing to lose but some time spent watching a keynote and seeing the latest in software releases and chat about AI.

Expectations Sky-High: iOS 18 and More

Yes, there will be AI, but the WWDC 2024 will also have updates for macOS, iPadOS and watchOS. The highlight will, however, be iOS 18. iOS 18 will most likely be the most AI-centric update ever for an operating system. In fact, it could change how we see and interact with our APPLE devices forever. It will be a software event with a lot of software announcements. And hardware announcements? I think the best we can expect from this event is a spec bump here and there.

A Global Tech Spectacle

With the global tech community counting down to WWDC 2024 and APPLE’s rumoured embrace of artificial intelligence, the conference promises to be a glimpse into the future of pervasive, intelligent AI. While the Siri updates are obvious, APPLE is likely to announce various iOS integrations with AI.

Understanding APPLE: The Visionary Behind WWDC

At the centre of WWDC and everything it speaks to lies APPLE itself, a company that has always been at the forefront of technology and creativity, merging hardware with software in pursuit of a world in which technology complements human experience, while providing a private, green, forward-thinking path to that future. Yes, change is all around but, as the one company that returns year after year to crystalise that transition, APPLE reigns supreme. Next year, WWDC 2024 will be all about tomorrow’s technology today – tomorrow’s APPLE products and tomorrow’s software updates – but, first and foremost, it will be all about APPLE. And APPLE’s vision of tomorrow.

Jun 11, 2024
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