Unleashing Potential: ASUS ROG ALLY X Sets New Standards in Gaming

The ROG ALLY X is the latest device from Taiwanese company ASUS to hit the handheld gaming market, promising to outdo every device before it. If you’ve been paying any attention to handheld gaming, you’ll know that ASUS has been a dominant name for many years, and the ROG ALLY X is set to make it even more dominant going forward. And even though the handheld market is still in its early stages, the ROG ALLY X solidifies the fact that the golden boy of handheld gaming, the Steam Deck, has a lot of competition. From the core specs of the ROG ALLY X to its impressive catalog of accessories, let’s take a look at what ASUS is bringing to the table.

The Evolution of ASUS ROG ALLY: Introducing the ALLY X

Outwardly, the ASUS ROG ALLY X looks very similar to its predecessor, but it actually packs several important updates that should make life easier for gamers. Chief among these is battery life, which is, of course, a crucial aspect of any handheld gaming device. ASUS struck at the root of the original model’s endurance woes by doubling battery capacity – the ALLY X features an 80Wh cell, up from the 40Wh battery that came in its first-generation predecessor.

Design and Performance Tweaks in the ROG ALLY X

It was enough, though, for ASUS to maintain the weight, even with the higher capacity battery. The ALLY X is only a few grams heavier than the original model, so extended sessions are still quite bearable. It isn’t just the internals that have changed, though. The handles on the side are more ergonomically designed, and the buttons on top were reshaped to make them easier to press and less likely to click by accident – a small but very welcome revision for enthusiasts.

Slight But Mighty Hardware Modifications

But ASUS wasn’t done with aesthetic and ergonomic upgrades of the ROG ALLY X. The console was also given a massive RAM and storage boost, two of the most popular requests from gamers. With 16GB of RAM and a colossal 1TB of storage, the ROG ALLY X packs a punch with the AMD Z1 Extreme processor. This new device allows for accelerating even the most resource-hungry games, as even high-end laptops become slightly underpowered when compared to a PC mounted in your living room.

Software Enhancements and Challenges

While the improvement to the hardware is impressive, the general experience of using the OS on the ROG ALLY X – in this case, Windows 11 – could still use more work. It’s evident that ASUS has a ways to go, though the Armory Crate UI is far from what it was when Steam began early development of its own OS.

The Continuous Battle with Steam Deck

Despite its innovations, the ASUS ROG ALLY X finds itself hampered by an uphill battle based on price versus the Steam Deck, and despite its streamlined software experience. With its beefier hardware and the potential for overall better performance, the ROG ALLY X is likely a better handheld gaming PC as long as you can afford it.

Is the ASUS ROG ALLY X Worth Your Attention?

At $799, the ASUS ROG ALLY X is not inexpensive. But if what you care about isn’t price, but rather getting the best you can for your gaming dollars, the ROG ALLY X makes a fairly strong case for itself based on this big jump in battery life, these ergonomic revisions, and these upgraded specs.

A Closer Look at ASUS

From the computing and gaming titan ASUS comes the redefinition of gaming hardware one more time. Committed to quality components and performance, the ASUS ROG ALLY X is designed with the player in mind, not only outdoing competitors but expanding the arena of possibilities for the medium. With it, ASUS offers a tool for gaming adventure, not a mere device.

Overall, even if the ASUS ROG ALLY X has more competition with products like the Steam Deck in the handheld gaming world, it wins points with its intelligent improvements, and helps place ASUS even further ahead as a leader in gaming tech. As the handheld gaming space grows and develops, one thing is certainly for certain: ASUS isn’t just keeping up with the spontaneous; they’re setting the pace.

Jun 06, 2024
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